The 5 Best Nerf Darts for Butt Loading and Precision Shooting


If you are part of the list of “Nerf Warriors” armed with pistols, rifles and / or ballesta To spend a long time exchanging shots, it’s time to think about strengthening your arsenal with the best Nerf darts.

And the above, since obviously you do not want to run out of ammunition, much less that the weapon jams you in the middle of a war, as it happened to me a few weeks ago, being -literally- riddled with my opponents. What a disgrace!

Of course, before jumping into the action of buying Nerf darts, I tell you that you should be attentive to factors that go beyond whether it is the cheapest or the least expensive of the most expensive.

The Best Nerf Darts

# Preview Product Assessment
1 StillCool N-Strike Bala 200pcs 7.2cm ... StillCool N-Strike Bala 200pcs 7.2cm … No reviews
2 Replacement Pack of 20 Nerf Elite Darts ... Replacement Pack of 20 Nerf Elite Darts … No reviews
3 Nerf Elite 2.0 50 Dardos Nerf Elite 2.0 50 Dardos No reviews
4 Nerf Elite 30 Dardos, Hasbro A0351EU6 Nerf Elite 30 Dardos, Hasbro A0351EU6 No reviews
5 Nerf Pack of 20 darts for pitchers ... Nerf Pack of 20 darts for pitchers … No reviews
6 Nerf - Elite 12 Dardos (Hasbro A0350EU6) Nerf – Elite 12 Dardos (Hasbro A0350EU6) No reviews
7 DEWEL Nerf Bullets 100 Pieces Nerf Darts ... DEWEL Nerf Bullets 100 Pieces Nerf Darts … No reviews

What are the best Nerf Darts?

Definitely, this question is answered by referring to certain aspects: design, security and compatibility.

And the best darts have a design that certifies resistance and ability to reach the highest speeds; just like the darts that have a perforation in the tip that helps to circulate the air better.

Refering to security, the best darts do not pose any risk to users; and more, when it comes to children.

And about the compatibility, the best Nerf ammunition guarantees that there are no jammed dart trances, much less damaging the weapon.

Sample of all this you will be able to notice below, in the comparative of the five best Nerf darts.

Here we present you the best Nef darts:

1. 2 chargers for Nerf Modulus fast Yosoo

Comes with 60 darts for Nerf N-Strike Elite


Yosoo 2Pcs Chargers Plate for Nerf ...


339 Opinions

Yosoo 2Pcs Chargers Plate for Nerf …


Great option for children that allows them to never run out Elite ammo in your Nerf pistol, since in a magazine (with measurements of 20.9 x 8.1 x 2.1 cm) you can attach up to 12 darts at a time (7.2 x 1.3 cm), which – judging by the opinions of other users- they do not disappoint in quality or operability.

2. 200 Hiveseen fluorescent and colored Nerf darts

Compatible with most Nerf guns


Developed in EVA foam, these replacement darts They measure 7.2 x 1.2 cm and come in an attractive pack of 9 different colors (green, purple, orange, dark blue, yellow, black, red, light blue and light green), including a set of white darts that They glow in the dark.

3. 200 dardos Nerf azul oscuro StillCool

They are compatible with the Nerf N-strike Elite series



StillCool N-Strike Bala 200pcs 7.2cm ...

StillCool N-Strike Bala 200pcs 7.2cm …


Measuring 7.2 x 1.2 cm, these firearm darts toy Nerf is presented as a promising option for those who want to shoot darts for a long time. They have a smooth and safe tip, although it is recommended never to shoot directly into the opponent’s face.

4. 30 Original Nerf Darts A0351EU4 Hasbro

In the pack come 20 Nerf Elite darts and 10 Nerf Elite Deco darts


Nerf Ner Elite Pack, 30 Dardos (Hasbro...

Nerf Ner Elite Pack, 30 Dardos (Hasbro…


This is a great option for the most enthusiastic warriors, since in addition to the fact that these replacement darts are compatible with any pistol in the N-Strike Elite series, they could reach up to 22 meters away.

5. 120 Nerf darts for kids Middletone

The bullets come in blue and fit on the Nerf N-strike Elite series


Developed in soft foam and endowed with soft tipThese replacement darts (7.2 x 1.2 cm) are the icing on the cake for the little ones – over 3 years old – to spend a long time hitting the bank with any of their N-Strike weapons, among others.


Keys to how Nerf created more accurate darts

Before getting into the subject, it is worth recognizing that when thinking of a toy gun The image of one of the Nerf brand models arrives immediately. And it is not for less, since the North American -now owned by Hasbro- has stood out in offering good quality and variety in its products.

Proof of this, are specifically the protagonists of this installment: the darts of foam of Nerf that come in a wide range that compiles darts fluorescent and suction, as well as whistling darts, without leaving out the darts to fast charge and away.

In addition to this scenario, the leader has opted to continue expanding and perfecting its offer with the Accustrike line that incorporates a quartet of more precise darts, but always maintaining the figure of mere recreational use.

But how has Nerf managed to create darts like this? Well, based on user demand and betting on a redesign from top to bottom.

And it is that in view of the fact that the most important factors to consider in a accurate dart are the air flow and weight distribution, nothing more for the tip of the dart those responsible for the project considered more than 10 models, including 3D castings.

All this, without forgetting the respective concept and testing processes, both with computerized simulation and in windy conditions.

Pitched War: Official Nerf Darts vs. Unofficial Darts Which Win?

Not even the Nerf darts have been saved from the copies; and although they seem like a very attractive option, in the end they represent a disappointing user experience, shown -for example- in a Nerf gun jammed and even threats to the integrity of the weapon; both nefarious during a Nerf War, right?

And it is that unofficial Nerf darts decompose faster, leading to failure in Nerf weapons; This, since such weapons use the cocking mechanism to store some compressed air, and if it cannot release the air properly, the weapons wear out, no longer operating. shoot away or even nothing, in the worst cases.

Before all this, then, if you have a nerf gun officer, the most darts recommended They are the officers.

Imagine that instead of dardos Nerf Mega that emit sounds in the air, you use counterfeit darts that in addition to being soundless you could shoot just a couple of times. How sad!

These are the 3 types of Nerf darts

To date, 3 main types of Nerf darts are available on the market: Traditional, Mega and High Impact Rounds.

Traditional Nerf Darts

This type is made up of the smallest darts, safer and with a greater variety of Nerf designs, such as, dardos Nerf Elite for the Nerf Elite series, as well as the great ones for the Nerf Modulus and Nerf Zombie series.

Dardos Nerf Mega

This is the darts for the Nerf Mega series. They are characterized by being bigger and because they also emit a hiss when flying through the air.

Nerf High Impact Rounds

They are specific for the Nerf Rival series and those recommended for those over 14 years of age, as they are the nerf ammunition harder and come in the form of small foam balls.

Due to their qualities, they can be fired faster than traditional and Mega darts; however, given their shape, they don’t tackle much distance and the chances of getting lost are high because, in addition to their size, they bounce a lot.

These are the best Nerf darts

Although it may not seem like it, determining which are the best Nerf darts can be difficult, as the different types have been developed both to ensure a great user experience and to avoid injury.

However, one of the infallible keys to highlighting some Nerf darts from others is that they are indeed the ones that are compatible with your weapon so that you can enjoy all the advantages they offer, including the higher speeds.

As in the case of the fleeting darts and compatible with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator and Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage weapons; or the subtly bigger, hissier and compatible with the N-Strike Mega Series.

This the type of Nerf dart compatible with most guns

Definitely, the Nerf Elite Dart –also known as Micro Dart- is the one that even enthusiasts have determined not only that it is the most compatible, but also tends to be the most affordable among its peers.

The 2 factors you should consider before buying a Nerf dart blaster

Even if your inner self cries out to you to buy a specific launcher model, do not skimp on time to consider the ammunition it uses and its compatibility with accessories.


Since a Nerf pistol or rifle comes from the factory with very few darts, before purchasing any model that you have fallen in love with to face Nerf Wars, make sure that the device is compatible with various darts.

This will give you a plus, not only when going for more cartridges, but also executing refills emergency darts that you find on the ground during a pitched battle.

Even, consider that the weapon has an automatic mechanism of greater capacity and that the design ensures precision when shoot darts.

The accessories

Besides of pitcher and darts, surely you will be excited to complete the armory with accessories to stand out in the plays, such as the official Nerf Modulus range that includes from folding bipods, going through sights and grips, among many others.

Faced with this scenario, it is enough that you are sure that your pistol or rifle is compatible with the additions that you visualize using at any given moment.

And on the other hand, there are cosmetic accessories and of protection -designed to the user itself- such as, shoulder bags and vests to transport ammunition, and even safety masks.


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