The 5 Best Toy Trains For Your Boy To Enjoy The Cute


My children are not your typical dolls and stuffed animalsThey prefer car racing, buildable games, and scale models.

But boy are they messy! so maintaining these toys can be challenging. Both Samu, Irina and Iñaki have a real weakness for trains, but they haven’t had much luck finding the right one.

The first one they had did not withstand three assemblies in a row, it was of very poor quality and in a short time the area of ​​the batteries was also damaged.

Other models weren’t great either: the tracks didn’t match, they didn’t hold up for a couple of steps, the figurines faded or just got lost in the second assembly. The toy was never complete.

So I decided to look for the best toy train available on the deal. The key is to make sure that it is a solid and quality product.

The Best Toy Trains

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Train Engine and Wooden Track, 39 pcs Train Engine and Wooden Track, 39 pcs No reviews
2 60 Piece Toy Train Set ... 60 Piece Toy Train Set … No reviews
3 Action Locomotive Train with ... Action Locomotive Train with … No reviews
4 DICKIE toy 203748002 - Train ... DICKIE toy 203748002 – Train … No reviews
5 LEGO 10941 Duplo Disney Train ... LEGO 10941 Duplo Disney Train … No reviews
6 Wooden Toy Train for Children- 82 ... Wooden Toy Train for Children- 82 … 169 Reviews
7 deAO Children's Classic Train with Lights and ... deAO Children’s Classic Train with Lights and … No reviews

What are the best toy trains?

At market You will find a great variety of trains. The best of these will depend on your requirements and needs, but, above all, it will depend on what your child prefers.

Ideally, when choosing, you should take into account a series of details: the first is the material, the wooden models are small and light, suitable for any child.

If you want to choose a plastic one, for example, you must make sure that it withstands footsteps, blows and how much attack comes on it.

Another aspect that you need to verify is if the train will be electric, if it will work on batteries or if it will be manual, this quality will impact the price of the product and, surely, in its durability.

To select, a comparative between products can be helpful. However, when in doubt about what may be best for you to buyWe recommend that you consult this list, where you will surely find just what you are looking for.

Here we present you the best toy trains:

1. LEGO City high-speed passenger train

For small builders


LEGO City - Highland Passenger Train ...

LEGO City – Highland Passenger Train …


As you are accustomed to Mark Lego, this train is the golden dream of every kid with a passion for trains, cars and construction.

The Lego product has, among other elements, a motorized locomotive with an infrared remote control of 8 channels and 7 speeds.

It also has tracks, wagons and figurines that complete the package, making it one of the most attractive on the list. As always, Lego products stimulate curiosity, imagination and intellect, and they are very good quality.

It is a toy suitable for children ages 6 and up.

2. Brio 33188 wooden train set

Creative and fun


BRIO 33188 - Wooden Train Set ...

BRIO 33188 – Wooden Train Set …


Suitable for children from five years old onwards, this train is ideal if you are one of those who enjoy lying on the floor to play with the children.

It is a classic product, with 50 pieces made of light wood, ideal for assembly by the whole family and fun for the little ones.

It is a large train designed with finely detailed pieces of train tracks, trees and grazing horses, those who have it emphasize that it is a quality toy, in addition, a true beauty.

It comes with a battery powered locomotive, you must buy them separately.

3. Set the KidKraft train

Convenient and easy to store


KidKraft Bucket Top Train Set with ...

KidKraft Bucket Top Train Set with …


If you want a three that stimulates your boy’s imagination and shows him the world without leaving home, this is just what you were looking for

It comes with 61 pieces and a storage package that is covered with one of its largest pieces. It is a solid wooden train, removable, perfectly designed so that whoever uses it, assemble and disassemble it with the detailed help of the instructions.

With this train you will have a product affordable ideal if your boy is one of those who pass the table games and prefers other more imaginative toys.

4. Thomas & Friends toy train


Thomas & Friends - Toy Train, DC ...

Thomas & Friends – Toy Train, DC …


The manufacturer Thomas & Friends puts at your disposal this little toy train ideal for those boys who are bored a lot with Board Games.

It is a simple toy, made of high quality resistant plastic, very solid and small in size, specially designed to guarantee fun for your child, if he is a lover of trains.

It has detailed finishes, endowed with great aesthetics, those who have already bought it emphasize that children enjoy a lot with this little train. They also praise the durability of their materials.

It works with batteries and you find it in different colors. It has magnetic connectors.

5. Märklin toy train 29303

Complete and fun


With a design similar to that of a monorail or models of electric train Similar to the ones they have in the big cities, the Märklin train is suitable if your boy enjoys aerodynamic and modern works.

It’s about the toy less expensive From the selection we have made, however, it is quite complete and of great quality.

It comes with magnetic hooks which makes it easy to dock. It uses battery and has sound functions.

It is equipped with plastic tracks and is quick to assemble and disassemble. It is a suitable toy for children from three years onwards.

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