Top 7 Most Realistic And Fun Scale Radio Controlled Trucks


If you love trucks and have always wanted your own, but have never had the opportunity to drive one, at least indulge yourself in driving the best radio controlled truck. They are fun toys with which you can compete, run races, play with friends or even go out to the park and take them for a spin with your children. They are the best!

Now, when you go to buy be careful and do not do it without first taking a good look at the market, since there are models that are not very durable, slow, too heavy and even of low quality.

Best Scale Radio Controlled Trucks

# Preview Product Assessment
1 deAO RC Construction Truck Model ... deAO RC Construction Truck Model … No reviews
2 Hot Wheels RC Cyber ​​Truck, Car ... Hot Wheels RC Cyber ​​Truck, Car … No reviews
3 RC Automobiles Car Off-Road ... RC Automobiles Car Off-Road … No reviews
4 Tamiya 56333 - Tank trailer kit ... Tamiya 56333 – Tank trailer kit … No reviews
5 Klobvtt 4WD RC Cars Trucks with Control ... Klobvtt 4WD RC Cars Trucks with Control … No reviews
6 JUGUETECNIC │ Dump Truck ... JUGUETECNIC │ Dump Truck … No reviews
7 Darenbp Remote Control Car 4WD ... Darenbp Remote Control Car 4WD … No reviews

Here are  the best scale radio controlled trucks: 

1. Rastar Mercedes-Benz Actros and AMG-GMT from Rastar

The whole package


This model not only has the truck, but also a car, as it is a car transporter truck. It has 4 modes, towing functions and up to 6 different movements and a turning capacity of up to 360º. At the same time, it supports 2.4 GHz and 27 145/40680 MHz frequencies.

2. Amewi Mercedes-Benz Actros

Packed with great features


Amewi - scale radio controlled vehicle ...

Amewi – scale radio controlled vehicle …


Drive your new Mercedes-Benz Actros with the rear closed at a 1:32 scale. It also has LED lighting and it is possible to operate it in several frequencies, so you can buy several, have your own fleet and manage them at the same time with your friends. You can also remove the trailer, back up, use sounds, and more.

3. Paw Patrol Marshall radio controlled truck

Learn with imagination



Ideal for the little ones in the house who already want to start playing with the fun radio-controlled trucks. This model of fire truck is super entertaining for kids, plus the control is ergonomic and easy to use even for the smallest hands. Turn, reverse, do wheelies.

4. DeAO M-DM

Fast, realistic and entertaining


deAO RC Construction Truck ...

deAO RC Construction Truck …


If you like dump trucks , this model will be ideal for you. In addition, it has 2.4 GHz compatibility, so you can use several trucks at the same time without any interference. It also has 6 channels of control and direction in 360º, apart from the fact that the entire trailer is 100% functional because it can go up and down.

5. TopRace TR-112

High quality and realism


Replica of those giant dump trucks , this 5-channel truck is fully functional as the entire rear compartment can be raised and lowered for loading and unloading, plus basic functions like forward and reverse, turn on lights and sound and more. . I also really like how realistic it is, with lots of quality details.

6. FSTgo Rock Crawler

The ideal all-rounder


Majorette - Mercedes Benz Actros,...

Majorette – Mercedes Benz Actros,…


A little more adventurous and off-road, this truck model is for those who want to do speed and crash races against other trucks. Also for those who plan to take them to uneven terrain, as it surpasses them all, from sand and grasslands to rocks, mud or stone. It has 1:14 scale, LED lights, heavy-duty PVC, high speed and batteries for 15 to 20 continuous minutes.

7. Dickie Toys Mack de Cars

For the fans of Cars



Cars The Movie Camión (Dickie 3089025)

Cars The Movie Camión (Dickie 3089025)


If you or your guy are a Car lover then they will love this fun and realistic Mack Truck Radio Control from Rusteze. In it you can introduce small cars as if they were Cars’ own truck carrying Lightning McQueen. Regarding its capabilities, it works at 2.4 GHz, with a 40 m range and even has light and sound.


What is a radio controlled truck?


They are fun replica trucks of original models, but simply to scale . The special thing is they come with batteries or some other means of power and are super easy to operate by remote control . In fact, they can not only be used on uneven terrain, but also work very well even on asphalt.

The main difference with the rougher off-road models is that they tend to come with fairly wide wheels and strong suspension systems to overcome virtually any obstacle they encounter. For their part, those smaller trucks for use on smooth and well-kept terrain have smaller tires, softer and more delicate suspensions and a greater height to be able to go over obstacles without tipping or being damaged.

Benefits of radio controlled trucks



Have you ever played one of these trucks? If you have not done it because you think they are just fun for children and nothing more, think again, since they are not simple toys for children. You too can get a lot of benefit and many hours of fun out of these affordable trucks.

Of course, if you have thought about it for your children, they will love them and they will last a long time, since they are super resistant and support the typical abuse of boys.

To create bonds

When you compete in truck racing drones share with many people, especially if you bring your children and teach them tricks and how fun it can be to play with these trucks.

A better education

It is not only about young children starting to better manage their motor and spatial skills, but they can even be the ideal excuse to teach them something about electronics the next time you have to repair something in your radio controlled truck, or in the remote control.

Other purposes

With them you can not only invent fun games with tricks and races, but you also have the opportunity to do things that you may not have thought possible. For example, you can mount a camera on your truck and take it to places that are difficult to access or over very difficult terrain. So you can take amazing shots and then share those amazing photos with friends.

Factors to consider before buying

Before buying your new radio-controlled truck and starting to run with adrenaline on any terrain, it is essential that you look for those features and functions that will guarantee total fun:


It has to be strong and durable, since you will very surely give it a hit or two during a race or maybe yourself when trying that trick that you like so much. So the construction has to be sturdy and strong.


The device should be powered by 4WD technology to give you full traction, control and speed on virtually any type of terrain. In fact, it is one of those characteristics that every electric or gasoline truck should have. Otherwise, what good is it to you?


This directly depends on your interests and where you want to use your new truck. That’s why large , tall trucks with plenty of bottom space are ideal for outdoor and off-road users . If you like buggy-style ones, or just want something simpler, look for low-rise models.


It is always good that they include a radio, since this means that their response levels and speed have been checked.

Where will you use it?

Depending on where you plan to power your new radio controlled truck, you will have to choose between one model and another. This is because, believe it or not, the many brands on the market design them with different suspensions, wider wheels, resistant or even with improved traction for difficult, wet, rocky soils and others. In fact, some very good quality models are even waterproof! Of course, the more powerful, resistant and sophisticated it is, the more expensive it will also be.

What do you want to use it for?

Just as there are trucks made to go out to play in the park or even on the beach, there are many that are designed to compete and race with friends. Some are even used not to gain speed or be the fastest, but to be the most resistant. There are competitions in which the capabilities of trucks are tested to the limit, crashing into each other, making very high jumps, turning and making unexpected maneuvers and much more.

Now, if you want them for speed and time races, forget about the most resistant and heavy ones, look only for the lightest and fastest on the market .

Nitro or electric

Nitro engines have motors that make a lot of noise when running, but are also a bit slower than electric ones. For this reason they can be ideal for lovers of loud trucks and cars and for those who do competitions of hitting the trucks with each other, and whose speed is not so impressive.

Now if you’re just getting started on this, electric ones are better as they are faster, easier to use and maintain, and batteries are easily charged and replaced.

Ready for action or in kit

There are models that come armed for action, that you simply take them out of the box, put the batteries in the remote control , the motor and go. On the other hand, there are those that come unassembled, which you must then assemble and which you can also modify to give them your personal touch or to make improvements to specific parts. This is recommended for when you want to spend a little more and have the best of the best, your way.

What type of engine are you looking for?

With brushes

They are generally cheaper trucks and cool better because they are open, so to speak. The downside is that dirt and dust can get into them easily.


They are much more durable, efficient and also certainly more expensive than brushed ones. The problem is that, unfortunately, since they are closed, they can easily overheat and can even burn for that very reason.


Regarding the brands, there is a bit of everything, only that as with any other product, there are manufacturers that do not measure up, so it is worth investing a little in a truck of a quality brand that offers good guarantees and that it is not simply made of cheap and poor quality plastics .

That said, you have all of the ones on our comparison list and others like Traxxas, Losi, HPI or Redcat Racing.


If you are just starting out, avoid investing in something too expensive, since you may not end up liking the world of radio controlled trucks too much, or you simply do not want to spend a lot. But if you are a foodie and want the best, you could spend € 80, or even a little more than € 100.

What else should you consider before buying a radio controlled truck?

One of the most important things about any truck you plan to use for crashes or stunts is that you take a look at its impact resistance rating. That said, the less expensive , plastic models can be easily snapped, but the sturdier ones can survive heavy-gauge drops and bumps.

The type of batteries

Different manufacturers have several types of batteries, only that most use 9V or AA batteries, which can be easily replaced and in many cases can even be recharged. In the case of models that use nitro engines, batteries are used in the remote control, but in the truck you need a battery and also fuel. But don’t worry, it is not that you will have to spend on gasoline for your remote control truck.

Can two models be used at the same time with different controls?

To see if this is possible, check that the model in question can operate on several different frequencies. Modern trucks generally work this way, but make sure it’s this way so you don’t have a hard time.

Can they be used on the beach or on sandy surfaces?

Yes, they can be used on beaches or sand, but you should avoid it if you want your radio controlled truck to last you a long time. It is that the sand particles can get into the nuts and parts of the engine and cause a lot of wear and damage.

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