Top 5 Funniest RC Tractors For Kids



My kids are fascinated by trucks and tractors, and more when it comes to those models that run on batteries and are driven by remote control, as the best radio-controlled tractor. The truth is that they freak out with excitement with these toys.

As a mother, I did everything to find that model and, thankfully, I asked other expert moms for help, because I quickly realized that in the market very low quality RC tractors abound, little realistic, no lights or sound. Come on! That I do not ask them to use gasoline, but at least make it look real.

At the same time, other mothers told me how some tractors could not hold anything and their parts broke so easily that they did not last a week in the hands of a child.

The Best Radio Controlled Tractors

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Carson 500907344 RC Tractor with Tanker ... Carson 500907344 RC Tractor with Tanker … No reviews
2 Carson- Fendt 500907314-Tractor Trailer ... Carson- Fendt 500907314-Tractor Trailer … No reviews
3 Top Race Remote Control RC Construction... Top Race Remote Control RC Construction… No reviews
4 JUGUETECNIC │ Remote Control Tractor with ... JUGUETECNIC │ Remote Control Tractor with … No reviews
5 Revell Control- RC Mini Tractor Claas... Revell Control- RC Mini Tractor Claas… No reviews
6 TopRace Functional front loader ... TopRace Functional front loader … No reviews
7 Top Race Feedback Loader ... Top Race Feedback Loader … No reviews

What is the best radio controlled tractor?

Are you looking for it affordable, of quality, with lights and colors? Well come on now! I’ve already seen them all, and I know from my own experience which ones your kids might really like. In turn, that experience also helped me distinguish which models are really flimsy and which ones can last a long time of use and abuse under the hands of a kid.

So here it is: my list comparative of the top 5 of today. They come with lights, controls that can give you direction to left and right, the most colorful and realistic designs, while incorporating lights and sound.

I also recommend you take a look at the latest model. It is a mobile arm excavator. The boys will freak out!

Here we present you the best radio-controlled tractors:

1. SIKU 6777 radio-controlled front loader

super realistic


Siku 6777 - Front loader ...

Siku 6777 – Front loader …


This great toy is made with pieces of metal and plastic, it is quite resistant. You will be amazed at how good and realistic this loader is, it has a front loader loader link and loader that can be controlled separately, giving a more realistic feel.

The front loader link comes with a mechanical quick-change system. Ideal for children who like to play carrying dirt from the yard.

2. Radio controlled vehicle Rcee GMBH10084 from Tronico

To assemble and enjoy


Tronico - Scale radio controlled vehicle ...

Tronico – Scale radio controlled vehicle …


If your kids love to put together their toys, like mine, I recommend you give them this tractor RC from Mark Tronico, 726 pieces and 4 channels for the remote control, as well as the tools and instructions necessary to assemble it.

It has a 1:16 scale and due to its small pieces and level of complexity to assemble, it is ideal for children over 12 years old. Mine have loved it.

3. Tractor a radiocontrol John Deere 6190R de Big Farm

Lights, sound and fun


Bizak Tomy Farm - Radio Controlled John...

Bizak Tomy Farm – Radio Controlled John…


This model Of battery has a pretty classic design of what guys expect from a tractor remote control. Big wheels, a tall cab, and a large, powerful engine! At the same time, it includes fun lights and sounds that make it “super cool”, in the words of my own kids.

Keep in mind that it uses 4 AA batteries and a 9V already included. Ideal for children over 36 months.

4. Goolsky Double E SY-E351 Remote Control Tractor

So much!


Goolsky Double E E351-001 Remote Control ...


49 Reviews

Goolsky Double E E351-001 Remote Control …


It doesn’t take a kid to figure out that this tractor electric It’s really cool and any guy would love to have it. You can even use it with trailer and shovel aside and the boys will freak out.

It has a scale of 1:16, allows steering in multiple directions and also has lights, sound and USB charger. Although it is for boys from 14 onwards, I can confess that even I liked it.

5. Top Race TR-215 remote control excavator



Top Race Forklift Excavator ...

Top Race Forklift Excavator …


If your kid over 12 years old likes crane trucks, give him this excavator that will give free rein to his imagination. It comes at 1:18 scale and is driven with a remote control of 15 channels.

And best of all: it really works! Is that the kids can use the arm to hold objects and lift them and even the cabin rotates 680º! Very recommended and of good quality.

The Basics of Radio Controlled Toys

For those of you who don’t know the basics of radio-controlled toys, choosing the right one can be difficult. But, you should know that, to buy these Toys for children, you must take into account the following fundamentals:

Radio controls versus infrared controls

They are usually grouped into the same category, which is why many people are often unaware that radio-controlled toys and radio-controlled toys infrared they are completely different.

The former seems pretty obvious, but it is almost never named. And it is that the first work with radio frequencies, while the infrared work with infrared technology. They are wireless and work at a shorter distance than RF.


We all know that control is the most important thing, whatever the technology. The reason is that their goal is to make handling easier. I recommend you consider the age of the child who will use it.

The controls for adult toys have several buttons to control the same, while those for children have few buttons so that they are easy and practical to operate.

Other people are reading too: The best toy tractor.


Actually, the scale It is not that important in radio controlled toys for children, but it is a good idea to choose one that is easy to use with little hands. On the other hand, radio controlled toys for adults are designed to reflect real life cars, trucks and other vehicles, and have different scales, so it will depend on the size you want.

As a toy or hobby

Before to buyYou must bear in mind that there are some that work like toys and others that are designed more complex and real for hobbies and competitions. Those that are only toys, are ideal for children because of their low complexity. Instead, the others have a more realistic and complex design.


This is not important in those that use infrared technology. Frequencies commonly used in radio controlled toys are 27 MHz and 49 MHz. Frequency can be a problem if more than one RC toy is used at the same time. In case of using more than one, make sure they do not work on the same frequency.

Things to consider when buying a remote control tractor

Before buying your toy tractor remote control, you should take these details into account.


Considering the materials with which this artifact is made, will make the difference regarding its quality and will be what can ensure that it lasts a long time and that it is resistant to any terrain. It would be disappointing for children, and everyone, if the tractor is not able to go through grass or any other terrain.


Some controls allow it to be controlled at a higher or lower distance. The more powerful ones will allow the tractor to be operated at a great distance, while the less powerful ones will require the driver to be close to the tractor. It will depend on your needs. A short distance will allow you to have a better watch over the kids.

Battery duration

You all want to spend a lot of time with your toy, especially children, and the quality of the batteries plays an important role. Go for the long-lasting ones, especially those that are rechargeable.

Body design

Not only is it more beautiful, this can be decisive to withstand blows and impacts. Toddler RC toys commonly have rubber or plastic coated antennae, they can hold up a lot. Quality and aesthetics must go hand in hand.

Lights, sounds and other effects

Do you want a more realistic effect? Most remote control toys come with lights and sounds to accomplish this and these could be activated automatically or largely controlled by the controls. There are other effects that just a button or joystick is activated, they will depend on the type of RC toy.



To be honest, children’s toys are often not very realistic in design or manageability. This is usually reserved for adult racing or hobby teams, the use and controls try to be as close to real vehicles as possible. A very important fact is that, while less realistic, less expensive.


Will you use it in an urban environment? In your house? In the countryside? It is important to think about it in advance to make an intelligent and appropriate choice to your needs and expectations, from there it depends on whether you will choose one that is resistant to grass and soil or if that is not important. It is also important in determining the size of the tractor.

Easy to use

Keep in mind that, if the toy is for children, it is important that it be Easy to use. It is frustrating to have a toy and not know how to use it and much more for a little boy. A guide to this is to check the packaging because they generally list the recommended ages of use of the RC toy.


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