Top 5 Painting Easels For Kids: Fun And Learning For Little Artists.


Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge” and we couldn’t agree more!

It is true that all humans are born with the ability to imagine and create, however, cultivating this ability from a young age can open up a universe of possibilities, turning the life of your children into a truly full and harmonious experience.

For that reason our installment of the day is dedicated to the best painting easel for children , the ideal tool for your children to explore, discover and express all their creative potential.

Give them the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment that invites them to express themselves in a healthy way. Remember that artistic activities promote the integral growth of your children, helping them to develop motor, cognitive and social skills and inviting them to see the world from a new perspective.

Best Paint Easels For Kids

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Beech wood Painting Easel 27 ... Beech wood Painting Easel 27 … No reviews
2 Colart LIFFEY Easel Box, Wood, ... Colart LIFFEY Easel Box, Wood, … No reviews
3 Table easel + painting set, ... Table easel + painting set, … 55 Reviews
4 Zenacolor Acrylic Paints Briefcase ... Zenacolor Acrylic Paints Briefcase … 885 Opinions
5 Cieex Briefcase Acrylic Paintings, ... Cieex Briefcase Acrylic Paintings, … No reviews
6 Pllieay 24 Piece Paint Set ... Pllieay 24 Piece Paint Set … No reviews
7 Painting Easel, Tripod Easel ... Painting Easel, Tripod Easel … No reviews

What is the best children’s painting easel?

If you are tired of cleaning crayons from the walls of your home, it is the perfect time to gift your little virtuoso an easel worthy of his art. Here we tell you how to turn your home into the first artistic study of the future Dalí or the next Mary Cassat.

It will always be appropriate to choose an easel with adjustable height, this type of design grows with your children, extending the useful life of your investment. The double easels for children are an excellent choice when you have more than one artist in the family.

In the market you will find aluminum easels for painting , drawing and other crafts , you will also find wooden , iron and metal racks . The options are very diverse, so it is important to objectively evaluate the advantages that each brand and design offers you.

To help you choose and   buy a good quality easel , our editorial team has prepared a comparative selection where we review the products most recommended by the user community.

Here are  the best painting easels for children: 

1. KidKraft 62026 Children’s Paint Easel

Dual design: colorful, stable and durable.


KidKraft 62026 Artistic easel ...

KidKraft 62026 Artistic easel …


We present you a great wooden painting stand, a double-sided easel that presents a white canvas on one side, and on the opposite side a blackboard to draw with chalk.

The design has a stable wooden frame that reaches 1.29 cm in height. In addition, it comes with 2 colorful trays that allow you to organize and store paints, chalks and markers.

It also includes an extra large roll of drawing paper with which your child can produce countless works of art. When you buy it, you get a 3-month guarantee.

2. Melissa & Doug Children’s Paint Easel 11282

Includes trays and a roll of paper to paint



Melissa & Doug- Slate Double Easel ...


873 Opinions

Melissa & Doug- Slate Double Easel …


Let your kids unleash all their creative energy by painting artwork on this pedestal easel.

The design stands out for its dual lectern that allows you to draw on 2 different surfaces, your children can illustrate on a blackboard or attack the special drawing paper with paints . The ideal lectern for large , medium and small tables

The structure is light, stable and easy to assemble, in addition, it is accompanied by very useful accessories and tools: 4 clips to hold the paper, 1 lockable roll holder and 2 special trays to store and organize the artist’s tools.

3. Royal & Langnickel REA6000 Children’s Painting Easel

Set of 104 tools to unleash creativity



Royal & Langnickel- Set de Artista...

Royal & Langnickel- Set de Artista…


If you are looking for an affordable set that stimulates the creativity of your children to the maximum, with this model you will hallucinate in colors!

A folding easel made of excellent quality wood, in the same way the design works as a drawer equipped with different compartments that store 104 artistic tools in a precise and organized way.

Inside the drawer you will find oils, watercolors, acrylics, brushes, spatulas, colored pencils, mixing palettes and 2 canvas boards. It is the dream gift for any fan of drawing   and painting.

4. Children’s painting easel Artina Florenz

Lovely, innovative and portable design


Artina Florenz paint set of 28...

Artina Florenz paint set of 28…


It is the perfect easel to take with you to any destination, it stands out among other models for being durable, cheap and portable.

The design has a double function since artists can use it as a frame and at the same time as a briefcase, it allows to store paints, brushes and canvases in a safe and practical way.

Its compact size is ideal to carry it easily inside any bag, so your children can seek inspiration wherever they want, by the sea or on the heights of the mountain.

It comes with 18 acrylic paints, 2 canvases, 6 brushes, and 1 mixing palette.

5. DISOK Children’s Paint Easel

Excellent relation between quality and price


DISOK Lot of 20 Set of Funny ...

DISOK Lot of 20 Set of Funny …


It is the least expensive model of our selection and an excellent alternative to stimulate the artistic talents of the children in the family.

It is a folding children’s painting easel , made with a resistant wooden structure . Its compact size allows it to be easily stored and installed on a craft table , where your child feels comfortable when drawing.

The set comes with 3 pots of paints and a brush, bright and vivid colored temperas that will help awaken all the creativity of your little artist.


The best artistic easel for children

Sooner or later all parents discover that their

Children want to express their artistic abilities, unfortunately for many parents this discovery is accompanied by an unexpected piece of art on the main wall of the living room.

To prevent this from happening, the ideal is to give your little artists an appropriate space to explore their creative gifts.

Now comes the time to choose the best easel for your children, to make a good choice you only need to consider some important factors before selecting the final model.

Choose a music stand that is compatible with the age and height of your children, even better if the design allows you to adjust the frame to different heights.

Many models come with useful accessories such as trays and drawers that allow you to store your art tools neatly and safely.

Choose a stable and durable structure that is also easy to handle when storing it in a closet or behind a piece of furniture.

A versatile design always stands out from the competition, some stands come equipped with multiple drawing surfaces so that multiple children can paint at the same time.

Types of easels

There is a wide variety of painting easels, each model presents users with various advantages when painting in specific contexts, for that reason it is important that you know each type before going out to buy the perfect frame for your children.

Type A racks or Lyre easels

The design of these racks is very similar to the letter A, its structure is composed of 3 legs, two front support points and one rear, which provides stability and firmness.

It is the ideal rack for artists working in small and medium formats. It is also useful for those who do not have a large workspace, as it can be easily assembled, disassembled and stored.

H frame easels

The design of these racks is very similar to the letter H, for that reason they are known by that name.

This type of easel is perfect for those artists who work painting in large formats, they offer a solid and robust structure capable of tolerating a considerable load of weight and volume.

Many models include special trays to store work tools.

Giant trestles

It is the ideal easel for artists who work with extra-large formats of painting, works that can span between 2, 3 and 4 meters in height. Many models are electric and come with a remote control that allows the artist to easily control the work.

They are usually quite expensive models and large occupy a considerable space within the artistic workshop.

Convertible or hybrid stands

It is the ideal easel for artists working with various painting techniques. The design allows the frame to be conditioned for painting on a vertical and horizontal surface, adapting to the appropriate conditions for working with acrylics, oils and watercolors.

Many models include a special drawer to store work tools, the structure of this frame allows the creation of works of up to 2 meters in height, therefore, the artist needs a large and adequate space to install it.

Single Mast Trestles

It is the appropriate easel for novice artists and for those students who are starting their way in the world of painting. This type of rack is affordable for those on a tight budget.

Its structure is made up of a main mast that works as a support for the work, is light and takes up little space. In addition, it is easy to assemble, disassemble and store.

Table easels

It is the perfect easel for those artists who have limited space within their work area or for those painters who prefer to work seated.

This design is intended for painting small-format works and can be easily accommodated on any worktable or desk.

The artist will find a variety of designs to choose from, they can opt for an A, H frame table frame or the simple pole frame.

Portable easels

If you are one of those artists who enjoy chasing the muses, this frame is perfect for you. With it you can go to the sea, the forest, the desert, to any destination where your inspiration resides.

Its design stands out for being portable, compact and easy to handle. The structure of these models is made up of a tripod and a special briefcase that stores the artist’s tools inside, while at the same time acting as a lectern to hold the canvas.

Bench or saddle easels

It is a fantastic design for those artists who want to work their works in front of an audience. These models include a frame that serves as a support for the canvas and a workbench, where the painter can sit comfortably to finish his work.

Many designs are foldable, others have multi-directional wheels at the base of the frame that allow users to easily mobilize them.

Display easels

It is the ideal tool for those artists who want to display their works of art in an art convention or gallery.

The structure stands out for its aesthetic design and is designed to complement the environment and decoration of any room. They are usually light and easy to handle.

It is important to remember that this type of racks are not designed for painting, their function is exclusively for aesthetic purposes.

Children’s easels

Children with an artistic vocation will need a custom-made easel, a frame that can be adjusted for their height and age.

Some designs offer multiple drawing surfaces so that two children can engage in creative activities at the same time.

What features to look for in a children’s easel?

These are some of the essential characteristics that every good easel must offer your children.

Double Surface

A versatile easel offers several work surfaces to your children, so they can play with different painting and illustration techniques, in addition this design offers an alternative for those parents who have more than one artist in the family.

These types of easels have a chalkboard and a vertical surface designed for drawing on paper.

Easy to clean

It is important that you choose an easy-to-clean design that you can keep in good condition for a long time.

Remember that your children are going to release all their creative energy while using the easel, so it will probably fill up with paint on its first use.

Plastic is easier to clean than wood. Take this information into account when choosing the design.


Choose a design with a firm and stable appearance that can withstand the onslaught of time. Make sure that the structure has good connections between its parts and that these joints are reinforced by quality screws and rivets.

Adjustable height

Many models available on the market have been manufactured with an adjustable structure that can grow with your children, if you choose one of these designs you can extend the useful life of your investment.

Magnetic surface

Some models of easels for children have a magnetic surface that allows them to explore other creative techniques, in addition to using pedagogical tools that reinforce their knowledge about the world around them.

With a magnetic surface, children can play and learn using numbers, letters, and geometric shapes.

Easy to fold and store

Remember that many times the living room of your home will be converted into an artistic workshop, however, when visitors arrive you will need your living room back, for that reason it is convenient to choose an easel that is easy to assemble, disassemble and store.

The folding models offer great advantages in this regard.

paper rolls

The easels for children are designed to be used with large rolls of a special paper for drawing , these rolls have several meters of white canvas where your children can produce countless works.

It is important that you choose a design equipped with a roll holder that makes it easy to store and supply your paper.

Why should you buy a children’s easel?

Giving your children an artistic easel gives them a powerful vehicle of expression, where they can share their emotions, thoughts and concerns with the world.

Through art your children can explore and get to know the world around them better. In addition, painting helps them to develop integrally as individuals, improving their neural connections, their social relationships and their motor skills.

Why should children paint on a vertical surface?

Creating and playing on vertical surfaces can be of great benefit to developing children with areas as diverse as good posture and hand-eye coordination.

Shoulder / elbow stability

Drawing, painting and creating works on vertical surfaces will help to strengthen and increase muscle mass and strength in the upper extremities of the body, allowing children to enjoy the control and stability necessary to carry out their activities.

Bilateral coordination

Vertical surfaces condition your children to work with both hands, improving hand-to-hand coordination and strengthening arm muscles.

Midline crossing

It is a movement that must be carried out when working on a wide and vertical surface, when writing or drawing, allowing you to reach the entire drawing space .

This movement helps children define their dominant hand when writing and illustrating.

Wrist extension and brush grip

Painting and drawing on a vertical surface conditions the wrist to an extension posture, this state allows to improve the stability of the hand when drawing and helps to increase the level of control over the tools.

Visual attention and hand-eye coordination

Facing a vertical drawing surface helps the child to keep his attention focused on the drawing , fostering the development of hand-eye coordination.

Spatial awareness

Drawing on a vertical easel will quickly familiarize your children with spatial notions, understanding simple directions up, down, left and right.


The colors and textures of artistic works stimulate our senses and often transport us to a higher state of consciousness, more connected to sources of inspiration. Painting while standing can help us establish a deep bond with the work through our senses.


Working on a vertical surface conditions your child to maintain an upright posture, which is more beneficial for his health.

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