6 Best Teddy Bears 2020

How hard was it for us to narrow down our list of the best teddy bear stuffed animals to just six?

Let’s just say that we now feel the need to go out and buy all the teddies we couldn’t include in order not to hurt their feelings!

There are so many of these cute, fuzzy and cuddly creatures out there and since we know how hard it can be to choose one, we’ve simplified your search by highlighting the top picks in our list below.

There’s more to it than choosing which is the cutest, and we’ll help you understand what to look for as you search so that you can pick out a teddy that will last.

Here we go!

What to Look For

Quality is key when it comes to choosing a teddy bear, so here are a few things to look for as you compare and contrast brands:

  • Seams. Always check the seams. If there are any holes, request a replacement or return it. Don’t be afraid to gently pull at the seams to see how sturdy they are and make sure there are no unravelling threads.
  • Fabric. Teddy bears are made from a variety of materials; mohair, alpaca hair, wool felt, velvet, suedes, cotton, cotton blends or even cashmere.

Of these, mohair or mohair blends are the most popular choices since the fibers are so long and soft. Make sure the teddy doesn’t shed!

If the person receiving the teddy bear has allergies, remember that these longer fibers tend to collect dust mites, which can trigger allergy symptoms. In this case, you might seek out a fabric with a lower pile, such as wool or cotton blends.

  • Machine Washable. If teddy is going to a baby, toddler or child, then it’s going to get dirty!

You’ll want to make sure you check to see if it’s safe to throw the teddy bear in the washing machine or if it is spot clean only. If the teddy is going to a child, then it’s best to get a machine washable one.

Top 6 Teddy Bears Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Gund Maxie Tan 14" Bear Plush$4.8
2. Huge Teddy Bear - Tan $$$$4.7
3. Gund Philbin Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal $$4.7
4. Gund Fuzzy Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal $4.7
5. Jellycat Bashful Honey Bear - Medium$$4.6
6. Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear $$$4.3

Teddy Bear Size

Small and cuddly or larger than life? Decide how large teddy should be.

For babies and toddlers, it’s easier to get them something that they can carry around the house and outside during all of their daily adventures.

Larger teddy bears, such as numbers 2 and 6, are great for bigger kids. Sometimes the larger ones can scare younger children, so choose accordingly! Remember that larger bears will also be harder to clean because chance are that they won’t fit in the washing machine.

Top 3 Best Teddy Bear Reviews

1. Gund Maxie Tan 14″ Bear Plush

This sweet little bear by Gund is a classic favorite: soft fur, a friendly face and warm eyes. This teddy has “hug me!” written all over it!

The fibers are made of a polyester blend and have a slight shaggy texture to them with the paws made of a lower pile fabric that is equally as soft. He measures 14 inches from ear to feet. Structurally he is a mix between floppy and rigid.

Whether you’re looking for a baby gift, something for a child or a special gift for an adult, this is an excellent choice. The teddy is well sewn and reasonably priced.

2. Huge Teddy Bear

Huge is right! This is one big teddy!

It measures in at 38 inches tall from his ears to his feet (over three feet) and his body is made of a plush polyester fiber fabric. When sitting, he measures 24 inches.

This makes a great addition to a reading corner, playroom or nursery where you’re looking to create a cozy, friendly feeling and a cuddly friend that your little one can grow up with.

It also comes in a dark brown and cream color if you’re not interested in the tan.

Spot cleaning only!

3. Gund Philbin Teddy Bear

We included couple of other Gund teddies on our list because Gund makes quality bears!This guy has a different look thanks to his large, protruding nose and beady eyes. He’s unique!

It measures 18 inches in height, the fabric fibers are a polyester blend and his paws have a low pile fabric that is satin stitched around the borders to keep it smooth.

This is another spot clean teddy that you won’t be able to throw in the washing machine, but being a quality Gund bear, you won’t want to risk ruining it anyways. Definitely one of the best teddy bear stuffed animals on our list!

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