Top 5 Toys For Newborns Babies That Have Fun And Stimulate Their Healthy Development


If you are looking for a gift for your baby this Christmas or for the celebration of Three Kings Day, check out this comparison that brings together the best toys for newborns, which, in addition to being fun, achieve sensory stimulation in the first months of life.

Remember that it is the stage where they develop rapidly as they see, feel, smell, hear and taste everything they can. It is the time when their motor skills start, so they trust their hands, eyes and ears.

These products stand out for their materials and color, as the intention is for the child to become familiar with the object with which he will play for several hours a day. It is important that you know that those who emit sounds or music are usually their favorites.

We advise you to review the recommendations and products that exist in the market to buy the best.

Best Toys For Newborns

# Preview Product Assessment
1 MIMUKIDS baby footprint frame with ... MIMUKIDS baby footprint frame with … No reviews
2 Nattou Octopus Plush, For Newly ... Nattou Octopus Plush, For Newly … No reviews
3 WolinTek 4 Pack Hanging Toys of ... WolinTek 4 Pack Hanging Toys of … No reviews
4 Rattle Socks and Wristbands for ... Rattle Socks and Wristbands for … No reviews
5 EAQ Baby Comforters baby blanket ... EAQ Baby Comforters baby blanket … No reviews
6 16 PCS Baby Rattle and Teether, INPHER ... 16 PCS Baby Rattle and Teether, INPHER … No reviews
7 PLURI Premium Frame Set For Hands and ... PLURI Premium Frame Set For Hands and … No reviews

What is the best toy for a newborn?

To keep it safe and to ensure that it will catch your eye, it is important to review the materials it was made from. Having a safe toy will determine your peace of mind and the well-being of the child. In case it is a gift from a family member or friend, check the indications on boxes or labels.

Also, you should take into account looking for an option that can emit sounds or musical tunes, because babies up to three months experience an important period in which they develop their five senses.

Select those that, due to their great color, manage to focus the view. Textures are also important and stimulating.

Another variable is that some can hold them, hug them or activate them with kicks. These sensory toys are the most sought after by parents, who, beyond the price, buy functional items.

Lastly, it is good to acquire one that is easy to clean regularly.

Here are  the best toys for newborns: 

1. Bunny Doudou Et Compagnie – DOU2123 

For a tender company



Doudou Et Compagnie - Lapin Bunny ...

Doudou Et Compagnie – Lapin Bunny …


Baby will love sleeping and walking with this beautiful bunny, made of soft plush fabric. The body is hollow so that you can use it on its head as support. It comes in a wonderful gift box and can be a gift for a child from 0 to 4 years old. Due to its color, it can be bought for a boy or a girl.

The weight is only 300 grams, so it will be very easy for the little ones to manipulate. You can clean them by hand or by machine, using the delicate cycle and a mild detergent.

2. Piano Kicks Fisher-Price – Mattel CCW02 

Lovely musical piano


Fisher-Price-0887961033731 Disney ...


813 Opinions

Fisher-Price-0887961033731 Disney …


It is perfect for the exploration period that babies have during their first stage of life. This musical piano can be placed in the crib so that the lights and music are activated with the child’s kicks.

When he is older, with his little hands he will be able to select the melody of his preference. Its buyers recommend it because it helps the baby know different textures and tones, which attract a lot of attention.

It has a switch to turn it on or off, a volume control and the three batteries you need to activate it. Made of resistant materials and easy to clean.

3. Manhattan stuffed toy 

Rock and vibrant colors


Manhattan Toy Fraggle Rock Wembley -...

Manhattan Toy Fraggle Rock Wembley -…


It corresponds to a series of rock-style characters. They come in very striking colors, which manage to catch the attention of babies. His name is Wembley, the percussionist who likes to please all the members of the band.

It is a classic that has been on the market for more than 25 years. Also, it has been positioned because it is highly sought after for both gifts and collectors.

It was made of resistant fabric, antiallergic and has a perfect weight so that children can play with it. The soft hair is one of its attractions. Affordable and of good quality .

4. Simba 6315875526 Plush (25 cm) 

The cutest classic


Simba 6315875526 Disney Winnie The Pooh ...

Simba 6315875526 Disney Winnie The Pooh …


He is one of the favorite characters in the animated series Winnie the Pooh. The manufacturer made it with a soft, plush-type fabric, which is completely liked by babies.

It is a good option to give to children from birth to 7 years. Many seek him to complete the main characters of the renowned Disney television story. You can clean it in the washing machine without the risk of it flaking or losing its color. It is 25 centimeters, a size that allows easy manipulation in little hands. Available in both a small and a larger size.

5. Lamaze TOMY Toy Toucan 30697564 

A beautiful multi-colored toucan


This option has a wide design that allows your baby to know the colors, their shades and different textures. Your senses will be stimulated and you will have a splendid learning opportunity.

It is made to be bitten during the game day or to hang up and thus achieve the distraction of the little one. It is recommended to give it to children older than 6 months. It has a horn that sounds when the beak is pressed, a sound that encourages and entertains.

Due to the great variety of products, this brand is positioned as one of the favorites of parents. It is the least expensive on our list.

In addition to considering the acquisition of any of these toys, it is important to take into account their regular cleaning and in this way you will not only ensure the health of your child but also extend the useful life of the product. If it works with batteries, it is necessary to verify that the cover is properly sealed.

Although it sounds exaggerated, you should never pay attention to details when it comes to ensuring the safety of the little ones, since it has been shown that most accidents related to newborns come from a combination of factors, including carelessness involuntary of adults. Children’s cognitive development depends on the attention of their parents. If all these aspects are covered, your baby will be able to enjoy long hours of play without complications.

What characteristics should a newborn toy have?

Although it seems that all baby toys are basic and

mostly simple, each one is designed to stimulate the youngest members of the household according to their chronological age and cognitive development.

If we go to the case of children under six months, these toys share certain characteristics that make them ideal and that you must make sure they have when buying.

Sound: Babies use sound as an instinct to get an idea of ​​where the object is since sight at birth only covers a few centimeters. Rattles , wind chimes or musical mobiles are great as they stimulate the sense of hearing without disturbing them.

Colors and patterns: High-contrast black, white, and red toys are recommended during the child’s first month of life as they help identify differences in shapes and patterns.

The human being at birth cannot recognize the colors and therefore when showing them in contrast it is easier to identify the shapes.

As he gets older, he will love brightly colored toys as their sense of sight gradually develops and they begin to identify them.

Movement: Making the baby fix his eyes on an object that catches his attention is easy, but it is recommended that you place an object that can move in his perimeter of vision so that he is stimulated by following him with his gaze.

Hanging Toys: Toys that hang from the arch of a baby gym are great until your baby can sit up. Reaching for toys will also help develop her grasping skills. I assure you, he will have fun beating them with his hand or feet.

Stylish toys: Toys or fabric books with different textures are on the rise in recent years as they develop skills and interest in exploring. Feeling the difference between soft and crunchy will stimulate your baby’s senses. Some include lights and music.

Some tips to buy the darling of the house his first toy

Studies have revealed that playing is an excellent way of learning, which is why toy manufacturers have put their best efforts into developing gadgets to improve motor and social skills from an early age.

If you are still not sure what your little one’s first toy will be, we present a list that can serve as a guide. Read what we collect for you below:

Take age into account

It is important to know what stage of development your child is in. Although it is important to stimulate them, if the toy is not suitable for their age, it can cause frustration in the baby and generate the opposite effect than you expected.

You can also rely on the label following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Labeling is based on the child’s physical and mental abilities, play needs, interests, and safety, so it makes an excellent reference.

Stimulate your senses

Early toys and activities should be designed to stimulate

sensory development of children. Let us remember that the human brain is nourished by experiences and the more stimulation it receives, the greater its progress.

Toys that are chewy or have a variety of lights, sounds, and textures will help your baby explore and learn. The teethers are special to prepare for chewing gum while relaxes and distracts from the discomfort.

To promote the child’s awareness of how to make things happen, toys should be easy to activate and encourage interaction, ideal for this are baby gyms or an activity center.

If there is no interest in a new toy, your baby may not be ready for it. Don’t get frustrated if they don’t like it, save it and re-enter it later.

Safety first

Keep safety in mind when selecting a toy for your baby. It is wonderful to see our youngster play with that toy that we love so much as children, but many old toys do not meet current safety standards, as they may contain lead or potentially harmful parts.

Also, it usually happens that they are in poor condition due to the time they have been stored and easily cause an accident such as cuts or scrapes.

Make sure the toy is sturdy, a safe size, and does not come apart easily, posing a choking or cutting hazard.

Read and heed those warning labels; they are there for a reason. Most warning labels are for children 3 years and younger, because they are at the greatest risk of choking from swallowing small parts.

A tip that does not fail is to pass the toy through a toilet paper tube. If it goes through easily, it is not suitable for children under 3 years as it is small enough to fit a child’s windpipe.

Beware of chemicals

Another benefit of reading labels is knowing what material the toy is made of. Always remember to look for phthalates, it is a chemical that makes plastics softer. It is believed that they can disrupt normal hormonal balance and are possibly associated with behavioral problems and asthma.

Safety starts at home

After opening any new toys, throw away all the containers. In addition to the choking hazard posed by plastic bags, hard shell boxes can often leave dangerously sharp edges.

With any toy, it is important that you supervise your baby’s play, that it is in a safe environment, and then put them away in a safe place when they are done.

Storing toys safely is a must. Toy containers work well if they do not contain hinges that can crush your child’s fingers.

Although it may seem exaggerated, the vigilance does not end when the toy has been purchased. It’s a good idea to stay up-to-date on recalls and the reason it was removed.

Why is it important to give children an age-appropriate toy?

Play is an inherent part of mental, social and physical development

of the child but it should also be stimulating and safe.

Therefore, parents must ensure that their children receive age-appropriate toys and thus hone their skills and help in the development of their motor and cognitive skills. Hence the reason why all toys indicate their age-appropriateness.

Remember that no matter how great the toy may seem to you, if it is not suitable for your child, the child will not see it. The kids really are sincere about that!

However, it is important to note that love at first sight does not always happen. That does not mean that because the baby did not use the toy in the perfect way the first time or cried, he will not like it tomorrow.

Are toys important for babies?

In addition to providing fun, toys can be the best tool for children’s cognitive and muscle development.

Toys help baby distinguish between different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. They also help stimulate the imagination and develop coordination and balance.

How can toys help a baby’s cognitive and physical development?

Sense of touch: Sight and touch are the predominant senses in newborns. Soft and stuffed toys will often be well received by babies, who will enjoy reaching for, hugging, and touching them.

Develop listening skills: From two months of age, babies enjoy playing with sounds. You can stimulate them with soft music to lull them and a little louder to stimulate it.

Tummy time: Around three to four months, children begin to try to understand things around them. One way to help them is by encouraging them to try to lift their head while on their stomach.

This exercise, in addition to helping them strengthen their back muscles, helps them to join the world around them. While not all babies are in the mood for this position, a play mat with many different toys can go a long way.

Development of cause and effect: Around five months of age, children realize that the world around them can react to them.

They will soon learn that if they hit something it will make a noise, if they push it it will move. Bouncing balls, musical pianos, xylophones, and drums are ideal at this stage. Also the dolls that teach to put the diapers can be of great help.

Development of hand-eye coordination: Develops around six months of age, so toys that involve your baby placing one object on top of another are great, such as cubes or loops for fitting.

Development of social skills: Starting at seven months of age, they will begin to enjoy social interaction more. To help develop skills and relieve separation anxiety, use toys that appear or disappear.

What are the best toys for babies under 6 months of age?

All toys designed for newborn babies are about attention and discovery.

Despite the fact that little ones usually sleep for many hours the first few weeks, the little time they spend awake is convenient to alert them and what better way to do it than playing.

The most popular items for children of this age are toys that attract or stimulate their senses through sound, touch, taste, and hearing. At first he chooses the colors white, black and red, little by little he goes to the primary colors and then he introduces the festival of colors.

Swings and jumpers:

While they can be expensive, babies will wear them for several months and learn many new skills along the way.

Carpets and gyms:

When children are young they spend a lot of time lying down, which is why gyms and activity mats are the ideal toy

Tummy time helps babies build strength in their neck and arm muscles. They will use this control later for other motor skills like crawling and even talking.


Babies are also discovering how to use their hands, feet, eyes, and most of their senses. Some rattles make noises or have flashing lights, others have soft textures.

The bells should be light, soft, and easy for your baby to handle or hold in their hands.

Toys for car seat:

Many have clips and accessories that can also be easily attached to your car seat, strollers, and high chairs. This makes it easy to play anywhere.

Soft books:

Reading to babies is very important for their language and vocabulary development, but they are no longer designed solely for bedtime.

There are now models made of soft fabric or durable board books for baby to touch while looking at the picture and hearing new words while reading.


Young children like to explore toys with their mouths, and teethers provide comfort to their gums if they have new emerging teeth.

Grandma’s advice is to place them in the refrigerator so that the cold relieves the discomfort of teething. Of course, you must be careful that they do not break and spill the interior liquid since it can be toxic.

Safe mirrors:

Babies love to see their reflection in a mirror. These great toys are great motivation especially during tummy time or even breastfeeding.

Sleep specials:

Many sleeping toys include soft and plush dolls that play different lullabies and sounds to help baby know that it’s time to rest.

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