Meet The 5 Best Toys of the Number One Animated Series of the Moment: “PeppaPig”


It is undoubtedly the cartoon series that has revolutionized world television and today we will show the best Peppa Pig toys, which will make the fantasy of interacting with the characters of this popular children’s program come true.

His lines seem simple and his dialogues quite basic, however, he has become a sensation among the little ones. The story focuses on the adventures of a family of pigs and their friends, who in each chapter live great adventures.

The key to its acceptance is the representation of everyday situations by various animals that visually resemble the way children draw in preschool.

Given its television success, a series of allegorical products have been launched to its members and broadcast episodes. This will be an unforgettable gift for the spoiled ones of the house, so pay attention to the proposals that we bring.

Best PeppaPig Toys

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Peppa Pig: Little Library Peppa Pig: Little Library No reviews
2 Joyjoz Musical Carpet with 25 Sounds, ... Joyjoz Musical Carpet with 25 Sounds, … No reviews
3 Peppa Pig Bath toy with 4 figures ... Peppa Pig Bath toy with 4 figures … No reviews
4 Peppa Pig, Magic blackboard, Format ... Peppa Pig, Magic blackboard, Format … No reviews
5 Peppa Pig Family Figures Pack 4. Peppa Pig Family Figures Pack 4. No reviews
6 Tavitoys Peppa Pig nurse briefcase ... Tavitoys Peppa Pig nurse briefcase … No reviews
7 Peppa Pig - Season 1 Peppa Pig – Season 1 No reviews

Here we present you The best PeppaPig toys:

1. Bandai 84211 PeppaPig Holiday Caravan

The whole family goes for a walk



Peppa Pig - Autocaravana

Peppa Pig – Autocaravana


A fun trip through the countryside in the beautiful Motorhome, together with the four main characters of the series. Children will be able to imitate the episodes of the series with this complete set that includes accessories such as a refrigerator and barbecue to play at preparing a delicious barbecue, and two benches to rest. It also has a shower to complete the entertaining. All with the bright colors so characteristic of the most famous pig show.

2. PeppaPig Character Options Deluxe toy house

The home of the spoiled pig


Character Options Deluxe - Casa de ...

Character Options Deluxe – Casa de …


The boys will be amazed to receive the house of their favorite character. It is a faithful reproduction of the house of the pig family where they can choose between the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom or the bathroom.

Each space is equipped with the essential accessories to make the adventures presented in each episode come true. It includes Peppa, the protagonist of the series. An excellent gift with which you can also decorate the children’s room.

3. Let’s go to school Playset (Bandai 84213) PeppaPig

Fun while studying



Peppa Pig - Let's go to School Playset

Peppa Pig – Let’s go to School Playset


Playing school will be an unforgettable experience with this cute classroom presentation from the series. With Mrs. Gazelle as a teacher and her spoiled students: Danny Dog, Susy Oveja, Candy Cat, Emily Elephant, ZoeZebra and PeppaPig.

It comes with its blackboard and desks to teach the lessons. Its materials are highly resistant and the attention to detail is remarkable. Children will develop all their creative potential in a fun way.

4. PeppaPig and Family figurines

With all the members of the family


Peppa Pig and Family Figure Grandpa...

Peppa Pig and Family Figure Grandpa…


One of the few presentations that includes all the characters that make up the family of pigs. Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig will be able to take care of their little George and Peppa, guided by the wisdom of Grandma Pig and Grandpa Pig.

With these 6 figures the child will share fun times not only with his siblings and friends, but also with his parents, who will integrate perfectly assuming each of their corresponding roles.

5. Grandpa’s Train PeppaPig Character Options

All aboard, let’s go for a ride!



Character Options Peppa Pig Trenecito...

Character Options Peppa Pig Trenecito…


They will sing cute tunes as the family of pigs ride this colorful train. It consists of a main unit with the fixed figure of Grandpa Pig in command and two wagons that transport Peppa and her little brother George, both removable dolls.

It has 5 sounds with songs in English and the theme “El Tren del Abuelo” that are activated by pressing it. Allows anchoring and unhooking of each wagon. Its size is large and the sounds can be turned off.

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