The 7 Best Twin Toy Trolleys For Your Little One’s Two Favorite Dolls


As my niece’s birthday approached, I remembered that last year she was given a very nice stroller for dolls but it didn’t last at all. The wheels had come off after a month of use. Since she always assembled multiple dolls, I thought a better twin toy car would be the perfect gift to celebrate her 5 years.

But honestly, I didn’t know how to select the most appropriate one, because these are usually larger than a normal toy stroller. In order for her to manipulate it, it had to be robust but light. I started looking among the coolest on the market to also find an affordable one.

Depending on the brand, sometimes the prices can be high. I preferred a good quality but less expensive model.

In reality, you see the options that are currently available and it causes you to start playing. They look like real strollers and they bring all the common accessories in a real stroller. That complicates the choice a bit more.

The Best Twin Toy Carts

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Bayer Design 26554Aa, Double Cart For ... Bayer Design 26554Aa, Double Cart For … No reviews
2 Twin Comfort Baby Chair for ... Twin Comfort Baby Chair for … No reviews
3 Bayer Design 26254AA Pushchair ... Bayer Design 26254AA Pushchair … No reviews
4 Knorrtoys 16694 - Double Cart for ... Knorrtoys 16694 – Double Cart for … No reviews
5 Bayer Design 26233AA Pushchair ... Bayer Design 26233AA Pushchair … No reviews
6 Famosa- Stroller for dolls ... Famosa- Stroller for dolls … No reviews
7 Bayer Design- Twin Stroller, Trolley ... Bayer Design- Twin Stroller, Trolley … No reviews

What is the best twin toy stroller?

If you are also looking for one of the same (it is always a good gift for Christmas too, or for Kings), I will tell you what it was that I took into consideration. In the end I was able to buy him one that he loved after hours choosing between several precious ones.

I have made the decision by reviewing the following before:

Size and age:

The height and length of the stroller could be difficult to handle for a girl under the recommended range. Therefore, both things go hand in hand. Whenever you want to buy a toy like this, consider whether it is suitable for the child’s age. And I say child because my niece has a little brother who also loved to take the old stroller to play. He put all his cars and balls in there.

Dolls size:

Rather than going to check the size of all the dolls that you have at home, be careful about the standard size. A model that loads those that measure between 45 and 80 cm, will be ideal. Less than there could be very small or intended for dolls of a specific brand.


It must have good balance and weight so that it does not slide uncontrollably. It could make the child using it slip and fall. Here we come back to the point of size and age. They must be appropriate for the little one. Also, its parts must be well assembled to avoid accidents such as scratches with protruding screws, etc.


Its handling should be easy. The front swivel wheels will give freedom of movement. Although it is not essential, it is very helpful when they are foldable, even for parents who want to keep the children’s room with enough space and order.


Little ones love toys that look like real adult things. The closer the design, colors and characteristics are to those of a real stroller, the happier the princess of the house will be.

The one I chose was among these that are in my opinion the 5 best twin toy cars.

Here we present you The best twin toy cars:

1. Barrutoys 69180 Twin Toy Cart

Chairs can change direction


Barrutoys Twin Doll Trolley ...

Barrutoys Twin Doll Trolley …


When it comes to playing dolls in a more realistic and fun way, this is the toy car you are looking for for your little girls. And it has all the appearance of a real stroller, but at the height and comfort that your little ones need. It is recommended for use by girls ages three and up.

It is quite safe and robust, so you will not have to fear that the stroller will fall on top of your daughters despite them placing more weight on it than it should. Zero worries!

2. Bayer CHIC 2000 Doll Stroller

With removable chairs


Bayer CHIC 2000 - Stroller for ...

Bayer CHIC 2000 – Stroller for …


This is a double seat stroller ideal for girls over 3 years old. Its color is intense and very beautiful and it brings all the safety elements for the little ones of the princess. The handle is height adjustable and can be located between 55 cm and 83 cm. Its four wheels are very comfortable and allow easy changes of direction as the front wheels are rotatable.

Bring sunshade and a safety railing in each of the two seats. For the accessories of the “babies” includes a pocket under the chairs. It is suitable for walking 50-centimeter dolls.

3. Twin Toy Cart Saica Reborn Dolls 465



Saica 465 Twin Reborn Dolls


16 Reviews

Saica 465 Twin Reborn Dolls


If what you are looking for is the cutest twin stroller on the market, this one is going to blow your mind. If it is a cute pink color and full of very feminine details. It has delicate bows throughout and lace details that are really pretty to look at.

However, not everything is there, it is also strong enough to withstand continuous walks in the part. All thanks to its four robust and highly resistant wheels, but with a smooth rolling that does not affect the surface or make noises. It also includes a convenient basket to carry accessories

4. Doll Stroller for Twin Jogger Bayer Design twins



Bayer Design - Doll Stroller for ...


102 Opinions

Bayer Design – Doll Stroller for …


It is a sportier version of the previous one as it has a three-wheeled design, ideal for girls who want to imitate this version of the stroller used by parents. It is very practical as it is foldable. When it is not in use, it can be reduced in size so that it does not make so much space in the room or the place where you keep it.

It has a couple of canopies over each seat. The height of the handle is approximately 40 – 72 cm and allows it to be used for 46 cm wrists. It is a toy suitable for children 5 years and older.

5. Twin chair with Elegance bag

In deep blue


Elegance - Twin Chair with Bag, 73 x ...

Elegance – Twin Chair with Bag, 73 x …


If your little one’s babies are boys, they would be perfect in this twin stroller because it comes in a beautiful dark blue. The recommended minimum age for use is 3 years old. As your little one grows, the handlebar can be adjusted. It has positions between 42.5 and 82 cm approximately. It can serve even 8-year-old girls.

It has the advantage of being foldable for convenient and quick storage. It works well for 40cm dolls. The front wheels are double for greater stability.

6. Baby Comfort Twin Chair

Sporty and fashionable model


Comfort Baby - Twin chair (Smoby ...


51 Reviews

Comfort Baby – Twin chair (Smoby …


It is an ideal stroller for the most flirtatious girls. Its design has very sporty lines as well as its handlebar, which is quite comfortable. It is a reversible model with very quiet wheels. The front ones are very practical since they rotate 360 ​​degrees.

The seats are designed to allow wrists of about 42 centimeters. It comes in a very nice fuchsia color. It is robust and stable enough to be handled by children 36 months and older. Its use is recommended for children up to 6 years of age.

7. Decuevas Toys folding chair for twins dolls

For the dolls to travel together


Decuevas Toys - Muñeca Classic...

Decuevas Toys – Muñeca Classic…


If you don’t like the idea of ​​the dolls traveling one after the other, you will love this model. The two seats are next to each other to see the twins at the same time. It has nice color matching and comes with three wheels.

Its handlebars are ergonomic for the princess’s comfort when giving her dolls a ride. It is foldable to make its storage more practical. Its measurements are 48 x 75 x 70 cm and it is suitable for children over 3 years of age.

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