The 5 Best Tank Models For Your Miniature Military Vehicles Collection


The best tank models or kits for assembling military vehicles have always aroused interest among historians, modeling artists, specialists in the subject or curious people, who see in the game the possibility of being inspired to reproduce in small size the most recognized instruments of war that have been used throughout world history.

Currently, this hobby is for both children and adults and has recently taken a certain boom, since in addition to being entertaining it is also educational, so according to many it is a valuable purchase and is applied to different purposes.

If you are looking for your next model to assemble your battle tank, you have come to the right place where we inquire about the most recent models with their outstanding characteristics, so keep reading our list where you will surely find the appropriate one according to your requirement.


The Best Tank Models

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Revell-75 Years Tiger And Tank Model ... Revell-75 Years Tiger And Tank Model … No reviews
2 Revell - H Tank PzKpfw Vi Ausf H Tiger... Revell – H Tank PzKpfw Vi Ausf H Tiger… No reviews
3 Zvezda 3675 500783675-1: 35 - Maqueta de ... Zvezda 3675 500783675-1: 35 – Maqueta de … No reviews
4 Tamiya - 1:35 Scale Model Tank ... Tamiya – 1:35 Scale Model Tank … No reviews
5 Italeri 1:35 US M-7 Priest Howitzer... Italeri 1:35 US M-7 Priest Howitzer… No reviews
6 Tamiya WWII Deutsche Panzerkampfwagen IV... Tamiya WWII Deutsche Panzerkampfwagen IV… No reviews
7 Tamiya - 1:35 Scale Model Tank ... Tamiya – 1:35 Scale Model Tank … No reviews

What is the best tank model?

If you have wondered what would be the best brand to buy a good tank modeling kit, to give you an answer, we made comparisons between the most popular ones, where the specifications that most look for in sets of this style were highlighted, whether they are resistant pieces with good finish, high level of detail and also has a variable level of complexity depending on the person who is going to use it.

In addition to the above, other advantages were considered, such as customization possibilities, adaptability of parts from other kits and that together with a good quality it has an affordable price.

Responding to most of the needs, we gathered five prospects that have become among the most recommended of today, which is why they could be the right choice for you.

Here are  the best tank models:

1. Trumpeter 1:35 scale model tank (311)

Best for ages 14 and up


Trumpeter - Scale Model Tank ...

Trumpeter – Scale Model Tank …


1:35 scale model with parts made of plastic and recognized for its good value for money.

The accuracy of the small replica will surprise you, apart from it has joints and finishes that allow a good assembly, with a simple assembly process thanks to its detailed graphic manual.

Measuring 19.9 x 9.6 x 10.1 cm, it will either function as a toy or look perfect in a display as a demonstration item.

2. GizmoneVine RC – Tank model

The most advanced kit


GizmoVine RC Remote Control Tank 1/28 ...

GizmoVine RC Remote Control Tank 1/28 …


The great advantage of the motorized part is that it has radio control , which improves the experience of the little ones when handling it.

The remote control set includes two base tanks with antennas , one German and one American, along with the respective remote controls. The vehicles move in the direction you want, it also has several attack modes, including discharges through the barrel or rotating shots.

It also has sound, lighting and a powerful long-lasting battery which is charged via USB. It is a complete kit with a not so cheap price, but that your child will love.

3. Tamiya – 1:35 scale tank model (T2M 35252)

Best for dioramas



Tamiya - 1:35 Scale Model Tank ...

Tamiya – 1:35 Scale Model Tank …


The 1:35 scale model is 210.5mm long and is a faithfully produced representation of the King Tiger with Henschel turret, which also includes human figures plus a military motorcycle that makes it perfect for scale models.

The best thing about the model is that you can give it your personal touch when painting it, however the brand offers prototypes for the little ones that already come with paint and are easier to assemble.

Likewise, the realism and details make the specimen superior and although it has an economical price, the factory cares about maintaining good quality.

4. Tamiya T34/76[/easyazon_link]

Entertaining for young and old


Tamiya - 1:35 Scale Model Tank ...

Tamiya – 1:35 Scale Model Tank …


The classic brand offers another proposal for a Russian tank from 1943 which also incorporates two soldiers.

The piece is manufactured by Germans and although it has a low price, it maintains a good finish and a more than acceptable level of detail, in addition to the fact that each part is assembled to perfection, which is a feature valued for giving solidity to the specimen when it is Ready.

One particularity of the proposal is that it is small, however it is still well referenced by those who already have it or by those related to these works.

5. Tamiya (TPK 35065)

Best for beginners


Tamiya - 1:35 Scale Model Tank ...


915 Opinions

Tamiya – 1:35 Scale Model Tank …


If you have aroused interest in this type of game and want to enter with a classic and easy-to-assemble piece , this is the one for you.

It is among the least expensive, however it is a good sample made with plastic and a mold that does justice to the powerful combat weapon; Besides, it includes human figures that add realism to the model.

It is recommended for children over 14 years old and like all Tamiya classics, you can adapt it to your style by painting it or complementing it with other pieces from the same line.


Considerations before buying a tank mockup


Tank Model

For many it is a determining factor when choosing a product; buyers choose a certain material in particular, or perhaps if they start their collection of mockups they are looking to have them of all types.

Among the most common manufacturing elements are:

  • The metal

Cast metal parts make models more detailed. They also withstand extreme conditions and are characterized by being heavier and more stable.

  • Plastic

It is the most popular material, also the designs tend to be basic and without much definition; however, it is widely used by beginners.

  • Resin

It is a bit tricky to work with as the manufacturing process may require trimming or stripping. It is also heavy, but is still a favorite with small businesses by lowering production costs.

Attributes of the tank mockup

Depending on the final product you are looking for, it will be key depending on the attributes.

There are surfaces where paint is applied and absorbed faster than others, so if your intention is to assign a color or make a custom design, you should take this into account.

The weight for its part is also important for some, and as we mentioned before, the metal and resin are more robust; and because of this they are common elements for the models that will remain as decorative objects.

Model age  

Age is grouped into four ranges: 8+, 8-12, 12-16, 16+; although some companies, instead of using years, express it in months and others may not even give the information.

Scale model of the tank

Almost all kits have specific measurements at a ratio scale of what it would be in a real tank. The numerical expression is expressed for example 1/16, 1/35, 1/48, 1/72, these being the most popular, but for those who are not familiar with expressions like this, the manufacturer will be able to provide the exact dimensions in case of that you need them because you have a limited amount of space or if you want a certain specific size.

Construction difficulty

Certain models are complex to assemble, while others are not partially assembled. How high the difficulty is depends on several factors, be it the number of parts in the kit or the type of coupling between the parts. However, the manufacturers are responsible for specifying on the box if the set is considered difficult.

Part types

Just as the level of complexity determines the shape and size of the part, these are also manufactured according to an established standard; which means that brands, in addition to differentiating themselves according to their parameters, also comply with guidelines that are adapted for the manufacture of historical replicas.

  • Zero

This does not involve the use of kits, so the user will assemble the part freehand and with additional sparse parts, which are often difficult to find, but the variety allows for interesting combinations.

  • Conversion

They offer a base skeleton, and from this the builders add particular segments to adapt the model to their liking.

  • Kitbashing

The assembling technique is based on putting together different pieces from various kits, resulting in a unique model, which is an eye-catching idea for model tank enthusiasts.

Depending on your level of hobby, you may want to make additional purchases. On the other hand, there are models that are a bit restrictive, however with the most common you have the possibility of expanding the use of parts or variations of kits.

Considering the above, experts recommend starting with the manufacturer’s basic games, so little by little they will improve their skills until they master more advanced construction models such as those mentioned above.

Age and condition

Tank mockups have become popular nowadays. Previously, it was a market of interest only to collectors, who when acquiring samples took into account the age and condition of the piece, which used to determine its durability.

According to experts, when the kit has metal, the unit undergoes corrosion and if it is made of wood it could warp over time, although this all depends on the storage and care that is given to it.


Top 10 tank models

Assiduous followers of military vehicles and their different models have been given the task of listing those that, based on strict criteria, are easy-to-mold models with a special design that arouses interest from those just starting to the most advanced on the subject:

1- Tanque Challenger

It is a famous tank that served in the Gulf War and that in turn, as a small representation, is one of the most valuable in the market.

The frame comes in 1:35 scale with realistic fragments incorporating Chobham armor which gives it a high definition look. Likewise, the kit is easy to build and is a good proposal to get into the hobby of parts.

2- Leopard Tank

It has a pistol barrel, tow rope and machine gun carriage, all molded with a perfect finish and respecting even the smallest detail with flexible plastic parts.

3- Tanque Tiger

It was designed in 1:16 scale and represents an elite battle prospect which many consider to be their favorite. The sample comes fully assembled and ready to use.

4- M1 Abrams

In the 80s it was considered the best tank in history, and unlike other similar ones, this one had technological specifications that modified the ways of fighting that were known until now.

5- T-90

It is a Russian combat tank from 1989. Today it is one of the best sellers and has precision characteristics that attract regulars.

6- T-34

It is a defense model with the size larger than any other mobile army unit. It was engineered with luxurious functions, however they did not always respond to emerge victorious from wars.

Its manufacture includes perceptible and distinguishable details among the most expert, and it is also one of the most reproduced for sale.

7- Merkava

It measures 28mm and was made in 1:35 scale. It was the main war unit used by the defense of the Israeli forces. Although it is a good replica for its exact mold, it is simple to build and popular with apprentices.

8- Panzer VIII Maus

It is a specimen of the largest tank in history which weighed two million pounds. It was reproduced at 1:35 and its appearance is quite faithful to the real one.

9- La M4 Sherman

It is simple to assemble with an exact model of the popular war vehicle used in World War II . Likewise, assembling it is not complicated and it is recognized for its good quality.

10- Charge ON

It is a scaled copy of an original tank from India. In this case, the miniature is made of a steel-based alloy, measures 167mm long, with a careful finish and perceptible details that make it a courageous specimen.

This count was quick, however it gathered the most requested models thanks to its competitive characteristics mixed with some history of the interesting world of war tanks; On the other hand, the aforementioned leaflets delve into the most select collections in terms of military vehicles and are a reference for fans of the subject, from those just starting out to the most knowledgeable.


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