The 5 Best Controllers For PC With Which You Can Become The Best Gamer In The Community


Over the years I have discovered my passion in videogames. Since my first computers everything has changed, before it was uncomfortable to play with combinations of mouse and keyboard, and there are still very precise today, that finally changed.

With tablets not much progress was made either, the touch D – Pad was difficult to maneuver on some devices.

But now we gamers operate from our video game console and computer, with something easier to manipulate: a controller inspired by the well-known DualShock that has saved us a lot of lost games.

The first one I had was not exactly an amusement park, I was lagging the game a lot, it was not fast at all and the cable was very short, I had to play literally glued to the screen.

The ergonomics also left a lot to be desired, after hours of play I ended up with numb hands. That is why I have decided to buy the best controller for PC.

The Best Controllers For PC

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Gezimetie Xbox 360 Mando de Gamepad, USB ... Gezimetie Xbox 360 Mando de Gamepad, USB … No reviews
2 Mando Gaming Gamepad Rii GP500 con cable... Mando Gaming Gamepad Rii GP500 con cable… No reviews
3 Krom KHENSU -NXKROMKHNS- Gamepad, ... Krom KHENSU -NXKROMKHNS- Gamepad, … No reviews
4 Zexrow Controller for PS4, Controller ... Zexrow Controller for PS4, Controller … No reviews
5 DDiswoee Xbox 360 Gamepad Command,... DDiswoee Xbox 360 Gamepad Command,… No reviews
6 PowerA - Enhanced wired remote control for ... PowerA – Enhanced wired remote control for … No reviews
7 Controller for PC, [Regalos Navidad] EasySMX... Controller for PC, [Regalos Navidad] EasySMX… No reviews

What is the best controller for PC?

If you are already determined to find a good remote for your computer, you should look at a series of details that will make your device the most comfortable and appropriate.

The first thing is to look at the price, the least expensive model, it can be a solution, but no matter how bargain it is, what you should look at first is the quality.

If it is practically a gift and it suits you, then go ahead! But don’t just buy cheap because you will spend more in the long run.

Among other details that you should consider when choosing is, for example, if it has a cable or is it wireless. Some models have a USB connection, others work with WiFi and others with various wireless connector systems.

Compatibility is essential, you must make sure that the remote goes with the operating system of your PC. A comparison will help you in this regard. Some are compatible with smartphones, others with tablets, some with Mac, Windows and Android.

Vibration functions, programmable buttons and dual analog controls are other qualities that you should review in detail because they will make your game faster, more complete and dynamic.

To help you select, we have made this short list where you may find just the command you are looking for.

Here we present you the best controllers for PC:

1. Mando gaming Razer Sabertooth Xbox 360 Gamepad

With six extra buttons


Razer Sabertooth Xbox 360 Gamepad -...

Razer Sabertooth Xbox 360 Gamepad -…


Designed specifically to meet the needs of the average gamer, the manufacturer Razer has launched this new version of a high-performance and fast-touch controller that will give you great advantages when playing games.

It is a very ergonomic, non-slip rubber coated controller, specifically designed for tournaments and competitions, whose layout and characteristics coincide with the desire of every player: to win every time.

It comes with an Oled screen with which you can customize the command functions in a simple and easy way, programming multifunction buttons and adjust the sensitivity of the analog stick, programming up to three different profiles.

It is lightweight, weighing less than 300 grams so you can easily hold it. Has backlit buttons, a headphone jack, and braided fiber cables

It is used both for computers and for video games that come in a console, it is an efficient device, high performance and a very good response capacity.

2. Nvidia Shield Wireless Game Controller

Fast and advanced


NVIDIA Shield - Gamepad ...

NVIDIA Shield – Gamepad …


If you are looking for a controller that is always one step ahead and satisfies each and every one of your needs as a player, you have found the device.

This product from the Nvidia brand is quite complete, it works to play on PC, with some Android devices and for the tables of the same manufacturer.

It has high precision WiFi communication, so fast that it moves practically at the speed of the game.

One of its most striking new features is the built-in microphone, through which you can search, open applications, give voice commands and play audio and video files without having to divert attention from the game.

Those who have it highlight its quality, although they warn that the communication range with WiFi is short, so you should play near the device.

Users add that it comes with a USB connector to use when you are playing in front of the computer.

3. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Accurate and comfortable


Microsoft - Wireless Controller, Color ...


3,881 Reviews

Microsoft – Wireless Controller, Color …


To play comfortably on the Xbox360 or the PC with Windows XP, nothing better than this controller that has nothing to envy those of the manufacturers of video games with great reputation in the area.

It is a comfortable device, with a design based on the most basic principles of ergonomics, which will allow you to play for a long time without numbness or greater fatigue.

One of its greatest advantages is its precision, it has buttons for the thumbs, two pressure points on the triggers and movements in 8 directions, it also has left and right buttons on the top and an integrated headphone output.

Of the controls for players, this wireless model is one of the most complete, it has great speed, you will move at a good pace. It also has a distance radius that exceeds 9 meters, which is quite wide.

Those who have it highlight its functionality and comfort to play.

4. Mando Gaming para PC Logitech F310 S

Classic and functional



Logitech F310 Gamepad con Cable,...

Logitech F310 Gamepad con Cable,…


A device with the classic button layout is what Logitech offers you in this product. It is a simple but highly functional command recommended if you will be playing games on the Windows platform.

It is light, weighs just 300 grams, so you can hold it without tiring your fingers or hands while you play, this because it does not have vibration motors and the handling is made easier and more comfortable.

It comes with a 1.8 meter cable, quite comfortable if you use the computer nearby, if the game will be done from the sofa at a longer distance, it may take away some comfort, this will depend on your preferences.

If you are from the group of beginners, this remote will come in handy because you don’t need to be very expert in its installation, just connecting the port is enough for the device to recognize the new remote.

5. GameSir G3s Bluetooth Controller for Games

Compatible only with Android devices


GameSir G3s - Wireless Controller, ...

GameSir G3s – Wireless Controller, …


Developed specifically for devices with Android operating system, this bluetooth controller is ideal if you will play with operating mode in standardized operating systems, on PS3, Xinput or Dinput

It comes with an additional support that is compatible with a certain group of smartphones ranging from 3.5 to 6 inches, it is undoubtedly the right device if you are one of the regular gamers on smart platforms of this nature.

In the opinion of those who have already bought it, it is a comfortable, good quality, extremely lightweight controller, which considerably improves its performance capabilities at stake, while still having vibration functions.

Within its configuration, you can additionally download an application that favors compatibility with certain types of games.

It is an affordable product, which far exceeds in quality the investment you make for it. Comes with instruction manual and MicroUSB connection cable.

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