Top 5 Ninja Turtles Toys To Have Fun And Relive The Classics Of Decades Past


In 1984 Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird launched an original comic into the world where they present the story of 4 incredible mutant turtles -Miguel Ángel, Donatello, Rafael and Leonardo- characters with names inspired by the great artists of the Renaissance.

From the illustration on paper they jumped to the cartoons, in a very short time the Ninja Turtles were present in toys, cereals, video games and in a myriad of merchandise.

These four siblings won the hearts and admiration of millions of children during the 1980s and 1990s, and while the charm waned for a few years, it never faded.

The turtles returned to television in 2003, with a renewed cartoon series, however, it is in 2014 when they make the definitive leap to the big screen with the action-adventure comedy entitled “Ninja Turtles”.

Today we present the best toys available from this franchise, ideal to give to the smallest of the home or to collect and remember the best days of your childhood.

The Best Ninja Turtles Toys

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Yang baby Pack Of 4 Baby Toys ... Yang baby Pack Of 4 Baby Toys … No reviews
2 Jada - Michelangelo Figure of Turtles ... Jada – Michelangelo Figure of Turtles … No reviews
3 Ninja Turtles - Tortugas Ninja Tanque... Ninja Turtles – Tortugas Ninja Tanque… No reviews
4 Neca the Ninja Turtles 1990, Figure of ... Neca the Ninja Turtles 1990, Figure of … No reviews
5 TREEMEN Turtle Toy Sets ... TREEMEN Turtle Toy Sets … 2 Reviews
6 Flying Heroes - Figura Leonardo de... Flying Heroes – Figura Leonardo de… No reviews
7 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ... 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles … No reviews

Here we present you the best toys of the Ninja Turtles:


1. Ninja Turtles – Secret Sewer Playset

The layout is 1 meter tall and has more than 20 zones to explore



NINJA TURTLES - Sewer Playset ...

NINJA TURTLES – Sewer Playset …


This playset is an excellent alternative to have fun with your children on free afternoons, assembling it requires teamwork and communication, tasks that will help you to strengthen and deepen the bonds of friendship and love.

Its multiple levels of play will stimulate the imagination of any child, you can watch the city with Donatello’s giant computer, have fun while turning on the swing tire or use the secret ladder to go to buy pizzas in Antonio’s restaurant.

2. Ninja Turtles – Turtle Van Vehicle

Includes a Leonardo action figure


NINJA TURTLES - Turtle Van Vehicle ...

NINJA TURTLES – Turtle Van Vehicle …


If you are a lover of ninja turtles and toy cars, this model is perfect for you, since it is a faithful replica of the van used by the ninja turtles in the animated series.

With it you can tour the city, watch the streets and make sure that everything is kept in order, if the enemies appear, the van becomes a combat vehicle capable of aiming and launching missiles to end the danger.

3. Ninja Turtles – Shell Van

Ideal for transporting up to 8 action figures


Ninja Turtles - Shell Van and ...

Ninja Turtles – Shell Van and …


Patrol the streets of your city with this incredible ninja turtles van, the ideal vehicle to deliver justice with your super friends. Unpacking you can have a fun time while customizing the design by pasting the stickers included in the package.

Its roomy interior compartment lets you hang out with the entire gang, position your action figures at strategic points for combat, and defeat villains with the awesome projectile launcher.

4. Ninja Turtles – Shell Raiser Truck

Includes an action figure and has sound effects


NINJA TURTLES - Shell Raiser Truck ...

NINJA TURTLES – Shell Raiser Truck …


It is a wonderful truck, inspired by the universe of the ninja turtles, the ideal toy to awaken and stimulate the imagination of your children.

You can motivate your children to build a mini-city or roads and highways to travel with the van. The removable roof is ideal for bringing the entire squad together inside the vehicle while you attack your enemies with the disc launcher or immobilize them with the villain trapping roller.

5. Ninja Turtles – Pizza Pop Up game set

Excellent relation between quality and price


Tortugas Ninja - Pizza Pop Up, Set de...

Tortugas Ninja – Pizza Pop Up, Set de…


There is nothing more fun than immersing yourself in the universe of your favorite characters and that is precisely what allows you to make this fabulous game.

A big surprise hides in a pizza box, unfold its interior to discover a window to the world of the ninja turtles.

Have fun exploring the secret traps, the different levels of the sewer and the classic facade of Antonio’s Pizza-Rama. You can also launch pizza projectiles to defeat your opponents and win the fight.


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