Top 5 RC Trucks To Make Your Kids Feel On The Construction Field In A Fun Way


One of my dreams as a child was to have a remote control car, over the years I was able to buy the first one. After having my first child, I wanted to experiment and buy an RC truck so that it would have an entertaining way to have fun, away from high-end electronic products. However, I had several disappointments in this task.

For example, the first product I bought was going too fast, it looked more like a race car, and also, you had to be constantly chasing it because the waves were not receiving them properly. Its parts were of horrible quality, not a month passed when the vehicle already had mechanical failures, it had been completely damaged.

To recharge it, it was a great stress, some had to change the battery constantly, while others, the charge supplied via USB was not enough and did not last a couple of hours. That is why, after a while, I discovered the five best units that I will share with you at an affordable, economical and least expensive price in the entire Spanish market.

Best RC Trucks

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Top Race Dump Truck ... Top Race Dump Truck … No reviews
2 ANTAPRCIS Remote Control Car, 2.4GHz RC ... ANTAPRCIS Remote Control Car, 2.4GHz RC … No reviews
3 Top Race TR-112AA - Dump Truck ... Top Race TR-112AA – Dump Truck … No reviews
4 Goolsky Rock Tracker MN-D90 1/12... Goolsky Rock Tracker MN-D90 1/12… 210 Reviews
5 Amewi 22504 Mercedes Benz Truck Kipper ... Amewi 22504 Mercedes Benz Truck Kipper … No reviews
6 deAO RC Construction Truck Model ... deAO RC Construction Truck Model … No reviews
7 Top Race Construction Trucks with ... Top Race Construction Trucks with … No reviews

What is the best RC truck?

Before making this purchase it is important that you examine how easy it is to use. This will be achieved by reading online reviews, such as the one in this comparison article. Remember that the fewer buttons you have, the easier it will be to operate. By the way, try that these commands are in a strategic area that does not show complications.

The battery, another fundamental aspect. Most units today are powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The more milliamps you have, the more energetic capacity you have. Do not forget to find out how long it takes to fully charge, not all of us like to wait hours to enjoy our toy.

By the way, try to be made with quality parts that can stand the test of time, and give you the most entertaining stay possible with you. Keep reading!

Here we present you Best RC Trucks:

1. SikuControl32 remote control truck

Amazing cargo truck


SIKU 6725 - Scania Truck Unloading ...

SIKU 6725 – Scania Truck Unloading …


This model is part of our exquisite selection. Our Siku truck in various colors has luxurious finishes that will make you really believe that it is a transport equipment converted into a miniature. It is controlled through a really easy to use remote control set with very fun functionalities.

Recommended from the age of three, this toy has features such as flashing lights, and a ready-to-unload flip. Do not give yourself more bad life for the battery charge, with this equipment there will be no problem in it. Constructed from metal materials, it gives it that rugged, solid appeal that we all prefer.

2. Amewi Mercedes Benz remote control

Luxury class


Amewi Toy Concrete Mixer, Mercedes ...

Amewi Toy Concrete Mixer, Mercedes …


This brand new recommended Mercedes Benz brand is an incredible choice for gorgeous details of remote fun. It is a remote control unit through a control with a 2.4Ghz radio frequency, which will provide the necessary distance so that you do not have to run behind it to receive the wave. Be amazed by its great performances!

In addition, let this truck emit identical noises as if it were in all a heavy load job, although if it bothers you you can also deactivate it. Finished with an impeccable design, this option integrates LED lights with a robust construction that will be able to overcome the roughest obstacles on the road.

3. Jamara Mercedes Actros Kipper

Ideal to start in the world


Jamara - Kipper radio controlled vehicle ...

Jamara – Kipper radio controlled vehicle …


This company has decided to make a vehicle of the Mercedes brand to a 1:32 model with a phenomenal design. Named in a white chrome, this model will reproduce a highly realistic engine sound that will seem like you are in a whole building bubble. Integrated with touches of LED lights increase that fantasy that you dream so much.

Do you carry tons of stones, blocks, or any utility to make your building? It doesn’t matter, take it in the rear, and download the flip through the powerful transmitter. Weighing just 712 grams, you can’t pass it up.

4. Camión Turbo Mack Lightning McQueen 95 Disney Pixar

Are you a fan of cars?


Majorette - Camion Turbo Mack R/C Cars 2...

Majorette – Camion Turbo Mack R/C Cars 2…


Are you going to a speed race and have nowhere to take your cars? With the Majorette option, you can complement your kit of cars toys and transport them safely. The remote control has well-detailed dual-channel functions, plus a turbo option.

Made with good quality workmanship, this incredible product will be able to provide great resistance to time, and last with you for a long number of years. Provides an excellent price-value ratio, manufactured on a 1:24 scale. It takes three batteries of 1.5 volts each. It also integrates a stop function.

5. Prextex Remote Control Fire Truck

Fulfill your dream of being a firefighter!


Radio Controlled Fire Truck ...

Radio Controlled Fire Truck …


Your child will be surprised to receive this gift at home. 13 inches of pure solid construction, with superb functionalities and truly similar to that of a firefighting unit. You can also set the lights and siren to sound, typical of a machine like this. It includes various gears, backward, forward, and in lateral directions.

The removable ladder rotates 360 degrees, and its thirty-foot plastic reach makes it nearly impenetrable from bumps or accidents. The frequency is ideal, marked by about 27Mhz. It has several details, and it makes a pretty nice present. It should not be missing in your house, even as an ornament it would look super cool. Includes radio control.

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