Top 5 Toy Dinosaurs


My boys Samuel and Salvador have been fans of dinosaurs since they were born! They have had almost all the known models of the brand whatever, with attachments and armor.

I’ve noticed over the years that their fascination for these bugs has been changing, before they liked battery-powered or noisy models, come on, they made quite a fuss!

Now, they prefer the scale models, still noisy, but more realistic. Well, a couple of weeks ago Samu had to represent the big bang and the extinction of the dinosaurs in a science project, but we found ourselves at home with pure battery-powered dinosaurs.

Hasn’t it happened to you that you think you have something and when you go to look for it, it’s not there? My little rioters lost the scale models in a camp and, in an emergency, I went to to buy best toy dinosaur that I could find in the offer.

The Best Toy Dinosaurs

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Jurassic World Bebé Carnotaurus... Jurassic World Bebé Carnotaurus… No reviews
2 Jurassic World - Mosaurus Dinosaurio De... Jurassic World – Mosaurus Dinosaurio De… No reviews
3 Jurassic World Control N´Conquer... Jurassic World Control N´Conquer… No reviews
4 Vanplay Toys Dinosaurs Egg Eggs ... Vanplay Toys Dinosaurs Egg Eggs … No reviews
5 Dreamon Dinosaurs Toys for Children ... Dreamon Dinosaurs Toys for Children … No reviews
6 Dinosaur Toy Truck ... Dinosaur Toy Truck … No reviews
7 kramow Dinosaur Toys with Mat ... kramow Dinosaur Toys with Mat … No reviews

What is the best toy dinosaur?

This will depend on your preferences or that of your boys and if it is the first dinosaur in the collection or one more. It is always useful that you look at what is on the market.

One of the first elements to look at is whether it will use batteries or not, there are models with lights and sound effects, some guys like noise and movement, but the more nerdy ones have perhaps a more scientific interest.

This is another aspect that you should take into account. Educational models are usually more realistic and larger, they will help you learn science, distinguish species and colors and stimulate the imagination.

There is also, of course, the possibility that it is not a toy for children but of scientific interest, in that case, a comparison will help you choose better. If you still don’t have a clear idea, this list can help you.

Here we present you the best toy dinosaurs:

1. Jurassic Park toy user – Indominus Rex

The bad guy


If your boy is one of those who prefer the Jurassic world, he will have a lot of fun with this tyrannosaurus rex.

This is an electronic toy with loud and terrifying roars and matching lights that make it look bigger, wilder and scarier.

Another striking quality is that it is articulated, you can place it on the floor and it will walk spreading terror wherever it goes. Also, their skin changes color.

Measuring 40 cm long and 23 cm high, it is a large, solid and good quality toy. It is suitable for children ages four and up. It works with batteries.

2. Imaginext – Mega Apatosaurus (Mattel X7673)

Big and terrifying


Imaginext - Mega Apatosaurus (Mattel...


4 Reviews

Imaginext – Mega Apatosaurus (Mattel…


Protecting a fort with lots of gold bars or a cave with diamond bars will no longer be a problem for your little one with this huge dinosaur figure.

The kit, suitable for children ages three and up, includes this huge fossil reptile, which also comes equipped with a huge armor that launches projectiles and an armored figure, just what your little one needs to be the hero of the game. film.

Just press a button and you will hear their terrifying roars. In addition, it has a rotating head, movable mouth and tail, along with its armor that is removable.

3. Fisher-Price – Imaginext Niños Mega T-Rex Playset

With sound effects


Fisher-Price - Imaginext Niños Mega...

Fisher-Price – Imaginext Niños Mega…


The manufacturer Fisher Price, brings you this time Mega T – Rex, the scariest of dinosaurs that turns its neck and opens its jaw showing its menacing fangs while roaring like a real dinosaur.

It weighs two kg and measures 40 cm, it is a huge toy! Suitable for toddlers from 5 years onwards. He has detachable armor and also brings a little armored man.

It is a quality, affordable and highly technological toy, it has sound effects, a helmet, a rear control console, mechanical claws and outstretched arms. It works with four batteries that are included.

4. Pack of Prextex Toy Dinosaurs

Realistic and huge


Prextex - Pack of Toy Dinosaurs ...

Prextex – Pack of Toy Dinosaurs …


If you want to encourage your kids’ imaginative play and curiosity about science, these hyper-realistic figures of dinosaurs may be able to help you with the work.

Just as it happens with some program of dinosaur video for kidsThese large-scale models are educational, robust, stable and of quality.

One of their great advantages is that they are not only suitable for children, but you can also use them without problems as examples in science projects or at a theme party.

The package includes four figures of dinosaurs measuring 33 cm each, of different species and colors.


Realistic and educational


Made in different colors, different species and with very realistic features, this kit of three dinosaurs is the least expensive on our list.

They are figures made of polyvinyl plastic, durable, resistant and of high quality, suitable for children from three years onwards. They weigh about a kilogram and have measurements of height that exceed 30 centimeters.

And if you are one of the adult collectors and fans of dinosaurs, these models are truly amazing and you will like them a lot.

In the package you will find the Triceratops, with its head full of horns. The tyrannosaurus rex and the Great Spinosaurus.


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