The 5 Best Toy Doctor Briefcases


A colleague from work gave my daughter a set to play doctor for her birthday. A few days later, I noticed that all the pieces were peeling, broken, and strewn across the floor. Maybe they were not of good quality. So I decided to buy a better toy doctor’s bag, because I know how much she enjoys pretending to heal us all at home.

Something similar has surely happened to you, because many of these toys are of dubious manufacture and do not break for anything. In the end, the child is left with a lot of useless parts in his toy box. The idea would be that you have one that will last you a few years, with all the accessories you like, at an affordable price, of course.

If you are in the same position as me, I will tell you that I have given myself the task of making a comparative list with several options that are on the market, always preferring those of a good brand and that have a less expensive model, but beautiful and resistant. Do you want to know what they are?

The Best Toy Doctor Briefcases

# Preview Product Assessment
1 BelleStyle Joint Doctor, Doctor ... BelleStyle Joint Doctor, Doctor … No reviews
2 HERSITY Medical Briefcase Nurse ... HERSITY Medical Briefcase Nurse … No reviews
3 HERSITY Imitation Toys Briefcase ... HERSITY Imitation Toys Briefcase … No reviews
4 Theo Klein 4457 Doctor's bag, With ... Theo Klein 4457 Doctor’s bag, With … No reviews
5 deAO Doctor and Dentist Briefcase ... deAO Doctor and Dentist Briefcase … No reviews
6 TR Turn Raise Medical Toys, 38 ... TR Turn Raise Medical Toys, 38 … 839 Opinions
7 EFO SHM Medical Briefcase Wooden Toy ... EFO SHM Medical Briefcase Wooden Toy … No reviews

What is the best toy doctor’s bag?

First of all, the most important thing when choosing a role-play like this is to check what accessories it brings. Every child will want to listen to the hearts of their “patients,” so include a stethoscope. He will also want to check your ears and mouth, so an otoscope will be needed.

Maybe you need a medicine, so a bottle or a syringe will not hurt for a more effective treatment. The thermometer is vital for taking the temperature. They are the essential instruments. If you bring more than those, it is a plus for your choice.

It will be great if you find a model with your favorite cartoon character, although depending on the brand, it will not necessarily be the most durable.

The advantage of these pretend games is that they are educational and make children feel creative and explore different situations with their imaginations. This tends to happen with most board games, if they are properly selected by age.

Bearing this in mind, I already share my list with the 5 best toy doctor’s briefcases that in my opinion, any kid, boy or girl, can like.

Here we present you the best toy doctor briefcases:

1. Toy doctor’s bag 6113 Isabel Small Foot Design

Made of wood


Small Foot Design 6113 Isabel - Maletín...

Small Foot Design 6113 Isabel – Maletín…


This model is ideal for children who know the work of a doctor very well. She brings many accessories, including a clinical thermometer, stethoscope, pills, a notepad, tape, tubes of ointment, and even a nurse’s cap.

It is made of solid wood and comes in very pretty pastel colors with strawberry motifs. Although use is allowed for children 3 years and older, the recommendation is for children 5 years or older. It is well finished and resistant, so it will be durable just as you would be looking for.

2. Doctors game (70,123)

With an emergency locator


Unknown Doctors Game (70,123)

Unknown Doctors Game (70,123)


It’s a great toy with cool accessories, really. It is perfect for kids to pretend they are busy doctors or nurses with patients in emergencies. In addition, it helps them identify more with their pediatricians so that the fear of check-ups is reduced.

The kit includes a stethoscope with sounds, a blood pressure monitor, thermometer, syringes, tweezers, scissors and even a beeper or pager to notify the doctor that there is an emergency to attend to in the hospital.

The case is beautiful, made of resistant plastic and with a transparent front to better locate each medical instrument. Its use is recommended for children 36 months and older.

3. Barbie Theo Klein 4688 doctor’s bag

Glamorous and educational


If you want a cool briefcase for girls, this is an ideal model for them. Licensed Barbie, it has typical Malibu doll colors, white and fuchsia. Its design is very feminine, made of resistant plastic and its lid is transparent to see everything that is inside more easily.

It is comfortable to wear and is recommended for children over 3 years old. Of course, she brings various medical instruments for the girls to play examining and treating their patients. For example, stethoscope, thermometer, reflex hammer, clamp, syringe, otoscope, medicine bottle, and perhaps most importantly, the doctor’s name badge.

These types of toys are great to complement with an appropriate outfit like the Theo Klein Doctor’s Gown (4614) for a total doctor look for added fun.

4. Docteur La Peluche toy doctor’s briefcase

Like cartoon character


Doctor Toys - Doctor's briefcase, ...

Doctor Toys – Doctor’s briefcase, …


Any girl can become the famous Disney Doctor Toys with this cute kit. If you have fans of this cartoon show at home, it would be a perfect gift for Christmas.

It is a very cute and feminine briefcase with heart and glitter stickers that evoke the cute cartoon character. Some accessories such as the stethoscope are battery operated, 3 specifically LR44 button that are included with the purchase.

Also bring a blood pressure monitor, an otoscope, a thermometer, tape and a syringe to heal not only toys but human patients as well.

5. Medical bag 4335 Theo Klein

Imported from germany


Theo Klein-4335 Medical bag, ...

Theo Klein-4335 Medical bag, …


A true ER doctor’s bag should be a zippered cloth bag, right? Well this is so. It comes in a beautiful and striking red color, with the symbol of medicine and the first aid cross, to help every patient who is pachucho.

It includes 8 medical instruments: the stethoscope, tweezers, scissors, syringes, thermometer, ophthalmoscope, reflex hammer and also brings gauze and cotton to heal wounds. It is ideal for all children to combat their fears of medical consultations.

The minimum age for use is 3 years old.

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