Top 7 Toy Cash Registers For Your Kids To Have Fun And Prepare For A Bright Future


From preschool age, children embark on a learning journey that will last a lifetime. It is during this phase that they have their first conscious encounters with numbers, letters, and colors; As loving and responsible parents, we must provide them with all the necessary tools to promote the integral development of our children.

A great way to achieve this goal is by encouraging them to play with stimulating and educational toys, getting your child to appreciate and enjoy the teachings given will help them develop a positive attitude towards learning.

Toy cash registers are a great learning tool, ideal for introducing the basics of money management, calculations and mathematics into children’s lives .

Give them the opportunity to have fun and learn while discovering through play how the adult world works.

Best Toy Cash Registers

# Preview Product Assessment
1 PlayGo - Touch Cash Register ... PlayGo – Touch Cash Register … No reviews
2 Sotodik 34PCS Cash Register Toys ... Sotodik 34PCS Cash Register Toys … No reviews
3 Theo Klein 9356 Cash Register ... Theo Klein 9356 Cash Register … No reviews
4 Learning Resources- Cash Register ... Learning Resources- Cash Register … No reviews
5 PlayGo - Electric Cash Register ... PlayGo – Electric Cash Register … No reviews
6 deAO Electronic Cash Register of ... deAO Electronic Cash Register of … No reviews
7 BUYGER Cash Register Toys ... BUYGER Cash Register Toys … No reviews

What is the best toy cash register?

If something is true in this world, it is that children love toys, however, the task of finding the most suitable one can be somewhat overwhelming, the current market is overflowing with options, hundreds of brands, colors, sizes, functions and designs They fill the shelves, for that reason, we recommend you take into account the following information when buying, so that you arrive at a good port navigating the waters of this sea of ​​toys.

  • The recommended age to use the toy
  • Manufacturing materials: Quality and safety for your children
  • Design
  • The educational level of the toy
  • The manufacturer brand
  • The general opinion of the user community
  • The price of the product

Having this information will help you in the task of looking for and choosing a good quality product.

To help you a little, we have prepared our comparison selection, a shopping guide that collects the most relevant information about the best cash registers for children, to make your life easier and more productive.

Here are  the best toy cash registers: 

1. Simba toy cash register

With different accessories


Simba Supermarket Cash Register with ...

Simba Supermarket Cash Register with …


The imitation game is extremely beneficial for the little ones at home and, one of the favorites, is playing with cash registers as if it were shopping in the store, which they learn from accompanying you to the market.

If you want a toy with which you can simulate this scenario, that is very safe and provides great fun for your children, this Simba model will be perfect, as it has bright colors, sounds when using the cash register, as well as a lot of accessories that will make the experience more realistic.

2. Casdon toy cash register

With touch screen


Casdon - Toy Cash Register


2,795 Reviews

Casdon – Toy Cash Register


One of the biggest problems with children and new toys is that these often do not last because they end up breaking in a short time, but with this model of cash register you will not have to worry, since it is made with very resistant materials that will provide entertainment and maximum fun.

It has all the accessories necessary to recreate the payment area of ​​a supermarket, with products, cash and cards, with which your little ones will learn daily tasks of life, in addition to developing their social and communication skills.

3. Klein 9356 Toy Touch Cash Register

Design includes a touch screen



Theo Klein 9356 Cash Register ...

Theo Klein 9356 Cash Register …


We present you a wonderful cash register, the perfect toy to motivate your girl or boy during their fun times.

It is a super fun toy, equipped with a light scanner, a speaker microphone, a calculator, a credit card registration slot and a wonderful touch screen.

It works with 3 AAA batteries that are included in the package. The cash register comes with bills, coins and a security key to open the cash drawer.

The toy has been manufactured with a super resistant plastic and presents finishes of great detail and quality.

4. Disney Minnie Mouse electronic toy cash register

Its use is recommended for children over 3 years of age


Minnie Mouse's cash register

Minnie Mouse’s cash register


It is an affordable toy cash register, a design specially made for girls as it is inspired by the adorable Disney character, Minnie Mouse.

This cash register comes equipped with multiple sound effects, lights and functions to make the gaming experience wonderful.

It includes a cute and functional calculator, a speaker microphone, a card reader, a scanner for registering the barcode, a customizable payment card, a security drawer, bills and coins.

It works with 3 LR6 batteries. You have the opportunity to buy the design in various colors, so that you can choose the one that your little one likes the most.

5. Playgo toy electric cash register

A play kit with great sound and light effects


PlayGo - Electric Cash Register ...

PlayGo – Electric Cash Register …


If you are looking for a beautiful and functional cash register, this model is perfect for your children. The toy includes 36 accessories to complement any play session.

It is an electric machine equipped with a laser light gun, a product conveyor belt, a calculator with an alphanumeric keyboard , a security drawer, 16 bills, 16 coins, a shopping basket and 4 food boxes.

All buttons make fun sounds when pressed, plus the bright, multi-color design will catch any kid’s eye.

It works with 2 AA batteries. Its use is recommended for children over 36 months.

6. Inside Out Toys children’s toy cash register

Includes shopping basket and toy food


Inside Out Toys Cash Register ...

Inside Out Toys Cash Register …


We present you a super complete game kit that includes: A fabulous toy cash register, equipped with a scanner, a scale, a calculator, a drawer to fit the paper roll and issue purchase tickets, toy bills and coins, a security key, a market basket and plastic food that simulate frequent household purchases.

It has a microphone with a speaker and fun sound effects when pressing the keys. In addition, you can buy it in two different colors: Red and Pink. It works with 3 AA batteries. Its use is recommended for children older than 3 years.

7. Caja registradora Fisher-Price Mattel 72044

Excellent relation between quality and price


Fisher-Price - Caja Registradora (Mattel...

Fisher-Price – Caja Registradora (Mattel…


It is the least expensive model of our selection, an excellent toy for your children and for your pocket. This adorable cash register is produced by the renowned children’s brand Fisher-Price, which guarantees a high level of quality in its toys.

Its design is inspired by the classic old cash register model, it has a lever system to open the cash drawer and it includes large plastic coins that can be inserted into the machine to process payments.

This toy can be used by the smallest of the household, since its use is recommended for children from 2 years old.

Choosing a toy cash register

When having a little one at home, you look at the great imagination that they can have and, one of their favorite things, are the games where they can imitate everything they see adults doing in their day to day life.

Among these activities you cannot miss the game of seller and buyer, which offers a lot of benefits to their growth, training and stimulate their creativity, where one of the fundamental pieces is a toy cash register, which can be exclusively for playing or to educate the little ones while having fun.

The ideal accessories of a toy cash register

A toy cash register is an excellent option to give as a gift to your little ones, be it because of their birthday, on the occasion of Children’s Day, Christmas or just because you simply want to give them other forms of fun and that they are never bored at home.

To guarantee them good entertainment and greater learning, it is ideal to accompany the cash register with accessories that they can use during their hours of play and that they can associate with shopping time, such as basic products that you find in the store, even baskets to store them and a uniform to give a great atmosphere.

Learning math skills through play

When the little ones at home begin to venture into the world of mathematics, it can be overwhelming and confusing, therefore, it is necessary that they begin to understand the most basic operations such as addition and subtraction through fun activities in which they do not just be entertained, but can learn.

And here the toy cash registers are ideal, these not only stimulate their imagination, but also help children to become familiar with bills, money, coins, numbers and accounts, offering them the best learning to mathematical calculations, all thanks to the game.

What should you take into account when buying a toy cash register

To choose the correct cash register, you must take into account different factors, since there is a fairly wide market of options among which you can search and, so that it does not become an impossible mission, it is convenient to know the most important characteristics of these toys :

Child’s age:

This is not only an important factor to consider in the cash registers, but in any other toy that you want to buy for your little ones, since they can contain parts that are too small, which can be dangerous.

On the other hand, toys are oriented to different ages due to the functions and characteristics they possess, it will not be the same as a cash register for a three-year-old who begins to discover his motor skills, to know shapes, colors and letters, to a toy for an older child.

Small children : In the case of younger children, aged from their first to three years, it is necessary that the toys be larger in size and do not contain small parts and that, in addition, they be made of resistant materials that cannot break easily.

Children in preschool : When children reach preschool, they will be able to do other types of activities, they will enter a new stage where they will be able to do other activities, they will be able to recognize more numbers, they will be taking their first steps in reading and they will be able to communicate more fluency.

In these cases, it is recommended that the toys are more didactic, that they have functions that children can explore and problems to solve, where, in the case of cash registers, it is ideal that the toy can perform simple addition and subtraction.

Children from 6 to 13 years old: Children in this age range are already prepared to use toys with much more advanced functions, since they will know how to read, communicate, make additions and subtractions, as well as have a greater capacity to solve problems, for This requires a toy that is at their level.

A simple toy will give little ones a greater challenge, as it will further stimulate their imagination.


Whether they are small children or a little older, it is important that you always take into account the material with which the toy has been manufactured, it must be safe and that it does not represent a danger.

In the case of toy cash registers, the most used materials are plastic and wood, the former being a great option if you are looking for it to be light, with bright colors and with a greater number of interactive functions.

Wood is also a great option, these toys are extremely resistant, will provide great fun and are pleasant to the touch for children.


As you may already know, toy cash registers are much more fun when they have accessories and the bills, coins and even an accessory for cards will be perfect to give a highly realistic experience to the little ones in the house.

And, if your little one is the appropriate age, it is a great idea to replace the fake bills and coins with real ones, this way they will be familiar with money and how it is used.

Skills developed:

Cash registers may seem like a fairly simple toy, but the truth is that they are loaded with benefits and ways to stimulate learning in little ones through pretend play.

By playing with a cash register they will learn to differentiate numbers, add, subtract, know how money works and develop their motor and imaginative skills, not to mention that they are great entertainment for them and for you if you accompany them in their hours of play.

Gender and laterality:

Although you will find toy cash registers with princess or car themes, this should not be an impediment for them to be used by boys and girls in the same way, since they are not toys created for only one gender.

On the other hand, there will be no problems with your little one being right or left, since toy cash registers can be used by both without needing a special model.

Tips to help kids know the basic handling of money

To help your little ones understand how money works and how it should be used, you don’t have to wait until they are a certain age, since with games you can teach them early.

First, motivating them to save money in fun-shaped or colorful piggy banks is a great way to teach the value of money and saving.

Through the game with cash registers, they will be able to understand that, when they pay, they will receive a product of their choice in exchange and that everything they want to buy from a store has a price, teaching them to be responsible.

Benefits of gambling with cash registers

The greatest benefit that your little ones will find when playing with cash registers, in addition to having hours of fun and knowing how money works, is that they will develop their mathematical skills and will have much easier when understanding the operations of addition and subtraction.

They will also have their creativity stimulated, as pretend or symbolic games put their entire imagination to the test by having to act like someone else.

And, among the best benefits will be sharing with your little one when playing, where you can develop different activities such as:

Set a savings goal with your little ones:

By teaching them through the cash registers how money works, you can start saving with them and set a maximum goal in a certain time, in this way they will play motivated and help reinforce their knowledge and numerical skills.

Make saving fun:

We have all gone through piggy banks and other designs that were very cool, where we saved until it was time to open them and this is a great activity that you can share with your little ones and that, together with the cash registers, will help teach them how they can raise money to buy something they want.

You can help them gather:

To encourage them to save, you can contribute to their piggy bank once they have reached an amount, for example, let’s say they have collected a total of € 15, you can add another 15 as a reward for having added that amount and in this way motivate them to keep saving.

Be an example to follow:

Children will always try to imitate their parents, therefore, you must always give them the best of examples, therefore, if you want your little ones to learn to handle money correctly and how to use it, you must serve as an example.

Frequent questions

When choosing a toy cash register for your little ones, it is normal that you have certain doubts and questions that you want to solve before buying any model on the market and, among the most sought after are the following:

Are these toys for boys or girls?

Toy cash registers have no distinction between one gender or the other, as they can be used by both without problems. There are models that will adapt very well to the tastes of your little ones, since there is a wide variety of colors, designs, sizes and themes to choose from.

How old must a child be to play with them?

This will depend on the toy you choose, since they can be found for different ages, but it is recommended that the minimum age is two years, since the cash registers can contain parts that are too small for younger children.

In addition, at the age of two years is when they begin to be interested in sounds, colors, shapes and lights, which the cash registers can offer them so that they can have a lot of fun.

What kind of energy do these toys use to function?

For the most part, toy cash registers use batteries to function, which are recommended to be rechargeable, in this way you will save money and your little ones can always play with them.

On the other hand, you can also get models that work with solar energy or that do not even require energy, as is the case with the simplest models made of wood.

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