Best Thermometer for Toddlers 2020

While you know that having a thermometer in the first-aid kit is important when you have kids, there are a few things to look for and take into consideration when you’re on the hunt for the best thermometer for a toddler.

Each child reacts differently to the sometimes-scary thermometer, so chances are if you have problems with the one you’re using, you’ll find a better one on our list below.

Check them out!

Types of Thermometers and Accuracy

Some thermometers will provide you with a more accurate reading than others, and we’re not just referring to the quality of the thermometer but also where you use it to get a reading.

Here are your options.

  • Ear. If you’re looking for a combination of peaceful + accurate, then this is probably the best thermometer for a toddler.
  • Oral/Rectal/Underarm. These provide you with the most accurate temperature readings but, as many of you know, a rectal reading certainly isn’t the most popular choice for a toddler!
  • Forehead. This thermometer is similar to the next one. It provides you with a temperature reading once scan the middle of the forehead.

For sleeping children or those who don’t like traditional thermometers, these are a great alternative, however, be aware that the reading accuracy isn’t as good as the previous two. It will give you more of a general temperature idea and not an exact temperature reading.

  • Temporal Artery. This is a popular choice for many because it isn’t intrusive and is the least likely (along with the forehead thermometer) to upset your little one.

This gives you a temperature reading when you place it near the temporal artery (located between the eye and hairline), but it isn’t as accurate as some of the others.

Top 6 Thermometers for Toddlers Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Braun Ear ThermometerEar$$4.7
2. Clinical Forehead ThermometerForehead$$4.5
3. Medical Infrared ThermometerForehead$$$$4.5
4. Medical Forehead and Ear ThermometerForehead and ear$$$4.4
5. ErgaLogik FDA Approved Digital Baby ThermometerOral, Rectal, Underarm$4.3
6. Exergen Temporal Artery ThermometerTemporal Artery$$4.0

Temperature Reading Tips

In addition to helping you find the best thermometer for a toddler, we also thought we’d offer a few tips for those of you who looking for a way to keep your little one calm as you take their temperature.

  • Look for a thermometer that doesn’t beep or make noises if you’re worried that you’ll wake your toddler. Some silently light up when they get a reading (like number 2) which means no sound to wake your little one and something that you can actually see in the dark!
  • It might be a good idea to have several types of thermometers on hand since each one will give you slightly different readings.

When choosing which ones, you probably need one that your toddler tolerates well to at least get an idea of the temperature and one that gives you the most accurate readings (which for many parents is the one their toddler hates!)

  • Pre-warmed tips rock! These make the tip of the thermometer a comfortable temperature so it’s not as shocking for your little one.

Top 3 Best Thermometer for Toddlers Reviews

1. Braun IRT6500US

Parents seem to have the most success with taking toddlers’ temps when they use this ear thermometer from Braun.

This has a guidance system that tells you visually and audibly if the thermometer has been positioned correctly and it has those pre-warmed tips we just told you about above!

On the accuracy scale, this earns a 7/10. While we (and many other parents) love it for the useful, toddler-friendly features, the overall accuracy isn’t as good as an oral or rectal thermometer.

This earns the top spot on our list for many reasons, but we feel it’s important for you to know the pros and cons of each one!

2.Clinical Forehead Thermometer GM-200F

This forehead thermometer is great because it has a silent mode that allows you to mute the beeping and avoid waking your sleeping toddler. The display is large and it lights up so you can easily see it in the dark, too!

Why else do we love it? Because it also works as a room temperature thermometer and a bottle temperature thermometer!

These little devices are getting awfully handy these days. Accuracy for body temp reading earns an 8/10!

3. Medical Infrared Thermometer

This thermometer uses an infrared laser to provide you with a temperature reading and works great for little ones who have having their temperature taken. No touching involved!

It gives you readings audibly (in both English and Spanish) or you can choose the silent mode if you are getting a temperature reading at night.

Accuracy: 7/10. It’s a great little device!

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