The 5 Best Electric Quads For Kids That Will Stimulate Their Motor Skills


Samu is already four years old and since he was a child he likes speed, we bought him the best electric quad for children that we found in the offer, but Andre his little sister, just two, has also fallen in love with the thing.

Come on, although Samuel almost always behaves like a little gentleman, the truth is that he has not been very amused having to ride his little sister, besides that it does not seem safe to us, so we do not leave him much.

With this novelty, we have had a little fuss at home every time she decides to go out to play with her quad, we have thought about finding another one for a girl that is more in line with her age and that helps her stimulate her motor skills, so that each one has yours.

We know that, sooner rather than later, Andre will get bored so we have thought of a model for her less expensive.

The Best Electric Quads For Kids

# Preview Product Assessment
1 FEBER - Quad Racy 6 V (Famosa 800011252) FEBER – Quad Racy 6 V (Famosa 800011252) 1,857 Reviews
2 HOMCOM Electric Quad for Children +3 ... HOMCOM Electric Quad for Children +3 … No reviews
3 HOMCOM Quad Electric Child Car ... HOMCOM Quad Electric Child Car … No reviews
4 INJUSA – Quad Kawasaki ATV de 12V... INJUSA – Quad Kawasaki ATV de 12V… No reviews
5 HOMCOM Kids Electric Quad 18-36 ... HOMCOM Kids Electric Quad 18-36 … No reviews
6 INJUSA – Quad Honda ATV de 12V... INJUSA – Quad Honda ATV de 12V… No reviews
7 FEBER- Quad Boxer, Electric Vehicle ... FEBER- Quad Boxer, Electric Vehicle … No reviews

What is the best electric quad for children?

There are things you should make sure of before to buy an ATV for your boys. For example, if it will be an initiation model or a more permanent one.

To start, if your boy is very small, maybe one of the remote control, some models in the offer are at a good price, you must make sure to find one affordableFrom the outset, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money.

Something stable is essential whatever your age, it is worth looking at the models with reinforced rear axle that will give you security and tranquility.

However, if your boy intends to continue in this world, then it is necessary that you forget about the second-hand things that rarely have pieces of replacement and make sure of a good model to which they can be found spare parts.

To choose wisely, a list comparative, like this one, can always be a good solution:

Here we present you the best electric quad bikes for kids:

1. Cuatrimoto Kawasaki 660055 Injusa

Adult monitoring is recommended


INJUSA – Quad Kawasaki ATV de 12V...

INJUSA – Quad Kawasaki ATV de 12V…


With modern and realistic design, a charger of batteries 12V, this quad childish from Mark Injusa is stable and with maximum speed 4 to 5 km suitable for the game of little ones of the house.

It is a toy that will make you enjoy a lot, both you and your children because it is an activity that requires the vigilance of an adult, reinforces the father and son bonds but gives autonomy and independence to the child.

2. Quad Cars Rayo McQueen Feber

For children over three years


Inspired by Disney’s Cars movie, the manufacturer Feber has brought out the market This quad model ideal for the little ones at home and especially suitable for children from three to five years of age.

To drive a vehicle It has never been easier for a youngster than with this ATV that is simple to operate, safe and stable. It works with 6V battery and includes it together with the charger. It does not work for tracks, it is for domestic use.

3. ATV Wings Paw Patrol

Waterproof and permanent decoration


INJUSA - Quad Wings Paw Patrol 6V Color...

INJUSA – Quad Wings Paw Patrol 6V Color…


Equipped with foot throttle and automatic brake, It is mini quad travels at a speed of 2.5 km/h and it’s an article recommended for boys from one year up to three.

Like all electric toys, this little ATV requires the vigilance of an adult when your child is using it, but it is the perfect toy to stimulate their skills and teach them to combat the fear of the unknown

It is a high quality, durable appliance with waterproof decoration.

4. Quad electric children’s motorcycle from Homcom

Stable and safe driving experience



HOMCOM Quad Battery 6V Electric Moto...

HOMCOM Quad Battery 6V Electric Moto…


Made of resistant polypropylene and good quality, is child electric motorcycle It is designed especially for boys from 18 months onwards.

It is capable of supporting up to 20 kilograms of weight and is safe, modern and ergonomic for the kids.

It works with a start button and you can stop or give march forward by pressing a button located on the steering wheel. It has huge wheels, very stable and safe and, for its size and dimensions, it turns out to be quite a device. powerful.

5. Famosa Dodger Quad Electric Vehicle

Long lasting battery


FEBER - Quad Dodger 6 V, product ...

FEBER – Quad Dodger 6 V, product …


Get out outdoor with your boy is a great plan if you take this ATV from Famosa, responsible for the creation of electric bikes and other cars specially designed to entertain kids safely.

Comes with charger, has pedal electric throttle control, it can support a weight of up to 50 kilograms, it is quite strong and resistant, made of high quality materials and is suitable for children of various ages, from 12 months.

What you should know about quads

Before taking a quad home you should know that

This is a vehicle like few others that you must teach your boy to drive responsibly. If you want to buy the right thing here we leave you a series of considerations to take into account:

Vehicle types

Perhaps the first impression you have about an ATV is that it is a dangerous instrument for your boys, but if you look further, you will notice much more than that and if you think about it carefully it is not that they are more dangerous than a bicycle, some skates or a scooter. The important thing here is to get them that are the right size, structure and seat for the safety and stability of your boy, because their safety when buying one must come first for you.

Some lessons to be learned

Beyond fun, having a child have a quad can be very valuable, it will teach them motor skills, responsibility, body control, driving, stopping, reflexes, autonomy and even the consequences of acts if the appropriate safety measures are not taken . A quad can be fun for you, but it will also teach you independence and a lot of self-reliance.


As for ATVs, you will find a wide variety in the market, some of them have accessories and specifications that make them suitable or not for your boy according to his age and abilities. There are different ones in terms of their structure, accessories or the style of energy they use to propel themselves, here the important thing is to take into account all the details below and know how to select what is best for you.


So that you do not get upset, you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s specifications in terms of size, dimensions and the weight it supports, it is preferable that you be sure because some models can be misleading.


In the style you will only find two options, those that are gasoline and electric, the first are common in older children, adolescents and adults, after the age of 14 a gasoline model is common, the electric ones are for the training of the more guys.


Speed ​​is important, but safety more and you must not forget it. A good machine will be only as fast as your boy can master it. For the little ones, the electric ones, of moderate speed, are the best option. When it is older, over 12 years old, you may consider one with an electric motor of 1000v traveling at 45 kilometers per hour.

Safety features

This detail should always be present, when thinking of one for your boy you should think not only about safety, but also about comfort: power locking brakes, high-speed locks, tread tires, padded handlebars and driving lights. night are some of the details that you should not overlook.

You need to consider the age of the child

Depending on the size, structure and seat, the ATVs will be suitable for the age of your boy or princess. Some are designed for boys 12 months and older, others from three years and others from 5 to 10. You should also verify the weight it supports so that you are totally sure that it is an appropriate equipment.

Types of Battery Powered Quads

There are several types of battery, the most popular are 6V, 12V, 24 and up to 36 volts, the latter are suitable for children 8 years and up, these quads often imitate adult models. Some are for tracks, some are for asphalt, and some are for being outdoors. Battery-powered models include tons of indications: manual front and rear disc brakes, front and rear suspensions, and battery level indicators.

Safety Considerations for Using Battery Powered Quads

Usually these ATVs are considered safe, however, before deciding on a battery model you should take the issue of safety into account. A model with a belt can give you some peace of mind and stability for the child, but if the child is heavier than the recommended maximum that the device can carry, the best thing is that you move from the idea of ​​a belt as something safe. If the children are very young, a remote control model may be safer.


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