6 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls 2020

Toy shopping can be overwhelming. There are so many products to choose from and it’s difficult to tell if the child you’re buying for will even play with the toys you buy. Shopping for high quality toys can be exhausting. You want to make sure you are finding something that is safe, fun and that won’t break the bank.

All girls are different, so we’ve found the perfect toys, to meet the needs of every little girl. They can go from saving the world, to riding horses and be back in time for tea with friends.

Check out our great review of the best toys for 4 year old girls, scroll down for great links, tips and ideas!

Consider This When Buying Toys for 4 Year Old Girls

Here are a few things that might be helpful to think about before picking out toys:

  • Age. (Are you shopping for toys for someone who just turned four, or who is four, about to turn five? 10-12 months can make a big difference in development and interests.)
  • Longevity. (Is this toy a fad? Or is it a classic she’ll be able to play with for years? Choosing a toy that is imagination based can make a toy last for years.)
  • Basic is Better. (Do you want a toy that fosters development, learning and creative thinking? Studies show that keeping it simple is the way to go. Avoid flashing lights, moving parts and noises.)
  • Individuality. (If you are shopping for a girl who doesn’t like princesses and tea parties, check out some of our other girl’s toys. We have super hero capes, horses and a coding toy on our list. It’s great to be different, encourage them to be who they are!)

Top 6 Toys for 4 Year Old Girls Table

PictureNameAge RangePriceRating (1-5)
Age Range
Rating (1-5)
1. Green Toys TEA01R multi one sizeThree and Up$$$4.8
2. Play-Doh My Little Pony Make 'n Style Ponies Three and Up$4.6
3. Disney Princess Mini-Figure Play Set #1 Three and Up$$4.5
4. OXX Cape and Mask Costume Three to Seven$4.4
5. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillarThree to Eight$$$$4.4
6. Melissa & Doug Children's Pasture Pals Three and Up$$4.3

Buying Tips

Not sure what to look for while you’re shopping? Here are a few ideas to keep you focused while shopping for the best toys for 4 year old girls:

  • Materials. High quality toys are made free of any harmful materials, like PVC, Latex, Lead or BPA. Read the product information to find out what toys are made out of.
  • Safety. Be aware of age restrictions and buying guides if you’re buying a toy that will go to a home with multiple children. A toy with a lot of small parts could be hazardous to a younger sibling.

Top 3 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Girls Reviews

1. Green Toys TEA01R multi one size

This tea set is a great gift to foster creative play, sharing and friendship. Its child friendly design encourages gross and fine motor skill development.

It includes a tea pot (with lid), sugar bowl (with lid), creamer, four cups, four saucers and four teaspoons. This set is great for real tea parties (with warm tea) or for pretend play of any kind.

It’s great for indoor and outdoor play; and has even been known to make its way into a bathtub! Party clean-up is a breeze; the whole set is dishwasher safe. This is a high-quality, safe, toy set. It is one that will grow with girls, long after the age of four. If you’re looking for the best toys for 4 year old girls, the Green Toys Tea Set is the best there is.

2. Play-Doh My Little Pony Make ‘n Style Ponies

Comes with four molds to create ponies: Earth, Pegasus, Unicorn and Princess. Nine different colors are included so that your child can let her imagination guide her; creating ponies in any color. A half-mold palette is included to create cutie marks, rainbow tails, manes and more.

Four pony bases will allow molded pony artwork to be proudly displayed until she’s ready to take them down and start all over. Get creative with Play-Doh, a toy let lets children’s imagination take center stage.

3. Disney Princess Mini-Figure Play Set #1

If you’re shopping for a girl who wants to feel like a princess, this play set is for her. With seven of the most popular Disney Princesses she can spend all day engaged in creative play.

This set includes, Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, Tianna, Jasmine, Merida and Aurora. Small parts may be a choking hazard for children under the age of three. She’ll spend hours acting out adventurous stories with these well-made, high quality, mini-figurines.

With Disney’s Princess Mini-Figure Play Set, she can be the hero and create her own stories!

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