The 7 Best Toy Robots Your Kids Will Love


Mechatronics and the best toy robot come together to give you birthday the best present to yours kids. These fun and moving elements will fascinate the imagination and amazement of the little ones. More and more are robotic industrial products and areas. And the creation of these robotic toys is becoming more and more refined.

We have compiled a series of products Really affordable within all the market European to take you those who have a higher standard of quality and that will provide incredible user satisfaction. Keep reading and find out what it is about.

The Best Toy Robots

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Xtrem Bots - Robbie, Robot Juguete... Xtrem Bots – Robbie, Robot Juguete… No reviews
2 Xtrem Bots - Police Patrol, Robot ... Xtrem Bots – Police Patrol, Robot … No reviews
3 Vindany Smart RC Robot Toy ... Vindany Smart RC Robot Toy … No reviews
4 Xtrem Bots Robbie, robotics kids, ... Xtrem Bots Robbie, robotics kids, … No reviews
5 LEXIBOOK Robot Inteligente Powerman... LEXIBOOK Robot Inteligente Powerman… No reviews
6 5 in 1 Transformed Robot Toys ... 5 in 1 Transformed Robot Toys … No reviews
7 Xtrem Bots - Andy, Juguete Robot... Xtrem Bots – Andy, Juguete Robot… No reviews

What is the best toy robot?

It is one that has the ability to provide greater flexibility and configurations that will enhance healthy fun for your children.

From the time they grow up, they are born with the fantasy of seeing non-living objects in motion. Why not fulfill the fantasy of the most loved ones you have? At our comparative list you will find the most suitable option for you at prices really economic.

Here we present you the best toy robots:

1. Robot de juguete LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Building blocks and animation. Could you ask for something more?


LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot de...

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot de…


Lego is one of the most popular companies within children’s infancy. And this time they offer us a toy that is at the forefront of innovation in which your child can have a remote control included and even download a free application for their iPhone or android device.

It also has 3 servomotors interactive and an improved color sensor for more dynamism and fun. Its price is a marvel.

2. Robot electrónico Sphero BB-8 Star Wars R001ROW

Sit in a galaxy far away


Sphero R001ROW, Electronic Robot ...

Sphero R001ROW, Electronic Robot …


With the new version of Star Wars the children regained their love for this famous saga of intergalactic fights.

With this product made with a waterproof polycarbonate exterior, you can withstand the most epic battles and the most difficult places to walk.

With cellular applications you will be able to obtain holographic recordings. Quite a futuristic dream! In addition, its price is really worth it for all the included functionalities and the joy that your child will have.

3. Wonder Workshop DA01 – Robot educativo

A very aerodynamic model


Wonder Workshop-Da01 Robots Inteligentes...


1,526 Reviews

Wonder Workshop-Da01 Robots Inteligentes…


This product with a really cute aesthetic will allow the little ones to interact with their little doll. In addition, if you make a pack and buy two robots, you can allow them to interact in a fun and friendly way creating a show mechatronic in the eyes of your children.

It is controlled through the mobile through its application and even connecting it by Bluetooth. Its price is really accessible in the current market. Get it now.

4. Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends

For the little ones!


Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot

Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot


This magnificent product is a robot that includes more than 100 sound effects and also has phrases to amaze your children in a fun way. He’s a 2014 cousin winner.

Both arms of the robot are capable of rotating up to 90 degrees. It includes a control and four discs to be thrown. I assure you that your child will never forget this present made with great affection.

5. WowWee – Miposaur Megapack 0895

A robotic dinosaur


Wow Wee Robot Dinosaur with battery ...

Wow Wee Robot Dinosaur with battery …


That item includes a technology GestureSense which is a highly innovative engineering that allows the control of the toy through the movements of the hands.

In the same way, it is also capable of being managed through applications made for Apple and Android Software (both free). The little toy can play with a ball that is integrated. And do not panic, you will manage it by Bluetooth and not by data connection.

6. WowWee Robot MiP 825

All a wonder


Wow Wee- MIP Robot, Color Negro (WowWee...


1,005 Reviews

Wow Wee- MIP Robot, Color Negro (WowWee…


If adults are surprised, the most children will be fascinated by the combination that this item includes.

The doll has its own personality that will make it interact in a fun way with your child, in the same way it is important to note that it integrates two management functions, both directly from your mobile phone and also through gestures thanks to its high technology Vanguard. Its price is an irresistible offer to lose.

7. Zoomer Dino – Electronic Pet

Quality at a very low price


Do you want to get a model a little different from the rest just by paying a few euros? Well, here is the solution, for this children’s day that is approaching, this interactive product is capable of changing their eyes color depending on their mood.

Move its neck, tail and arms and in which your little one will feel astonished. Give him something interesting on his day.

Robots and children’s development:


Toy RobotRobotics has become impressively involved in highly industrialized societies.

In fact, many companies of the present such as those in the automotive and aerospace sectors rely on mechatronics for the development and streamlining of production processes, because they are capable of repeatedly performing operations without this meaning ending up in fatigue.

Unlike humans, who suffer from fatigue, concentration problems, focus and fatigue, robots are capable of being programmed to carry out these tasks and even reduce the risk of errors to almost zero. They also won’t get sick, complain, or make unexpected demands on the boss.

Thanks to the advancement of technology and the futuristic avant-garde, these products have also been adjusted to function as entertainment and fun for the youngest children. It should be noted that most of today’s toys include some degree of robotics in their manufacture.

Younger children can greatly benefit from robotics made into a toy. That is, a child who owns a model that plays music, turns on lights, and has sound effects may have improved sensory abilities.

Turning on lights along with catchy music or rhymes can help them expand their lexicon and develop their communication and language skills at the same time. It has also been shown that pressing different buttons on the doll can develop its sense of spatial intelligence. It also improves sensory areas, motor and visual coordination, and refines movement skills.

In addition, due to the manufacture in products such as Lego, it will allow to search for different forms of construction and develop analytical thinking that induces the search for new alternatives or problem solving.

This is because it allows kids to explore different ways that blocks or components can be put together to create something new. If you want to hone your little loved one’s critical thinking and logical activity, buying one of these products will hit the spot.

It will also improve your predictive activities, and the cause-effect relationship to anticipate actions that will not have a good development and thus avoid them. It also lays the foundation for developing and improving your use of the scientific process.

As you begin to understand the rotational motion of the parts of the object, you will also be introduced at the beginning of the hydraulics as the elements necessary for the movement of the different parts and the programming that allows these toys to act almost as if it were a life of their own. You will also get an idea of ​​the physiological functioning of the movement of the human arm.

It is a very healthy way to allow your children to be introduced to branches of science, and advanced cognitive thinking from an early age.

In our list we have compiled those that, together with a high standard of quality, will provide greater satisfaction and an enhancement of the human capacity of the baby to levels never seen before. On Christmas, these electronic toys can become the best here I’m childish, educational and enjoyable that your baby will receive.

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