Top 10 Best Board Games For Kids, Educational And For All Ages


If you are here, it is because you are part of those families that refuse to let monotony, each other’s routines and technology keep everyone away in their rooms. If so, you are on the right track because you are about to find the best board game for children, the cheapest and most fun, because yes, we know that it is also about not leaving all the salary in this and that is why I have made a selection with the least expensive so that you have the most affordable fun.

The Best Board Games For Kids

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Hasbro Gaming-Gestures Board Game, ... Hasbro Gaming-Gestures Board Game, … No reviews
2 Falomir-What am I Board Game, ... Falomir-What am I Board Game, … No reviews
3 Hasbro Gaming Board Game Operation, ... Hasbro Gaming Board Game Operation, … 1,024 Reviews
4 Diset - Party & co Junior Game, Game ... Diset – Party & co Junior Game, Game … 2,515 Reviews
5 Nene Toys Children's Block Tower of ... Nene Toys Children’s Block Tower of … No reviews
6 Caught (Ludilo) Cooperative game of ... Caught (Ludilo) Cooperative game of … No reviews
7 Bizak Game Children Against Parents ... Bizak Game Children Against Parents … 869 Opinions

Here are the best board games for children: 

1. Guess Who




Hasbro Gaming Who's Who Extra ...

Hasbro Gaming Who’s Who Extra …


It has already been in families for a long time because it really is a success when thinking of a very fun and inclusive game for all ages . It consists of discovering which is your opponent’s character, through super strategic questions. The coolest thing is that this electronic version has two forms of play available and at the same time includes lights and sounds so that you can feel yourself in a television game show. It is made up of a lightweight board that includes 6 character sheets including monsters and superheroes and requires AAA batteries.

2. Board game for children from 4 to 5 years old Monopoly Junior

For the little ones


Monopoly- Junior, Spanish version ...

Monopoly- Junior, Spanish version …


Sometimes the search for entertaining educational games for 4-5 year olds is not so easy for everyone, which is why I have included this lifelong monopoly game, but in this version ideal for younger kids, it fits their skills and needs. It is the most sympathetic and fun way to earn money and bring them closer to the world of buying and selling through the game. Includes the board, tickets, 4 pawns, 20 luck cards, 48 ​​sold signs, 90 tickets, 4 character cards, and dice.

3. Three Little Pigs Orchard Toys board game



Orchard Toys - Board Game of the Three ...


1,544 Opinions

Orchard Toys – Board Game of the Three …


If your little one is of preschool age , this is the board game for which you should choose because it is designed to be easy , but at the same time fun enough to keep them involved in it, it is also designed to strengthen the mathematical skills of the little players. It is based on the story of the three little pigs. In this case, the objective is to collect the necessary pieces for each type of house, until they have a straw house, sticks and bricks in front of them without the wolf interfering. The board is bright and colorful.

4. Screwball Scramble Tomy Children’s Board Game 10 Years

A race against time


Bizak toy Tomy T7070, Juego de ...

Bizak toy Tomy T7070, Juego de …


As they get older, children really need games that challenge their skills and this is what this fascinating game of skill and coordination is about, which consists of a dizzying race against the clock through mazes. You just have to activate the timer and see how fast the player can complete the course, it is a race against time that never goes out of style. Set includes 1 screwball, 1 timer, 2 balls, and 1 instruction sheets. For the safety of children, players under 5 years of age are not allowed.

5. Brain Box Around the world

To measure the knowledge of the whole family


Brain Box Memory Game To The World, ...

Brain Box Memory Game To The World, …


Smart kids are having a blast with this super game that encourages reading and writing skills, quick decision-making and spatial vision, while learning about history and encouraging them to discover the world, all without leaving their seat. This has never been more fun than now, with this educational game that includes 71 cards, a timer, 8-sided dice and the rules of the game. If your family cares about the environment, you will be very cool to know that everything has been made with recycled materials.

6. Board game for children 8 years Hasbro Gaming Gestures

How fast can you act?



Hasbro Gaming-Gestures Board Game, ...

Hasbro Gaming-Gestures Board Game, …


If there is a game that amuses children over 8 years of age, it is precisely this one and the cool thing is that players of different ages can be integrated, so it works excellent in a family environment. You will not stop laughing doing mimics and acting a little, it is time to discover those artistic skills that you did not know you had and to be as creative as you could. The game contains 320 cards, an action timer, sticker sheet and instructions and, of course, a trophy for the undisputed winner of each round because it has several levels of difficulty.

7. Becoming Ghost Blitz

To reason faster



Devir- Phantom Blitz Board Game, 13 ...

Devir- Phantom Blitz Board Game, 13 …


You can take it on a trip or for the children to play at grandmother’s house, it will not be difficult to keep at home because it is a game that takes up little space . In his box he keeps five pieces of wood and 60 letters with illustrations. Everything is completely in Spanish and is suitable for playing between two and eight people. Typically 20-30 minutes can be spent playing a round, while building sociability skills and stimulating mental speed, visual acuity and reflexes. The whole family will love it!

8. Board game for children 6 years Hasbro Gaming Pictureka

Can be played in two different ways



Hasbro Gaming Gaming Clasico Pictureka...

Hasbro Gaming Gaming Clasico Pictureka…


The time has come to find the lost objects, with this exciting mission game that is challenging and entertaining and contains 100 cards and 3 different categories to increase the fun. It is a game of visual skill in which two or more people can play and that challenges you to detect things quickly because you will have to find the objects that the chosen card indicates to you. Due to the fact that it contains small parts, it is not possible for children under three years of age to play due to the risk of suffocation. Ideal to play with the family.

9. Asmodee Dobble

Hours of great fun



Zygomatic - Dobble - Español,...


7,217 Reviews

Zygomatic – Dobble – Español,…


From 6 years of age, all children are ready to have a very entertaining time with this super board game that can be played between two people and even with eight players. Dobble is a game with more than 50 symbols, 55 cards, with one, and only one identical symbol between each card. That is why to play you will need speed of observation and your reflexes. The atmosphere that the game sets off is really hilarious. For your convenience, a metal case is included to store your cards safely.

10. Mattel UNO Junior Games

With waterproof cards



Mattel Games-UNO Junior Disney Game ...

Mattel Games-UNO Junior Disney Game …


To close this comparison with a flourish, we cannot overlook the UNO game, the typical card game that cannot be missing in the family, but this time designed for children in its junior version, since it is illustrated in a more colorful way , striking and fun with animal drawings, because not everything has to be numbers, animals can also help them develop quick and assertive thinking skills, while integrating the whole family in the same fun. The cards are waterproof and generally very durable.

Considerations to take into account before buying


Taking a look at what the market offers can be quite overwhelming, especially if you have stayed in the typical card game that was at home to pass the time . Therefore, before venturing to choose among thousands of options, it is best to make sure you take these details into account to buy the most appropriate one:

What are the ages of your children?

This is a very important starting point to ensure that your children feel comfortable understanding the game without major complications and having adequate fun. But, come on, sometimes we want to get games that they can play as they grow or that the whole family can get involved in, so you should choose those that support a wide range of ages.

Are you looking for educational games?

The main concern of some parents is precisely that of finding educational games and that is very cool, but sometimes your children can learn things through games that cannot initially be considered educational and that must also be borne in mind, because even games of simple concept have something to offer the child in terms of education.

How many players?

You have to think about how many children the game is aimed at, if there are two children at home or more and if the family is going to participate regularly. For example, it is usually fine to buy games that are only for 2 to 4 players, but if you have more family than that, you should think about options designed for much larger groups.

Main benefits of board games for children


Some parents are aware of this and others buy board games just to entertain the kids and have a way to pass the time, but board games are important for a child’s mental and social development. They can even optimize your creativity and improve your concentration.

Board games help learn vital social skills

The earlier they begin to interact through board games, the sooner they will be developing social skills for optimal functioning in society and in their immediate social environments.

Let’s be honest, playing a fun board game creates an exciting environment of competition and motivation that encourages verbal expression while developing qualities such as patience, concentration, memory, and determination.

At the same time, the notion of responsibility is developed and of knowing that the rules must be followed so that everything can develop in complete harmony, which also passes through the recognition of the other. But not everything ends there, board games are useful for the development of critical thinking skills, the ability to focus longer and spatial awareness.

Children are motivated by playing board games

The desire to win and to demonstrate what they are capable of motivate them to bring out their best version of themselves to differentiate themselves from the other participants in the game. Moderate and healthy competition encourages children to strive, motivates them.

Spending time together

Undoubtedly, when they ask me about what I think is the greatest benefit of this type of game, especially in this technological society, I answer that it is precisely the fact of spending time with family or friends.

They are an excellent way to overcome routine, but also monotony and promote family integration. Playing board games allows you to spend quality time with others, while the children interact and become more integrated with the family in a positive way.

Children learn to make decisions through board games

Decision-making is important in children, it is a skill that we should not underestimate because they will also say a lot about the adult that will be tomorrow, life is about that: constantly making decisions, some in pressure environments, as can happen many times. in these games.

A better way to illustrate this is by thinking of strategy-based board games, which require a player to make quick but effective moves. In this case, the player has to think critically, rather than just making a random move. And we already know how important it is to move this from gaming to the real world.

Board games help to learn how to achieve goals

In the same vein of decision making, learning how to achieve the objectives that are set is important and that is something that is closely linked to board games, especially strategy games, since they normally learn how to recruit allies, make the most cunning movements, make the most successful decisions, guess and predict the opponent’s strategies and these types of skills that are undoubtedly key in life to achieve the objectives that are set.

Board games improve problem-solving approach

If up to this point you have thought that everything is very cold and calculating, the truth is that you are wrong, these games in addition to that also ferment integration and conflict resolution in a peaceful and successful way.

Board games encourage children to solve real problems in real life situations, and it is that most of the plot around these games requires that children analyze precisely some problems that are posed to them, discover their elements and thus be able to find a workable solution.

Criteria that an excellent board game for children should offer

Regardless of the brand , what should be important for a parent when buying these types of games is to ensure that it is of good quality and that it is as beneficial as what we have been reviewing so far. Whether it is letters or numbers, even figurines, we want them to really help to work the mental agility of our little ones.

Inclusive game

A well-designed game is usually tailored to a range of skill levels, allowing all the players in question to stay 100% engaged until the end.

Active play

As simple as the game is, the most recommended is that it be able to allow children to be active and involved in the game through making meaningful decisions, developing strategies and more.

That can be played multiple times

Some traditional games end up getting boring because they play out exactly the same way. What makes a game the bomb is precisely that it is as dynamic and variable as possible to allow children to discover new skills, but also to feel challenged, wanting to experiment and try new strategies and thus remain always stimulated .

Tile laying games

They require the strategic organization of tokens or other pieces to make patterns or create a path.

Skill games

They can be closely related to the action of stacking cards, building structures, moving pieces or hitting targets.

Cooperative games

More than having opponents, here it is about forming a team to win or solve a problem, let’s say to compete against the game itself and no longer between them. For this reason, they turn out to be an excellent option for family environments or for smaller players because it helps them to interact in a cooperative and friendly way.

Legacy games

They are changing games throughout the rounds that are developed in it, what makes it interesting is that new content and rules are revealed as they progress.

Creativity games

These are the typical ones with which you can have a good time laughing as a family because they challenge the skills of the players, mimicking, humming, drawing, acting, answering questions, in short, we are talking about rounds of an open-ended imaginative competition.

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