The 5 Best Swings For Children That Will Fill Them With Joy


Outdoor games are a healthy way to keep children active. There are several practical alternatives that help cognitive, physical and social-affective development during childhood, such as those offered in children’s parks.

With this comparison we present the best swings for children that exist in the market, to contribute to their growth with hours of fun.

Varied options, which you can take home for the joy of your children, with wide colors and a lot of security, with which you will create a space for healthy recreation at home.

The Best Swings For Children

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Smoby-310191 Columpio Metal 180 cm, ... Smoby-310191 Columpio Metal 180 cm, … No reviews
2 GO! Elements Garden swing for ... GO! Elements Garden swing for … No reviews
3 HOMCOM Children's Nest Swing Garden ... HOMCOM Children’s Nest Swing Garden … No reviews
4 Smoby- Baby Swing Baby swing, 120 x ... Smoby- Baby Swing Baby swing, 120 x … No reviews
5 EXTSUD 3 In 1 Children's Swings for ... EXTSUD 3 In 1 Children’s Swings for … No reviews
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What is the best swing for children?

The swings and slides are the most popular games for Small children and big. There are of garden, for terrace and for patios, even for limited spaces such as door.

The best swing you can find must meet these basic premises:

  • Equipment cost: according to your budget, you can get the one that meets your expectations.
  • Age recommendation: there are specific models for baby newborn, which differ from those recommended from 1 to 3 years old. Follow the directions for each case.
  • Safety: they must guarantee the integrity of the child.
  • Color: light and varied colors are preferred among the little ones.
  • Shelf Life: Heavy-duty materials will extend durability.

Here we present you the best swings for children:

1. Smart Swift Wickey Children’s Swing

Multiple entertainment


Wickey Columpio Infantil Smart Swift...

Wickey Columpio Infantil Smart Swift…


A striking product due to the layout of the space, which takes advantage of its dimensions in a practical way. It integrates two swings and a slide with a ladder to climb. The rustic aspect goes hand in hand with the resistance of its materials, ideal to withstand long hours of play. Made of solid wood in its structure and plastic in its seats and slide. It occupies about 313 x 260 x 210 cm. Aimed at children over 2 years.

2. Kibo Masgames Double Swing

With adjustable cords


If you want a traditional game system, which guarantees fun for young and old, you may consider this presentation of the Mark Masgames. These are two units, one with a seat standard and another with a special chair for babies, made each plastic swing. The base and cross beam are made of wood, which is embedded in the floor. It measures 285 x 275 x 220 cm. It brings detailed instructions for its installation.

3. Smoby children’s swing

Made of resistant materials


Smoby-310191 Columpio Metal 180 cm, ...

Smoby-310191 Columpio Metal 180 cm, …


The youngest of the house will be able to enjoy with this practical outdoor swing, to locate you in places with limited space. It occupies about 168 x 164 x 180 cm and is suitable for use by children between 3 and 8 years old. The predominant material is steel, interconnecting its parts with plastic pieces in striking colors. It can be installed on a solid base, without permanent fixation. It is enough resistant to different environmental conditions.

4. Famosa Feber children’s swing

Double fun


Feber - Children's play swing ...

Feber – Children’s play swing …


An ingenious way to combine two activities in one. The child can swing while receiving a spray of water from the top of the structure, randomly. With three fun game modes that are activated when moving or stopping. It measures 170 x 186 x 191 cm and is made with a base of tubes and plastic pieces. It is affordable and very durable.

5. BBCare swing for children, adolescents and adults

Easy to install


Guaranteed entertainment for the whole family with this modifiable swing, which allows you to adapt your seat to babies, children and adults. Its plastic parts are made up of a backrest with seat belt and leg rests, which can be removed to adjust to each growth stage or user. Brings ropes that efficiently support a maximum weight 80 kg. It is less expensive than the rest, an aspect that does not detract from good quality of your materials.

What is a swing?

It is a hanging seat from one or two ropes, which, being suspended in the air, enables people to swing from one place to another. It is one of the oldest forms of children’s play, given the simplicity of its operation.

Children cling to each rope, drawing momentum with their feet and legs, to increase speed and height with each swing.

Types of swings

Creativity and resources can enable the use of swings in different ways, ranging from individual even the group. Therefore, we find several types of swings, among which the following stand out:

Rubber swings

Made with recycled materials, these swings with tires used remain hung by chains. The child sits in this seat redondo letting his legs pass through the hole in the rim, holding on tightly as he swings.

Baby swings

One of the common factors in these swings is the use of support and leg support, to keep the baby firmly seated. Most parents purchase it from specialty stores. Implement safety straps.

Porch swings

It is located at the entrance of the houses, its dimensions are on par with a standard furniture or sofa. This is hung from the ceiling and several people can sit at the same time. Wood and metal are combined with cushions and fabrics in different colors in this swing chair.

Hammock swings

cloth or net fabrics that serve as rest for one or more people. They are hung on trees, fixed bases or wall anchors.

Tandem swings

swing supported by four ropes, in which seat two people can sit. They bring bases to place the feet. Its movement depends on the harmonious rocking produced by its users.

How big is your family?

Al to buy A swing, you should keep in mind that it is an investment that should prevail over time, as the children grow, the number of potential users, if you plan to have more children and even the visit of little friends.

Luckily there are several models that allow adaptation to changes, either with average dimensions or with removable components such as backrests and leg supports, essential accessories in the case of babies.

General design and materials

Find a perfect swing that combines an attractive appearance with a structure that provides greater security, It is not an easy task. This should last over time with intense use and that is where the relationship between design and materials becomes important.

Choosing on wood

One of the advantages of certain woods used to create swings is that they come from trees that have developed resistance to adverse weather conditions, as well as to different fungi and insects. Appearance that guarantees greater durability of the finished product.

Treated or specially finished wood minimizes the risk of splinters or blisters affecting the skin. Its appearance is attractive, and it is a decorative addition for patios big.

It is biodegradable and renewable, which makes it excellent for caring for the environment, as well as being non-toxic.

Choosing in metal

They offer resistance and durability, with a stability superior to those made of wood. However, you must be aware of where it is installed. The sun’s rays heat the structure, therefore, it is recommended place him in a shady area or under the shelter of a tree.

They are permanently fixed to the ground by means of concrete, although there are presentations with plastic finishes or anti-slip material, to mount them on a smooth surface.

Its parts remain intact over time, with the anticipation of the use of anticorrosive elements such as special paints. They are easy to assemble and are usually light in weight. Manufacturers add alternative games to the main swing, such as the slide or the jumper.

Safety aspects and concerns

  • Toxicity: you must check if its components are suitable for the use of children.
  • Heat retention: materials can maintain a high temperature in direct sunlight. Wait for the heat to decrease before using them, to avoid burns.
  • Stable base: Nailing the structure to the ground is the most recommended option.
  • Anchoring and finishing of pieces: the union between pieces, whether of wood O metalThey must be well finished to avoid scratches and cuts on the skin.
  • Adult supervision: no matter how safe a swing may seem, it must be constantly watched by a person responsible for the care of the little ones.



You have to be clear between the ratio of space required by the product, the height that the little one can reach before an impulse, the additional space around the set, etc.


Try to take a reasonable time instead of buying the first one you see.


Evaluate the special additives to get the best one.

Why buy swings as a set?

According to your economic reach, you can evaluate the acquisition of swings with other fun options. Slides, climbing walls and bars assorted colors perfectly complement the play area home. Maybe this is not cheap, but it is well worth it for the happiness of the little ones.

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