The Best Toy Nerf Gun of 2022


The best Nerf guns are causing

sensation in the little ones, now they are more modern, precise and with multiple functions, since the factories constantly work in innovating on the much desired toy.

The popular weapons are as requested by adults as by children, and the battle challenges captivate everyone for being fun no matter how old you are, because there are also various sizes and models of machine gun to adjust to the age of the Username.

Nerf has launched a wide range of pistols specially made for each type of game, some are large and bulky, perfect for outdoor confrontations, others for their part are light for those family games at home or indoors.

Nerf guns have been on the market for several years, and it is a toy that has not stopped evolving, there is little that the models of the 90’s look like with those of today. Now children experience superior sensations when it comes to loading, aiming and shooting, in the same way the units are more powerful, with better assembly, resistant materials and with a longer range.

It should be noted that weapons are still a toy, and considering that most are designed for children over eight years of age, they are safe products and that their shots do not really hurt, since the darts are made of foam that simply bounce when come into contact with any person or surface.

It is for this reason that pistols is an exciting, fun and safe game for everyone, which, as well as for boys, lends itself to recreation and entertaining competitions among adolescents, youth, adults, even girls and women and today Today it is among the longest-running and best-selling toys in the industry.


The Best Toy Nerf Gun

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Nerf Elite Surgefire (Hasbro E0011EU4) Nerf Elite Surgefire (Hasbro E0011EU4) No reviews
2 OR OR YOUR Children's Toy Gun ... OR OR YOUR Children’s Toy Gun … No reviews
3 Lenbest Toy Gun, 2pcs Toy Gun Lenbest Toy Gun, 2pcs Toy Gun No reviews
4 Nerf- Elite Commander RC-6 (Hasbro 0) Nerf- Elite Commander RC-6 (Hasbro 0) No reviews
5 Electronic Shooting Target, Diana ... Electronic Shooting Target, Diana … No reviews
6 Toy Gun for Arrows ... Toy Gun for Arrows … No reviews
7 Electric Toy Gun for Nerf ... Electric Toy Gun for Nerf … No reviews

What is the best toy Nerf gun?

To suggest the best Nerf guns, we have investigated the most outstanding characteristics that it can have, as well as the appropriate age ranges and the most affordable prices in relation to good quality.

Here are  the best toy Nerf guns:

1. Nerf  Modulus ECS Hasbro B1538EU4

The one with the greatest reach

Nerf Ner Blaster Modulus (Hasbro...


It is a powerful dart launcher with shots that can reach up to 27m, it is perfect for strategists or defensive players.

The pistol can be assembled in three different ways to adjust it to the requirements, it also includes 10 darts and other accessories that will expand the number of functions.

Considering the force it has, it is light at only 2kg, it also has a double barrel, a comfortable grip handle, a sight and a handle that facilitates use.

It is a semiautomatic pistol that works on batteries, it is suitable for children over 8 years old who will feel powerful and invincible with the toy. It is not exactly the least expensive, but it is a powerful model that your child will love.

2. Nerf  Retaliator Elite Hasbro 98696E35

The most accurate

Nerf - Retaliator 4 in 1 Launcher ...


It is a precise machine gun with four styles of launchers. The design is long and light, weighing only 1.2 kg, with soft buttons and ergonomic handle so that the little one gets the most out of it.

It has a proximity gun and incorporates the stock for precise launches, includes 12 ammunition, can be used for far and near attacks, on the other hand it is loaded manually but it is simple.

Another advantage is that it has compatibility with several available darts, so you can choose the type of bullet and impact stiffness.

3. Nerf  Tri-Strike Hasbro B5577EU4

Best for teens

Nerf - Modulus Tri Strike (Hasbro,...


Its size and robustness make it perfect to be used by the older ones. The equipment works with three types of darts, among which some of the most powerful stand out.

The weapon is customizable, and adapts to the type of attack you must make. It is one of the most complete armaments that you can use, it includes 10 Elite darts, a clip of 10 normal darts, 4 Mega Darts and 1 Missile so it offers the versatility and power to be victorious in any battle.

The design is nice, it simulates a normal rifle, the structure is resistant and well assembled and for its size it does not weigh too much.

It has a price that is not that affordable, but does justice to the quality of the product that has satisfied buyers.

4. Nerf  Zombie Strike FlipFury Hasbro A9603EU4

Powerful and economical

Nerf - Zombie Strike Flipfury (Hasbro...


It is one of the most economical, however its particular design with a double rotating drum has the power that every child wants in his weapon.

The design is compact, light and modern, it has space for 12 shots without reloading, in addition the compatibility is high with other models of darts. It requires no batteries, is simple to activate, responds quickly to controls, and can be operated by children five years of age and older.

It is built with good materials, the darts are made of foam and despite the speed with which it comes out they do not hit hard, so they are considered safe. It is one of the best valued by buyers and its price makes it a good option.

5. Nerf  Strongarm Elite Hasbro 36033E35

The best to start

Nerf - Lanzadardos Strongarm Elite...


Despite the basics of the design, it is capable of holding six darts and firing them 23m away. Likewise, other additional accessories can be adapted to increase its power.

It is the lightest of the suggestions and it is recommended that it be the first gun for the child to start in the world of Nerf.

The model facilitates mobility and agility, it also shoots quickly and you can operate it in burst mode.

You will be surprised by the quality of the piece, the hardness of the materials, the sophistication of the weapon and of course the cheap price, which is why it is one of the best sellers on the list of recommendations.


What is a Nerf gun?

They are toy weapons with foam ammunition that provide safe fun even for the little ones. The pistols have been in the market for more than 20 years, and have included various features such as automatic firing, motor or lights that make the game more entertaining and realistic.

Types of Nerf guns

Weapons are classified according to the mode of play, size, weight, capacity, or shape of darts. To detail the most common types, read on:

Nerf gun

It is the most common you can find, they can be used with one hand and shoot simple darts. The design resembles a revolver, although it could be larger. It is the least expensive and easy-to-use line, and it can also be modified by acquiring accessories available on the market.

Rifle Nerf

The robust design requires both hands to hold, it also has a long range and larger ammunition. They’re popular with tweens, can include other accessories like lights and sound effects, and are more expensive than the above.

Nerf shotgun

They offer a superior experience, it is capable of unloading more bullets in less time, it can even shoot in burst mode. It also has more capacity for ammunition and they are the most requested by the boys.

What’s New Among Nerf Guns

In recent launches, the market has expanded incorporating new parts such as bows that shoot arrow darts, motor-operated or battery-operated machine guns, smaller pistols, water launchers, disc launchers, with sights, models with ammunition to color and mark at the same time. opponent, vests and bullets, video game weapons for wii, ball weapons which could be more dangerous and more.

Each product has a unique and outstanding style that distinguishes the brand and that has responded to the creativity and needs of the little ones while having fun in groups.

Nerf Gun Ammunition

There are certain models of pistols that accept different types of bullets . However, for the most part, weapons need specific ammunition and their names are detailed below:

Collectible : They are the blaster darts or the star type; they are the most common on the market and are easily found.

Elite : They are also quite popular and the best known models are the N-Strike darts and mega darts.

Suction : They tend to work with most average size pistols. Of the different models that were initially manufactured, there are some that are already discontinued, even so the N-Strike Elite is available and easy to find.

Whistler / Sonic : Micro darts or any one designed to generate sound. Depending on the model they are still available.

Specialty : They are the type arrows, discs and missiles. They are easily available and the price is variable.

How to choose a Nerf gun based on play style

For more than 20 years Nerf has accompanied you in those fun wars in which you fight for supremacy among your friends. Now with so many designs and functions, the choice of weapon might not be so easy, as it comes for different types of games and special tactics.

However, if you know your style to dominate the game, this leads you to the choice of the weapon that will serve as a tool to apply your strategy, also taking into account the specifications you need such as size, dart capacity, range and rate of fire. shots. In the same way, we invite you to follow some steps to make your choice successful.

Know your style of play

Run and shoot

If you are one of those who move agilely because for you to succeed it is impossible for you to be still, a pistol that fires quickly, with a large ammunition capacity and loads quickly, will be better for you.

This style of play is aggressive, responsive, and the most demanding players even have another secondary weapon for when the primary weapon runs out of shots.

Defensive play

For some, it is a good strategy to protect themselves and defend themselves in case of attack. These players don’t move as much and activate the weapon only when necessary. For them, weapons that fire in a short distance burst are the best. Machine guns or heavy artillery are perfect for these types of players.

Sniper strategy

For those who play in open spaces and aim to attack the enemy from a distance, sniper rifles offer long-range, highly accurate darts. These types of weapons could ensure victory in the game, especially if you are part of a large team.

For the strategy to be successful, it is recommended that the individual be patient and with good aim, as well as that he remains hidden so that he is not affected in a confrontation.

Versatile player

It is as an all-in-one, ready to fill any position in the game , it is energetic jumping, running or in direct confrontation. You can use any model of weapon and you will still get the most out of it.

How to choose your primary weapon based on individual specifications

Appropriately sized weapon

Something that will determine your performance is the handling of the shape and dimension of the pistol, this is essential to fulfill your mission. Defensive members generally use heavy weapons, while offensive members use the fast movements that small pistols must have.

Amount of ammunition

Sometimes the days can be long and enough ammunition is needed to finish the operation. Snipers don’t use as many bullets, offensive players do.

However, everyone needs the availability of a certain quantity, so that they do not run out of projectiles; also considering the speed with which the machine can be recharged to be always active.


We already talked about this a bit, but in short, long-range weaponry can wreak havoc on the opposing team, so a shotgun whose darts reach 100 feet will always be a good investment.

Double armament

Handling two weapons at the same time is one of the most extreme strategies that a passionate can do. Usually two small ones are chosen and each one supports the lack of precision and low ammunition capacity that the other can have. However, the use of both weapons can lead to overconfidence that could lead to oversights that could outpace the enemy, so watch out!

Secondary weapons

Keep it as a backup

When the primary weapon runs out of projectiles, a small weapon is needed as a backup, even sometimes the primary weapon is jammed, and only the secondary weapon can respond to an attack. This should always be ready to shoot and should be easy to handle.

Bow and arrow

They are useful for eliminating enemies silently. The arrows are fast, strong, and deadly, they also have high range and pinpoint precision. The arrow could go up to 100 feet so it is considered a powerful weapon.

Machine guns

They are perfect to protect the space; even when they are at a disadvantage, the team could recover if they have a machine gun. They hold up to 25 darts and can be used to limit attack zones or do massive destruction due to their ability to fire up to one dart per second. These types of weapons are generally more expensive, but are a necessary purchase for high-level players.

Flattened weapons

They are unpopular but just as useful for certain attacks. The swords or axes are for close combat, they are also robust and allow players to defend themselves; the great advantage of them is that you will never run out of shots.


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