10 Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boys 2020

What are little boys made of? Snips and snails and puppy dog tails?

It seems like today they’re made of iPads, video games and smartphones, but that’s just a sign of how times have changed and how technology has impacted our younger generations.

So when you’re looking for gifts to give a six-year-old boy these days, what can you buy?

How much do toys cost?

Well, you can buy anything you want and you can spend however much you want, but for those of you have no idea where to begin (or you’re looking for some new ideas), our list of the 10 best toys for 6 year old boys below will help you out a lot.

Check them out! We have a mixture of classic favorites and modern marvels for a variety of interests.


Of course, it is useful to know a bit about the boy’s interests and hopefully you already do, but sometimes this can present a problem.

You don’t want to give them the same type of gift that they already have; you want to be original!

Find out as much as possible if you’re shopping for a little guy you don’t know very well and be sure to discuss your ideas with the parents so they can help you fish for information.

Top 10 Toys for 6 Year Old Boys Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Razor A Kick Scooter (Blue)$$4.6
2. Spin Master Games - Perplexus Rookie (Styles and Colors Vary)$4.6
3. Fat Brain Toys Squigz- Starter Set Building Kit$$4.6
4. Bounce-Off Game$4.5
5. Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit$4.5
6. Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick (Red/Blue)$$4.4
7. Wooden Train Track 52 Piece Pack - 100% Compatible with All Major Brands$$4.4
8. Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid$$$$4.3
9. The Original Stomp Rocket: Ultra 4-Rocket Kit (20008)$4.3
10. Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies, Easy To Use and Kids Friendly$$4.2

How Much Do I Spend?

Most of our gift ideas are less than $50. Yay!

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to make a kid happy.

Number 8 is good for those who are interested in Star Wars and for adults who don’t mind spending the money on the gift. It’s a pretty cool gift that even you would like opening!

Tips to Consider in Buying Toys for a 6 Year Old Boys

Here are a few extra tips that will help you choose the right gift:

  • Is the toy designed for a single individual or is it designed for group use? This matters if you want something that other kids in the household can play with or if the boy has friends over often and needs something that he can play with in a group.
  • Are there any batteries required? If so, it might be helpful to purchase an extra set of the right batteries.
  • Does the starter kit have enough pieces or would it be best to buy extra ones so they have enough to use (think of the train tracks or the Squigz below)?
  • What skills is it helping them develop? If you know that the boy is struggling in a certain area, get him something that will make improving it fun!
  • Always find out what they already have so you aren’t purchasing a duplicate gift!

Top 5 Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boys Reviews

Remember that as we share some of the best toys for 6 year old boys with you below, we understand that these don’t work for everyone and they might already have similar toys that don’t warrant the purchase!

If that’s the case, have a look at the other five suggestions on our list. They’re all great ideas that cover a wide range of interests and budgets.

1. Razor 13003A-RD

Those who don’t yet have a scooter and have been dying to have one will love receiving a Razor, and adults love it because it is built to last!

The aircraft-grade aluminum can stand up to all of the rough hits that it will take which means your investment won’t go to waste 10 minutes into using it. The urethane wheels are also sturdy and provide a smoother ride as they scoot over a variety of surfaces.

It folds down so kids can easily fit it in a large bag or carry it when they aren’t using it, and it has rear fender breaks so kids can maintain control.

Weight limit is 143 pounds, so your six year old has plenty of years to use it! It comes in a couple different colors, as well, so if the six year old you’re gifting it to doesn’t like blue, you have a few other options!

2. Spin Master Games 6020817

Perplexus is a challenging game that will require a bit of creativity, and you might even find yourself flipping, turning and twisting this game to get the ball through the labyrinth, too!

Packed into this small sphere is around 22 feet of track that twists and turns its way around and has a whopping 70 barriers along the way that kids need to find out how to pass.

They’ll use logic and a bit of creativity to figure out the solutions, but it’s not just your average marble-through-the-maze game.

There are plenty of exciting tricks and stunts that the ball must get through in order to proceed, which makes it much more exciting than previous versions of the game.

There are adult versions, too, so if you feel this version is too simple for your little whiz kid, present them with more of a challenge by opting for that one!

3. Fat Brain Toys 0182129001424

Squigz are relaxing and entertaining at the same time. We all know how kids like to build thing and anything with a suction cup is fun to stick on a variety of surfaces!

This starter set comes with 24 pieces of 100% silicone Squigz that are both BPA-free and Latex-free.

This toy is great for kids of all ages, and you can always add more pieces to the kit later on if they want more. It encourages creativity, fine motor skills, interaction and plenty of playful experimentation, too.

Use it in the car, let them play with it during bath time…you never know where the Squigz might end up!

They are so versatile, which makes them ideal to have in the toy box, and they don’t leave ring marks on the surfaces where they are placed!

4. Mattel CBJ83

For something that kids can play in teams with each other or together with the family, Bounce-Off is a huge hit.

Just get into two teams (typically two players per team, but we all know how rules seem to be bent along the way!) and then draw a card.

Each team has their own color of ping-pong balls that they will bounce into the pegboard, their goal being to match the design on the card that was drawn.

It is a competitive game and you never know what the outcome will be. A great staple item to have for some family fun or to play at a birthday party!

5. Scientific Explorer 0SA221

For little scientists in the family (or those who you would like to introduce to science), a kit like this makes an ideal gift.

The materials inside won’t allow them to make any dangerous chemical reactions happen, but rather to how to make a color changing volcano or create a sunset in a test tube.

There are total of 11 experiments and the kit includes a guide that will provide you, the adult, the answers you need to the questions that might arise as your little scientist is performing the experiments.

For something truly useful and unique, this is an excellent gift for a six year old and affordable for you, the gift-giver.

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