Kids & Toys Top Scholarship

Apply for our scholarship before August 15th, 2018.

The Kids & Toys Top 2018 scholarship is now closed and the winner has been awarded.  

Our scholarship aims to help students see how children’s toys can be fun for all ages and how they can benefit the elderly.

About Kids & Toys Top

Choosing a toy for a child is serious business, and at Kids & Toys Top, we understand how frustrating it can be for consumers to find the right one.

Adults are often overwhelmed with the number of choices in front of them, and usually, price and popularity are two of the most important deciding factors.

We take it a step further by showing parents what else to consider when selecting a toy. Whether you are in search of the best toothpaste for toddlers, the best car seat for a 3-year-old or need the best rope for a tree swing, we help you find the right toy for every occasion on a deeper level.

Scholarship Details and Essay Topic

How can toys benefit adults in nursing homes or other care facilities?

The award amount this year will be for $1,600.

Those interested in applying must send their applications to [email protected] by August 15th, 2018. Applications sent after this date will not be considered.

The topic this year is regarding toys and the elderly.

Please write a 1,000 to 1,500-word essay that highlights three different children’s toys and how they can benefit adults in nursing homes or other care facilities.

Who Can Apply

Students who are currently enrolled in a high school, college or university are welcome to apply. You do not need to have children or in-depth knowledge about toy brands to be eligible.

Please note that previous Kids & Toys Top Scholarship winners cannot apply for or receive the scholarship in subsequent years.

Only current students are eligible – former students or those not currently enrolled in an educational institution will not be considered.

How We Select a Winner

Our team will be reviewing each essay that will be evaluated based upon:

■ Appropriate information

■ Level of research

■ Adherence to the topic

■ Creativity

The winner will be announced August 18th, 2018.

How to Apply

Please send your essay to [email protected] along with your full name, mailing address, e-mail address, and proof that you are currently a student.

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