Top 5 Wii Remotes To Turn On Family Fun


During its brief history, video games have progressed at the speed of light, presenting us in each installment: more captivating stories, multiplayer options, improved graphics, connecting us to the network to play without borders. Today they are able to awaken our imagination and immerse us in the universes of our favorite franchises.

However, the biggest revolution we have witnessed has been “jumping off the couch” while we play, in 2006 the first intelligent Nintendo console appeared, equipped with motion sensors that invite us to get up and move freely while having fun. The wonder has a name and this time we call it Wii.

Wii gives the player the ability to physically interact with the virtual world, turning the entire recreation experience into a magical and captivating universe. This incredible device achieves its goal with the help of a small remote control, to give the player power of action and movement.

Today we come to talk to you about the best Wii controls to ignite the fun in your home.

The Best Wii Remotes

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Remote Motion Controller ... Remote Motion Controller … No reviews
2 COOLEAD Motion Plus Remote Control ... COOLEAD Motion Plus Remote Control … No reviews
3 mini kitty 2 in 1 Motion Plus Remote and ... mini kitty 2 in 1 Motion Plus Remote and … No reviews
4 FONCBIEN Remote Controls for Wii, ... FONCBIEN Remote Controls for Wii, … No reviews
5 AeeYui Remote Control Wii/Wii U, Funda... AeeYui Remote Control Wii/Wii U, Funda… No reviews
6 JFUNE 2 Pairs Remote and Nunchunk for ... JFUNE 2 Pairs Remote and Nunchunk for … No reviews
7 Ulable Design Remote Control ... Ulable Design Remote Control … No reviews

What is the best Wii remote?

Buying a Wii remote will allow you to enjoy your favorite games, but how do you choose the right one? when today’s market presents us with tons of options and information. Don’t worry, our purpose is to help you during the selection process, for that reason we are here.

The first step to make a satisfactory investment and take home a good quality product is to be informed, take a moment to investigate and while you do, consider the most relevant factors of each product, keep in mind:


The type of control

The accessories included in each model

The battery life

The power source

It is also important to consider the manufacturer brand, the price range and the opinion of the gaming community. Knowing these data will help you choose the model that best suits your needs, consult our comparative selection, where we present a brief informative review with the most valued products on the market.

Here are  the best Wii controls: 

1. Nintendo Wii Classic Pro Control 

An ergonomic design with vibration function.


Wii Classic Controller Pro - Black (Housing)

Wii Classic Controller Pro – Black (Housing)


This great control is an innovation of the design of the classic control for Nintendo Wii, the model offers the user a series of improvements, among them the addition of handlebars to offer a more natural and ergonomic grip.

Nintendo presents a redistribution of the analog lever to make the movement of your fingers more fluid while you play. At the top of the layout you find a better arrangement of the game buttons: Zl, Zr, L, R.

This Pro controller presents a light and comfortable design, it adapts perfectly to all types of players, to allow them to achieve maximum performance when playing games.

2. Nintendo – Mando Plus: Luigi 

A special command Anniversary Edition


Nintendo - Mando Plus: Luigi Wii, Wii U

Nintendo – Mando Plus: Luigi Wii, Wii U


It is a special model in Wii controls to celebrate the 30th anniversary of 2 classic video game characters: Luigi and Mario.

It is a green remote control, the design presents us with Luigi’s initial on the front of the device. The set includes: the remote control, a matching case, a strap to attach it to your wrist and a drum kit.

This original remote gives you great freedom of movement, has a long range and does not need to be visually aligned with the sensor on the console. In addition, it has a lower port to connect accessories.

3. Wii Steering Wheel Nintendo 

The ideal handlebar to enjoy a race in Mario Kart


Wii Volante

Wii Volante


We present you an ingenious design that will allow you to control your virtual vehicle with dexterity, this wonderful steering wheel adapts to the shape of your body, the remote of the Wii console, so that you can pilot your way to the finish line in any racing game.

It is an easy and comfortable control to use, its ergonomic design is ideal for beginners, since everyone is familiar with the shape of car steering wheels. It is made of a resistant plastic, to provide the user with a product with a long useful life.

What are you waiting for? Turn your remote control into a great steering wheel and enjoy a wonderful virtual experience.

4. PYRUS 2 in 1 controlador Nunchuck y Built-in Motion Plus Remote Set 

Get 2 wonderful controls for the cost of 1


PYRUS 2in1 Controller Nunchuck and ...

PYRUS 2in1 Controller Nunchuck and …


If you are looking for an affordable kit to complement your playstation, this Pyrus bundle may be the ideal product for you. The set includes: A wired Nunchuck controller and a remote control. Both are compatible with the Nintendo Wii and Wii U consoles.

You can connect them to your console through bluetooth technology, the remote control includes the speaker function, shock vibration and indicator. In addition, it is equipped with a sensitive motion sensor to make an accurate record of your steps.

The remote control is powered by AA batteries. When you buy the package you also get: 1 wrist strap and a silicone lining to protect the equipment.

5. StogaMotion Plus Remote Control and Nunchuck Controller 

Excellent relation between quality and price


Stoga - Remote control built in ...

Stoga – Remote control built in …


For those on a tight budget we present the least expensive model from our selection. A set of controls manufactured by Stoga, the package includes: A remote control + A Nunchuck controller.

They are ideal teams to play multiplayer games. They come in a bright and attractive red color, but you can also buy it in the colors: White, blue and black. The set comes with a protective cover and an adjustable strap to secure the controller on your arm.

The control works through a bluetooth connection and has a maximum range of 5 meters away.

Types of Wii Controllers

Wii Controls can be found in different shapes. This responds to the need of each user to employ him according to the nature of what is being played, with the advantages of the advances of these wireless equipment. Among the most common variations we have:

Classic controller

The design and layout of the buttons on these controls remind us of the controls of the older presentations, like a rudder. It has an analog-type main mobilization directional cursor, a task that it shares with high-resolution lower analog controllers.

On its upper edge we find two digital action buttons (left / right) and four differentiated buttons with letters (a, b, y, x) that will be in charge of executing movements or special tasks during the plays, according to how they are programmed .

Similarly, three indicators for minus / selection, main (Home) and more / home, function as the direct link that will take us to each of these points during the development of the video game.

GameCube controller

More futuristic in appearance, it represents a rearrangement of the buttons with respect to the relevance of their function. Like its predecessor, it enables the choice of the movement cursor between an analog and two digital systems, differing from the classic model in their location. On its upper edge it has two triggers for special actions, identified between right and left (L / R).

Highlights the size of buttons A and B, commonly used in most virtual scenarios, in addition to the buttons identified with Y and X. The three indicators of the previous version have been limited to two: for power on / off and start / pause. Includes an indicator light of its operating status (Power)


Continuing with the advantages of the wireless features of the Nintendo Wii, this striking device emerges. It is a joystick that is responsible for making the movements of the characters in each entertainment simulation. It works together with the Wii remote control, which in this case will be used to carry out the actions.

Both are wireless. The nunchuck has a short cable to communicate with the Wii remote. The resulting shape is reminiscent of a nunchaku, a traditional Chinese weapon used in martial arts practices.


This is the main remote control for this Nintendo model. The interesting thing about this controller is its versatility. It can assume the role for the simple handling of characters and weapons in strategy games with its buttons, but it can also be transformed into some sports component, such as baseball bats or tennis rackets, just by imitating their movements in the hand.

Wii controller additions

You can choose these extra components that will ensure greater stability and duration in front of the screens:


Each wireless device requires internal electricity to function. If you plan to spend long hours you will have to have a recharging system that refers to the constant replacement of disposable batteries.

Silicone case

The frenzy generated by the action in the play can lead many users to accidentally throw the controls to the floor, towards the television screen and in the worst case, towards the face of a spectator.

To avoid this and guarantee a better state of the device’s integrity, there are silicone cases, transparent cases that adapt to the remote like a glove. They are soft and have holes to fit perfectly on each button.

Wii Motion Plus

It is a small accessory that attaches to the back of the Wii Remote, and is designed to improve the precision and control of the Wii Remote. With the MotionPlus adapter, movements are emulated in real time during the sessions. This is accomplished by plugging it into the Nunchuck port or on the back of your existing Wii remote.

Wii Controller Accessories

A remote or Wiimote meets everything necessary to be able to operate within the virtual environment offered by Nintendo. However, there are additional components created with the purpose of increasing the feeling of reality while playing the game. Among the most common accessories that we can find we have:

Baseball bat

This accessory is in the shape of the famous sports implement used in baseball practice. It is elongated, perfect to hold with both hands in the same way as it is done in reality. It has a compartment where the wiimote is inserted, so that it acquires communication with the console.

Launches like Mario Superstar Baseball, Major League Baseball and The Bigs, take advantage of this component for a better experience.

Boxing gloves

These boxing glove shaped covers feature inserts for attaching the nunchuck and wiimote. They are made of a soft material that seeks to create the real sensation of wearing true and powerful accessories of this contact sport. An ingenious, and surely less painful, way to experience the sensation of being in the ring.

Punch-Out, Facebreaker KO Party and Ready To Rumble: Revolution, are some of the environments with which this accessory can be used.


A model that stands out for its similarity to the real weapon. It emulates the appearance of an arrow launcher, with a sight and a bow, to locate each shot with precision. It has the advantages of both the nunchuck and the wiimote for a better immersion in the different themes. The title, The Legend of Zelda, is perhaps best known for employing this contraption.

golf Club

Operating similar to a baseball bat, the golf club assists the user in executing plays by assuming positions on each shot. It can be applied to popular titles such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Super Swing Golf.


One of the most ingenious creations in the form of electric guitar, it reached its highest level of fame with releases such as Guitar Hero. It allows the incorporation of the remote control to reproduce musical notes.


An essential item for lovers of this type of accessories, in a more compact design. It comes in a variety of attractive colors and combinations.


Shaped like a medium-sized shotgun, it serves the same purpose as its predecessor. Actually, the use of one or the other model does not limit the playability, but it is created for demanding users.

Steering wheel

This accessory comes in the form of a steering wheel, in the center of which the wiimote is inserted to capture the circular movements that resemble the handling of the car. Need for Speed, Mario Kart and F1 Race Stars are among the many releases this product can be used with.

Tennis racket

Practice your serve with this add-on for Wii. But be careful about letting it go, many broken screens have resulted from the misuse of this component.

Zapper gun

Boasting of a beautiful design comes this trigger or “zapper”, on which the remote control is located to give it the characteristics of a powerful weapon. On its rear support we place the nunchuck and then squeeze the trigger in the direction of the desired target.

Among the titles with which you can take advantage of this resource are: Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Wild West Guns, The House of The Dead, Modern Walfare among others.

How do you load the Wii drivers?

A charging station can be used while the controls are not in use. This is done with the support of rechargeable batteries, which contribute to the enjoyment of long hours of action, reducing replacement costs.

2 common Wiimote problems and solutions

Users have pointed out two basic problems with the use of these devices, but they can be solved by taking certain considerations:

Synchronization issues with Wiimote

The system may not immediately recognize the Wii Remote. It is recommended that you press the Power button on your Wii computer to turn it on. Remove the battery compartment cover from the remote in order to pair it. Then open the cover of the SD card slot on the front of this unit.

Press and release the SYNC button just below the batteries on the Wii Remote; The player indicator light on the front of the controller will begin to flash. While the indicator lights continue to flash, quickly press and release the red SYNC button on the front of your Wii device.

Once the player’s indicator light stops flashing, the connection is established. The light that is illuminated will indicate the player’s number, a procedure that must be done with each of the controls available.

Wiimote controller problems

Lack of response from the character or weapon employed while playing the game is indicative of a malfunction on the Wiimote. Try pressing the buttons simultaneously while the unit is on and verify that it returns to normal.

Defective batteries, inadequate distance between the sensor and the control, as well as interference with other devices can be the cause. In case you cannot find the solution, consult your technical service to verify this behavior.

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