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There is probably no more controversial topic than video game consoles. There is honestly not so much variety on the market, but the truth is that each model has its staunch followers and there are species of equipment.

What happens when choosing a console is that, if you don’t do it conscientiously, you will end up taking one that will not satisfy you completely, that does not have enough memory or spaces for SD cards, that do not give you the resolution that best suits you. Like or, the most common: the most popular games of the moment are exclusive to other consoles.

Among other things, it is also possible to run into the occasional factory fault in which the battery does not charge properly, games run too slow or even controllers are easily damaged.

If you want to buy a less expensive, but great, I will be your guide.

The Best Video Game Consoles

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What is the best video game console?

Let’s start from the first. One of the biggest differences between each console is

the exclusive games that it has, such as Uncharted or The Last Of Us on PS4, Halo on the Xbox or the acclaimed Mario franchise on Nintendo. If you are dying for any of these titles, then you have to choose the right console.

In turn, there are games that are used for several platforms, but they are usually for the most recent ones. That is, if it works on the PS4 Pro, it will also work on the Xbox One S because they have very similar capabilities.

Then we have to talk about the multiplayer modes, which can be through online services such as Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network, or through local mode, in which the screen is divided equally for each player.

You should also consider whether the console will be for the use of children or family, rather than for yourselves. There it also comes into play if it works as an entertainment center for watching movies and television. Finally, you can look for an affordable one if you are tight on budget or portable if you want to take it everywhere.

Here we present you the best video game consoles:

1. PlayStation 4 Pro

Leader in quality and games


PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4) - Consola de 1...

PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4) – Consola de 1…


The PS4 Pro is the upgraded version of the PS4 that has been so successful. With this version you can play your PS4 titles at a minimum resolution of 1080p and, as a maximum point, it can offer you 4K quality with HDR so that you can enjoy the most vivid and sharp colors.

In addition, it has a GPU twice as powerful as the previous one, so any game will run perfectly, with textures of vivid colors and details like you have never seen before.

It has anti-aliasing, higher frame rates and gives you the deepest and most realistic shadows. But don’t forget to use the console together with Sony HDR 4K TVs.

2. Xbox One S

The best entertainment center


Xbox One S 1 TB + FIFA 17[Bundle[Bundle

Xbox One S 1 TB + FIFA 17[Bundle[Bundle


It is a complete package in which you can enjoy not only the console in its white version and 1 TB capacity, without coming with FIFA 17 which, although it is not the most recent, still enough.

This, the newest version of the Xbox, could not stay behind the competition and that is why it includes 4K Ultra HD technology so that you not only play in high definition, but also watch Netflix and any other content in UHD Blu-ray quality .

Enjoy the more than 100 exclusive games that the brand boasts, in addition to the Xbox Live network that many gamers love.

3. Nintendo Switch

Portability for everyone


Nintendo Switch - Consola color Azul...

Nintendo Switch – Consola color Azul…


The Switch is ideal if you are looking for something portable not only to take anywhere, but to pause a game and summarize it after a while. With your Joy-Con you can vary the game mode, the controls and change the traditional game mode.

At the same time, it not only works as a portable device, but you can connect it to your computer to have a great time and even play with friends and family in multiplayer mode.

On the other hand, it has a support at the back, which you can unfold to place the device on a table and play comfortably. You can even meet up with friends and connect up to 8 consoles for more fun games.

4. Nvidia Shield TV

Less known, but powerful


Nvidia Shield TV - Player for ...

Nvidia Shield TV – Player for …


Few people know about this console, since they have only stayed with those of the big brands such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. However, Nvidia brings them to you with this 4K HDR or HD 1080p capacity console that allows you to stream a large number of PC games.

It is also compatible with more than 100 applications for streaming, so you will be luxury if you are looking for multimedia entertainment. The package comes with a remote control to control the functions and the traditional game controller. Both controllers incorporate Google voice search.

It has 3 GB of RAM, 16 GB of hard disk, USB 3.0 and HDMI ports, as well as Android 7.0

5. New Nintendo 2DS XL

It never gets old-fashioned


Nintendo 3Ds - Consola New Nintendo 2Ds...

Nintendo 3Ds – Consola New Nintendo 2Ds…


Nintendo’s portable consoles are the kind that never go out of style for their good quality and the nostalgia they evoke with their exclusive games like Pokémon and the unforgettable Mario franchise. That’s why I couldn’t stop including this one in my comparison list.

It is the model in black and turquoise, although there is also it in white and orange, with a Poké Ball design and a carrying bag. This console is lighter than the 3DS XL, but not for that it has less power and quality.

Includes NFC connectivity, charger, stylus, 6 RA cards, and a 4 GB micro SDHC card. However, it does not have 3D.

Choosing the ideal console can be quite difficult for the person who does not know much about the subject. It is important to know that, when it comes to the big ones like Xbox or the PlayStation, the differences are not so great beyond the online gaming services and the exclusive titles. In terms of performance and capacity, they are quite similar.

Sure, if you like streaming games more, the Nvidia Shield TV is perfect. But if you’re looking for portability, the obvious choices are the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo 2DS XL, which are great, convenient, lightweight, and with excellent capabilities. In addition, they are ideal for children and even the oldest.

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