Top 5 Best Stuffed Pigs Your Toddler Will Love To Cuddle


Among so many toys that I have given them, my girls love to go out with their stuffed animals in their bag. For this reason, I have taken pains to get you the best pig plush to complete your collection of fluffy and fun animals.

And it is that, among so many modern inventions, stuffed animals are still a favorite for any boy or girl to have a travel companion, for a walk or to sleep cuddled at night.

The first years of life are especially important in creating this bond. And if we choose the right one, I assure you that they will treasure it even as they get older.

The Best Stuffed Pigs

# Preview Product Assessment
1 NICI- Zuzumi Pig Plush, Multicolor ... NICI- Zuzumi Pig Plush, Multicolor … No reviews
2 Aurora Flopsie - Stuffed Pig Aurora Flopsie – Stuffed Pig No reviews
3 Heunec 384675 Kisses - Pig of ... Heunec 384675 Kisses – Pig of … No reviews
4 TOYANDONA Large Hugging Pillow ... TOYANDONA Large Hugging Pillow … No reviews
5 Heunec 282674 Softissimo Classics -... Heunec 282674 Softissimo Classics -… No reviews
6 Lazada Pig Plush Stuffed Pig ... Lazada Pig Plush Stuffed Pig … No reviews
7 Cochon Cochon Porcelets Cochon de ... Cochon Cochon Porcelets Cochon de … No reviews

Here are  the best stuffed pigs: 

1. Melissa & Doug Pink Lifelike Stuffed Pig

With 38cm tall


Melissa & Doug- Pig - Plush, Pink ...

Melissa & Doug- Pig – Plush, Pink …


If you are looking for a giant stuffed animal, this is a great option to have a life-size animal at home. Recommended for older children, my 7 year old daughter loves it. In addition, they can ride on his back, hug him and play with him without deforming or falling.

The pig stands upright thanks to a good quality metallic internal structure that resists all kinds of games. It is not super soft, rather it is firm but soft to the touch.

Its face is tender and very realistic with a snout, soft ears and a curly tail.

2. Carl Dick Piggy Plush

Very hairy and soft body


Plush - Pig (Plush, 18cm) ...

Plush – Pig (Plush, 18cm) …


It is a unique model in the market for its position and smoothness. It certainly stands out because it can be seated on any surface and is so soft that its plush fur looks real.

This stuffed pig is ideal to regulate a child who is a fan of animals because he will not mind having it repeated because it is very original.
The small size makes it ideal for travel or transport in the stroller. But the best thing is that its legs, muzzle and ears are very soft, the little ones will be able to catch it with a little hand without problem.

3. Stuffed plush toy in the shape of a piglet Lazada

Stuffed cushion style


Lazada Pig Plush Stuffed Pig ...

Lazada Pig Plush Stuffed Pig …


This brand has several back cushion style animals that are well affordable for any parent, but without a doubt my favorite are these cuddly, padded pigs.

For the little ones it serves as a pillow but it is also a great option to hug tightly for the older ones. Its body is large, 46 cm long, ultra soft and malleable, it stretches and returns to its original shape.

Another point in favor of this super pig is that it is made with ecological material that is safe for children since it will not give them allergies.

4. Aurora Flopsie plush pig

Thin and fluffy plush



Aurora Flopsie - Stuffed Pig

Aurora Flopsie – Stuffed Pig


This version is ideal for babies and a perfect inexpensive gift for a little one at Christmas. The best thing is that it is soft and smooth so children love to hold it or sleep with it, they will never want to let go thanks to its furry and soft fabric. Its structure is delicate, comfortable and stretched, do not expect it to stand up but it is an easy toy to hold and move.

It can be easily transported in any baby bag and is easily cleanable, so there is no problem with storing it because it does not accumulate dust.

5. Beanie Boos Piggley TY

Original character design


TY - Beanie Boos Piggley, plush ...

TY – Beanie Boos Piggley, plush …


Within the TY collection, its world famous soft toys for their bright and large eyes, upright position and high quality you can find this beautiful pink pig.

Like the whole set, each of these pigs looks like a cartoon and comes with a birthday date to create a character that connects more with the children.

I recommend buying it if you want a toy with personality, nice to display in the child’s room and very soft to hug. In addition, it is one of the least expensive plush options that you will find among any comparison of plush toys.


 What to consider when buying a stuffed animal?


Choosing a stuffed animal may seem superficial but in reality it is a gift that can mark childhood and even become a treasured object for your children.

Let’s be honest, many of us still cherish or cherish a blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal from our early years. So, in anticipation of this, it is best to buy an animal that is of the highest quality to last for years into the future.

But the question is how to achieve it? And that’s why here I bring you a list of the elements that make up the best stuffed plush toys so that you can know how to distinguish between the good and the extraordinary.

Type of animal


It seems incredible that something so superficial can influence and, in reality, it is not that relevant, but what I propose here is to choose the type of animal on purpose to create a specific bond.

The children can be linked first hand with any species or type of animal as long as it is an easily huggable and soft stuffed animal. However, the idea of ​​choosing one animal over another goes beyond taste, it is a way of showing a value or reinforcing an attitude.

Let me explain better, buying a shark can be a good idea to eliminate the fear of the little ones of sharp teeth or water, having a lion can make them feel brave and strong like their furry friend and giving an owl can be the perfect wink to encourage reading in children.

In this case, the pig is a decision that comes from the need for cleanliness, a big heart and to promote honesty.



In this case, it is not a matter of choosing one color over another but of the intensity and quality of the animal’s color. Having bright stuffed animals can make your child more cheerful, while a soft-hued one makes the stuffed animal represent a moment of calm, such as sleeping.

It is also important to choose a color that is easily washable or that hides food stains, since many children love their stuffed animals so much that they do not let go of them even to go to the table.

When the toy is lost, having a bright or reflective color is also a great trick to find them easily.

In addition, having strong colors helps that over the years the animal does not become discolored and lose its magic.


Now we do get into transcendental matters. The length of the animal, in all its dimensions, is something we should think about as parents before starting to choose stuffed animals or toys in general.

There are a wide variety of sizes and each one works for a specific purpose.

Small stuffed animals are ideal for younger children but also as a companion to take on trips, family outings or sleepovers.

Instead, big animals are better at persuading awful kids to go to bed or having a fun corner in your kid’s room.


Another very important matter is to choose a good internal and external material. The best stuffed animals are those capable of lasting for years and for them you need a good resistant fabric and well-reinforced seams.

In addition, the material that covers the stuffed animals should be soft and delicate for babies’ hands and faces but as resistant as possible because children will drag, bend, climb and move as much as they can.

But this is not all. If the manufacturing material can be safe for children, you will be investing in a great product, the best thing is that the fabrics are anti-allergic, resistant to humidity and that they do not accumulate dust.

And finally, you should look for a stuffed animal that is washable, not for your children but for our peace of mind as parents.


Safety has a lot to do with this decision. Very cuddly or large animals can be excessive and dangerous for babies while smaller ones with smooth skin are better.

In general, in this regard, brands have an age suggestion that is always a good idea to follow.

And, finally, you must bear in mind that the age will also depend on the use and interaction that children have with the animal. From my experience I know that around 3 years old boys are usually very active and playful with stuffed animals, so it is an excellent time to give a pig.

The “cuddly” factor

This is the point where the pigs win the battle over other animals (Urra for them). And it is that instantly and without realizing it, children love things that are tender, soft and delicate.

If your adult taste no longer recognizes cute things, nothing is more infallible than the hug test, everything that is padded and fluffy will be a good child’s stuffed animal.

The benefits of stuffed animals

For young children

In rivers between 2 and 3 years of age, basic skills of empathy, gentleness and language can be very well fostered with a cuddly stuffed animal as a companion.

This, not to mention that stuffed animals are excellent tools of example and help for parents and teachers when it comes to parenting and habit-building tasks.

For preschool age

The comfort and confidence that a stuffed animal gives is seldom surpassed by another toy and the possibility of having a safe hug gives a feeling of care and company that the child will value in their early years.

But one of the best things with children is watching them play imaginatively and there is nothing better for this than a classic and inanimate doll that exploits their creativity.

School age

Along the same lines, a great advantage of having a stuffed animal is that play and interaction can evolve and grow together with the child. For this reason, as our children learn and know new skills, their games with the stuffed animals take on more complex situations.

Observing these games also gives us a profile of what the child’s personality is like and what concerns or interests they have.

Encourage parenting

One of the most common ways to learn to obey and take responsibility is when children act as parents, teachers, or authority figures towards other smaller dolls. In these cases, animals are great for learning to go to the bathroom or eat vegetables.

Constant smile

The smiling and funny faces of the stuffed animals become a comforting place when children are sad or feeling sick. In the plush dolls you can find a reason and an example of happiness and a good attitude.

Best hugs

Soft, fluffy, squishy and warm. Nothing is better to hug than an object that has all these characteristics and if we add a cute face to it, the thing becomes very inevitable.

That’s why stuffed animals are better at cuddling than stiff, hard toys.

Easy to clean

Do not be surprised if after a week the new teddy seems to have gone through a battle with food, mud or the street, it is super normal.

That is why many companies have decided to make dolls suitable for washing machines so that we adults only have to put them in regular laundry and have a like new stuffed animal every week.

In general, this is something that is appreciated considering the number of games and toys that accumulate dirt and are never able to wash completely.

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