The 5 Best My Little Pony Toys to Amuse and Please the Little Ones of the House


If you want to make “the magic of friendship” come true, it’s time for you to give this Christmas one of the best My Little Pony toys, which have made the little ones in the house fall in love.

Remember that the series is produced by Hasbro Studios and has been on the small screen for seven years. Various brands, but especially this franchise, have designed extraordinary options that will allow girls not only to play, but to imagine, create and trace the entertaining episodes.

There are options for all ages and that is why it is time for you to review this entertaining comparison that brings together the best. We include suggestions for collectors, who have been caught up with each character in this magical animated story. Twilight, Sparkle, Spike, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and more, are the favorites that can go home so that the illusion does not stop.

The Best Toys My Little Pony

# Preview Product Assessment
1 My Little Pony Sing N Skate Sunny My Little Pony Sing N Skate Sunny No reviews
2 My Little Pony: A New Generation - Sunny... My Little Pony: A New Generation – Sunny… No reviews
3 My Little Pony: A New Generation - Sunny... My Little Pony: A New Generation – Sunny… No reviews
4 My Little Pony: A New Generation -... My Little Pony: A New Generation -… No reviews
5 My Little Pony - Unicornio Princesa... My Little Pony – Unicornio Princesa… No reviews
6 Ravensburger Puzzle, My Little Pony,... Ravensburger Puzzle, My Little Pony,… No reviews
7 Ravensburger Puzzle, My Little Pony, 2... Ravensburger Puzzle, My Little Pony, 2… No reviews

Here we present you The best My Little Pony toys:

1. Castillo de Canterlot My Little Pony Hasbro

With the magic of the kingdom of Equestria


My Little Pony - Castillo de Canterlot...

My Little Pony – Castillo de Canterlot…


Your little girl’s dreams will come true as you bring home the majestic Canterlot Castle with Celestia and Spike. As in the animated series, it brings three floors and an elevator in the shape of a throne so that you can recreate the scenes of your greatest liking.

Includes more than 40 accessories to increase creativity and fun. It is perfect for more than two girls to play and share. It closes without difficulty.

2. Casa de princesa Cadence My Little Pony Hasbro

A dream come true


My Little Pony - Princess House ...

My Little Pony – Princess House …


Like in a dreamed fairy tale, this charming princess house expands into three beautiful settings where your little girl can take Rarity to choose a cute outfit in her closet, sleep in her room or enjoy a pleasant time at the spa.

Includes more than 20 accessories to let your imagination and creativity run wild. It is easy to fold, its hinges are secure and it is transportable anywhere.

3. Figura Pinkie Pie y su scooter My Little Pony Hasbro

Automated fun on wheels


My Little Pony Figura con Moto...

My Little Pony Figura con Moto…


It is time to take Pinkie Pie for a walk, who is always on the move and therefore comes on a motorcycle with a remote control. Girls can have the most fun taking her on long drives around PonyVille. He has speed and can make forward, backward movements and amazing turns.

The butterfly-shaped radio control is very easy to use. With the long hair of the Pony you can make various and wonderful hairstyles. Bring sounds.

4. Twilight Sparkle Buddy My Little Pony de Ty

Soft stuffed animal to sleep on


My Little Pony - Juguete , color/modelo...

My Little Pony – Juguete , color/modelo…


It is perfect to give to the little ones because it is made of a soft plush fabric with beautiful highlighting colors. Bring a tail made of good quality material so that when combing it does not come off or tangle. You can buy it to place it in the crib or decorate the room. Its size is medium and very light. It is highly sought after by its fans who selected this brand to collect all the characters.

5. Play-Doh Rainbow Dash Style Salon Hasbro

To design and enjoy


Play Doh - Rainbow Dash Style Salon...

Play Doh – Rainbow Dash Style Salon…


Imagine and create are the main functions of this option for little My Little Pony fans. The renowned brand positioned in the market for its incredible toys, has created a set in which girls can decorate and style their favorite doll. They will also have the opportunity to make great accessories with the 5 plasticine jars of different colors that it includes. Rainbow Dash will be ready to be adorned countless times.


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