The Best Toy Accordion of 2022


Buying toys for children is not the easiest thing in the world. There are many aspects to consider, such as colors, durability -because they do fuel them easily-, their usefulness for learning, the risks they can represent for safety and even cheapness. However, over time I have found that musical toys are an excellent option.

In particular, my 3-year-old son Mati has shown an interest in music, so I have decided to buy him the best toy accordion. Which has not been easy because there are many low-quality, unrealistic and flimsy models.


The Best Toy Accordions

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Reig Claudio Accordion (7082) (662049) Reig Claudio Accordion (7082) (662049) No reviews
2 Bontempi- Accordion with 17 Keys ... Bontempi- Accordion with 17 Keys … No reviews
3 Classic Cantabile Child acordeon para ... Classic Cantabile Child acordeon para … No reviews
4 New Classic Toys 10055-NEW - Acordeón... New Classic Toys 10055-NEW – Acordeón… No reviews
5 10-key accordion summina, ... 10-key accordion summina, … No reviews
6 Bontempi- Wood Accordion with 17 ... Bontempi- Wood Accordion with 17 … No reviews
7 small foot company Acordeón Azul small foot company Acordeón Azul No reviews

What is the best toy accordion?

Finding one that is worthwhile, easy to use, of good quality and, of course, at affordable prices,

It is not easy but it is possible. The trick is to know what to look for in these mini-accordions in order to find one that children like and that hooks them to the music, even though it is not a real accordion.

I recommend those made with quality wood and varnished to protect it. Although there are also good quality plastic and resin that will withstand use and abuse. Also look at the quality and quantity of keys and buttons that it brings.

In my comparison list you will find the least expensive and most fun.

Here we present you the best toy accordions:

1. Small Foot Company 3304 Toy Accordion

Realistic and quality


small foot company 3304 - Accordion ...

small foot company 3304 – Accordion …


This model will be Easy to use for children from 3 years old thanks to its comfortable handle to hold and also because of its height of 24 cm and its weight of 1.3 kg, which will feel lighter over time. It is varnished and also comes with 7 buttons and 17 keys to give kids the ability to play beautiful melodies and chords and develop fine motor skills.

2. Music Academy Bontempi toy accordion

Good sound and fun guaranteed


Bontempi- Wood Accordion with 17 ...

Bontempi- Wood Accordion with 17 …


It is a wooden accordion that works well for boys and girls alike and that also works great for learning little by little, since it has 17 keys and 8 buttons, in addition to a fairly good sound quality that is close to an accordion. really. It is from the Bontempi brand, it weighs 2 kg and also includes manuals in different languages, as well as a comfortable handle.

3. Haberkorn children’s harmonica accordion

For girls


Children Accordion Harmonica Zieharmonica ...

Children Accordion Harmonica Zieharmonica …


This model is more recommended for girls because of its red design with a glossy finish, while it also includes a strap to hold it easily and prevent the girl from dropping the toy. It weighs 1.66 kg which is quite comfortable for infants 3 years and older and, apart from its 17 keys in chromatic arrangement, it is equipped with 8 buttons to create varied melodies and make it easy for the child to learn.

4. Small Foot Company toy accordion

Simple and compliant


small foot company Acordeón Azul

small foot company Acordeón Azul


There are two things to highlight about this toy accordion: its simplicity and its design. Regarding the first, it is very good for the smallest children to start and develop their fine motor skills, since it only has 7 chromatic buttons and 3 color change buttons. On its design, it comes with two openings in the shape of a butterfly that, although they are better for girls, they go almost unnoticed, so it can be used by a boy too.

5. J07620 Janod Toy Accordion

To play and have fun



Janod - Confetti - Accordion, ...

Janod – Confetti – Accordion, …


Of all the options on the market, this accordion has the most toddler-oriented design, with a colorful ribbon on the front and a fairly glossy and simple finish. It can be used by children from 3 to 8 years old and has 7 note buttons and 3 more to change the key. It will undoubtedly give you a long time of relaxation while you are gradually entering the world of music.


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