The 7 Best Wooden Toy For Kitchens That Will Encourage Your Kids To Be Great Chefs


When we are children, we love to play and invent new professions every day. Some kids want to be firefighters, other aviators and many other world-renowned great chefs. If your little girl is starting that sweet stage of her life and wants to be a pastry chef or cook, then you must know the best wooden toy kitchen that will encourage her to pursue her dreams.

Many of us tend to remember fondly those days of our childhood in which we spent long hours playing kitchen. Small accessories such as pots, plates and pans were a great incentive for many to start a chef career as an adult.

If your children have been asking you for a small kitchen to play with and you still don’t know which one to buy, then you have come to the right place since today we will present you with a list of the best toy kitchens that are currently available on the market.

Today, there is a multitude of very varied models in which toy kitchens are concerned. There are modern, rustic, large and some smaller ones. The price range is also very varied and your choice will depend on what your children prefer as well as how large your budget is. Let’s look at 5 of the best models available below.

The Best Wooden Toy Kitchens

# Preview Product Assessment
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2 MOLTO | Toy Kitchenette for Girl and ... MOLTO | Toy Kitchenette for Girl and … No reviews
3 BUYGER Hamburger Food Toys, ... BUYGER Hamburger Food Toys, … No reviews
4 deAO Cook My Little Chef with ... deAO Cook My Little Chef with … 1,506 Reviews
5 BUYGER Kitchen Toys for Children, 28 ... BUYGER Kitchen Toys for Children, 28 … No reviews
6 EFO SHM Children's Kitchen Toys ... EFO SHM Children’s Kitchen Toys … No reviews
7 deAO Little Chef Kitchen Set ... deAO Little Chef Kitchen Set … No reviews

Here are  the best toy kitchens: 

1. Baby Vivo Wooden Play Kitchen

With accessories


Baby Vivo Wooden Play Kitchen ...

Baby Vivo Wooden Play Kitchen …


It is made from an elegant and durable combination of wood and plastic. This toy kitchen has dimensions of 80 x 39.5 x 97 cm that make it truly perfect because it is spacious to play with pleasure, but without being uncomfortable and without taking up space, it is not exaggerated.

It is recommended for boys and girls over 3 years of age and is equipped with a portable tap with sink, spacious storage compartments, oven with cooktops and adjustable regulators, microwave to open, telephone and towel rack, writing and painting board and much more.

2. HOMCOM Wooden Play Kitchen



HOMCOM Wooden Play Kitchen ...

HOMCOM Wooden Play Kitchen …


When it comes to fantastic gifts, this is a huge hit. And this little kitchen is perfect to play for hours because it is durable and robust, but without being heavy. It is built with pine wood and MDF. It has quality finishes and a subtle touch given by its predominant cream color and pink touches.

It is designed so that children over 3 years old feel like chefs because it is composed of gas stoves, oven, microwave, tap, sink and storage compartments. The doors open and close, while the buttons can be turned.

3. KIDKRAFT wooden kitchen

Great value for the price





With this beautiful wooden kitchen, we assure you that your children will spend hours and hours of healthy fun and entertainment. Includes oven, pull-out sink , washing machine, microwave, plenty of storage space, and beautiful accessories like cordless phone, mixing spoon, spatula, and pot holder.

The burners are made of molded plastic, its construction is quite robust, it comes with assembly instructions and it comes at a low price . Its measurements are 116.8 x 49.5 x 17.1 cm, it weighs 35Kg and can be played with from 36 months of age.

4. Large Leomark wooden toy kitchen

With beautiful tiles


Leomark Big and Shiny Royal Kitchen ...

Leomark Big and Shiny Royal Kitchen …


The Leomark brand once again surprises us with this beautiful toy kitchen made entirely of MDF wood, of a good size and with really impeccable finishes.

Its beautiful pink color will highlight any space in your house and the tiles it incorporates will make your children feel as if they were in a real kitchen. It comes equipped with a refrigerator, oven, sink with a tap, microwave, and plenty of storage space.

It has European certificates of good quality , it has a very economical price , its assembly is easy and relatively fast, its dimensions are 104 x 30 x 110cm and its weight is 29Kg.

5. Maxi Cuisine Mademoiselle Janod

Beautiful and inexpensive


Janod-Mademoiselle Maxi Cocina by ...

Janod-Mademoiselle Maxi Cocina by …


This beautiful kitchen designed in France is ideal for children between 3 and 8 years old. Your little ones can play for hours preparing imaginary dishes for their friends and becoming authentic little chefs at the same time!

It is built of wood and covered in beautiful shades of pastel pink. It comes equipped with an oven, stainless metal sink , clock, burners with rotary knobs, and a cabinet with magnetic doors to store the beautiful accessories that it includes such as a pot, oven mitt, frying pan, spatula, fork, a fried egg and mixing spoon. .

Without a doubt, this kitchen will be one of the best gifts for your children where they will build beautiful and memorable memories for a lifetime. Its measurements are 58 x 30 x 78cm, its weight is only 499g and it is less expensive than the competition.

6. TecTake children’s wooden toy kitchen

Available in various colors and models


TecTake Wooden Toy Kitchen for ...

TecTake Wooden Toy Kitchen for …


In the opinion of buyers, this is one of the best toy kitchens for your children available on the market today. It is made entirely of wood and equipped with a sink with a tap and colored knobs, which will allow you to differentiate between hot and cold water. It also incorporates a beautiful adjustable clock so that nothing goes beyond its optimum cooking point.

It also has 2 storage surfaces to store all the accessories that it includes such as pans, fried egg, saucepan, spatula, wooden spoon and saucepan, with which they will unleash all their creative imagination.

Additionally, it has a microwave oven and conventional oven with knobs and best of all, it is available in several different colors and models! It is very well valued by buyers, it has a low price , its measurements are 60 x 33 x 78cm and it weighs 9Kg.

7. Infantastic wooden toy kitchen

Available in beautiful purple color


Wooden Children's Kitchen - with ...

Wooden Children’s Kitchen – with …


This cute kitchen will ensure your children many hours of fun in addition to materializing their ideas of becoming world-renowned great chefs! With it, they will stimulate their imagination to the maximum while helping to develop both their communication and social skills.

Includes removable sink for easy cleaning, button oven and click sound, 4 drawers for storing food or accessories, and has additional storage space under the dishwasher and on the shelves.

It has a clock, microwave oven, burners and a practical and modern blackboard on which you can write down the menu of the day. Its price is the cheapest on our list, its measurements are 61 x 33 x 100 cm, the work surface is 48cm, it is made of MDF wood, it comes in a beautiful purple color and its weight is 20Kg.

Buying Guide: Best Play Kitchens

Three cheers for the wood!


Perhaps it is due to its natural warmth or its great looks; Whatever the reason, wooden toys have always remained a favorite and at the top of every parent’s gift list around the globe.

In an age like the one we live in today where everything is more complex and games can have an incredible selection of different interactive elements, the simplicity of wooden toys presents a more than attractive alternative.

Almost always clad in bright colors and charming textures, wooden toys can illuminate the entire home, without having to be limited only to the little ones’ play space.

Buy eco-friendly

A key advantage of wooden toys over plastic is that they do not rely on fossil fuels for their manufacture. However, establishing proof that something is completely green or environmentally friendly is often quite difficult.

Whenever possible, always try to verify that the wood comes from a responsibly cultivated plantation and not from illegal logging. There are also a series of ethical standards when it comes to buying wood, by which you can guide yourself, such as seeking verification from the Rainforest Alliance .

Recycling is also possible by purchasing second-hand toys that will have a much more affordable price , or making some from reclaimed wood. Another advantage of wooden toys over plastic is undoubtedly their great durability.

Wood is ideal for making a play kitchen as it is absorbent, clean, easier to maintain and if at any point it breaks, with a little extra work and wood you can easily fix it.

Types of wood

One of the fundamental considerations when buying toys of this style is to be able to select your preferred type of wood. There is a great variety and each of them has different properties.

The most resistant or robust , they are often the most expensive but they are extremely durable, of good quality and due to their density, they are much heavier.

Usually, the toy kitchens for girls are made from pine wood, poplar or MDF, which is a compound made with fibers or wood residues and is widely used thanks to its low cost and availability.

You must bear in mind that this type of combination, as it is not natural wood, must be painted in the color of your preference, so it will look much more beautiful and you can customize it to the taste of your little ones.


A very important consideration to take into account when it comes to toy kitchens is assembly. If you are fortunate to have a large space in which your children can play at ease, then a large, good-size kitchen is the best option.

If, on the other hand, space is a big problem, then a smaller one that fits conveniently will be a better investment.

Wooden kitchens are quite versatile and can be designed according to the needs and preferences of each family. These can be of permanent structure or easily foldable.


As in real life, wooden kitchens are susceptible to being soiled by little ones during play hours. Surely, your children will mix real food with grass, mud or any other element that they have at their disposal at that time more than once.

Many kitchen toys are designed with all of this in mind, and for that reason, they have very beautiful finishes that include glossy varnishes that can be easily cleaned.

Keep in mind that toys of this style do not need to be painted or varnished to preserve the wood, but having this additional coating will help protect them from moisture or from being permanently soiled with fruit or other food stains.

Keep it safe

Toy kitchens are specially made to be used by children and for this reason, you should always make sure that it is safe for them. Each region of the world has its own standards and safety requirements that must be met. Some of them are

Physical and mechanical properties

  • They must be strong enough to withstand the stresses to which they will be subjected.
  • They must be designed and constructed in such a way that edges, protrusions, fasteners or moving parts do not cause injury to children.
  • Toys and their components intended for use by children under 36 months must be large enough to prevent accidental ingestion or inhalation.
  • Toys and their packaging must not present a risk of strangulation or suffocation.


  • Toys must be made of materials that are not easily flammable.
  • Must have protective paints and coatings
  • The levels of antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium, should not exceed the specified maximums.

Electrical properties

Toys must not have a power source of more than 24 volts and must be properly insulated and protected to avoid shocks or burns.


All toys must meet hygiene and cleanliness requirements in order to prevent the risk of infection, disease and contamination.


Toys must not contain radioactive elements that can harm the health of children.

Always make sure that the wooden kitchen that you are going to buy does not contain parts that are too small that could endanger the lives of your children. Likewise, all edges and rough surfaces should be sanded until you get a smooth finish.

Benefits of toy kitchens

In general, children learn different things through their childhood and having a toy kitchen for a long time will always be a very smart decision. Some of the benefits that little ones will get from having one are

Learn to share – No matter what type of kitchen is used, little ones learn a lot about sharing with their peers while playing with one. When your little girl has a play kitchen, chances are other children will want to play with her too.

If you have siblings, cousins, or friends, everyone will surely want to share the game while having a good time together. This may be difficult when very young children are involved, but each interaction will strengthen sharing skills that will be useful in preschool, kindergarten, and throughout their lives.

How to get along with others – Personality tests confirm that children who share playing with a little kitchen will learn to get along with others. On the other hand, parents should encourage their children to invite their friends to participate and being exposed to so many different children, they will have to learn to deal with different types of personalities.

This skill will be useful throughout your life and the sooner you develop it, the better it will be. If a child plays with one or more friends, the seemingly simple interactions that take place around a play kitchen will teach him a lot when it comes to getting along with others.

How to work as a team – In some cases, many kids will have to work together to make the game work. For example, if they want to interact with dishes, one child will have to wash them in the sink while another dries them. And while you as a parent observe them, you should use positive reinforcement to promote the benefits of teamwork.

How to keep things organized – Trying to explain the importance of organization to a child can be a losing battle. A kitchenette can be used to clearly demonstrate why order and organization are so important.

When a child is unable to find a kitchen accessory, parents should offer gentle reminders of the importance of keeping things neat and orderly. In time these lessons will work.

How to Clean – Although a play kitchen may not get as dirty as a real one, it will require a thorough cleaning from time to time. Your kids can’t and shouldn’t use regular household cleaners, but mild dish soap and warm water are perfectly fine.

Fill a bucket with warm, soapy water and have your little ones use sponges and cloths to clean the kitchenette. You can also give them a small spray bottle filled with water to use as a cleaning material. This will make them feel like real adults and will teach them the importance of cleanliness in daily life.

Taking care of belongings – For most children, a play kitchen is a prized possession. It is important that from the beginning, you explain to them the importance of taking good care of their belongings.

When the little kitchen still looks just as good after a long time, children will have a clear example of why it is worth taking care of things.

Taking turns – Taking turns is not easy for young children but as they get older they understand it better. When more than one child wants to play with the fridge, the sink, drawers or the stove, they will have to take turns.

How to be in charge – As we mentioned before, children must be able to share and take turns to enjoy the game, however, from time to time they have to learn to be in charge of everything to make sure the rules are followed.

A youngster may be in charge by taking the initiative during games. In most cases, one of the little ones will be in charge of deciding who will do what, this being a great opportunity for them to learn leadership skills.

How to count – Even if your child already knows how to count, they can hone this skill with a play kitchen. This is when those accessories can really come in handy. To organize plates, cups, and utensils, you’ll eventually have to count them to make sure they’re all there.

This may seem silly to you, but the truth is that it can reinforce your child’s math skills and visibly show how useful numbers can be.

How to Identify Different Objects – Play kitchens have special learning benefits for especially young children. Many of them are still unable to identify basic foods, colors, and other objects.

Parents should occasionally play together with their children while using the kitchenettes and point to some food for example or make a comparison between two things and ask what it is and what its color is.

If this is done regularly, your little one will learn to identify these types of objects at a very young age while helping him to expand his vocabulary.

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