6 Best Snow Boots for Toddlers 2020

Skiing and sledding season is here! (at least we assume it is since you’re hunting for snow boots).

Whether you’re planning a wintery getaway in the middle of summer or you’re in the middle of winter and find that you have no appropriate footwear for your little one, we’ll help you find the best snow boots for toddlers on our list below.

There are a few things to take into consideration before you choose so check out all of our useful tips in order to find the right pair for your needs!


One of the biggest factors in your decision will most likely be the price, and with the cost of raising a kid these days, we can’t blame you!

Why spend $60 on a pair of kid’s boots that will last one season?

It’s true that you can opt for a less expensive pair, but think of it this way:

  • If you have a growing family, the next toddler in line will be able to use the boots once this one grows out of them. You save yourself from buying another pair.
  • Usually cheap boots are cheap for a reason: they’re poorly made with low-quality materials. Rather than buying two pairs of boots in a season because the first one failed, spend just a bit more on something that will last! Saves you time and money in the long run.

Top 6 Snow Boots for Toddlers Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Sorel Commander NOCT S Cold Weather Boot $$4.9
2. Tundra Teddy 4 Boot$$4.6
3. Northside Frosty Snow Boot$$$4.5
4. Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot$$4.5
5. Stride Rite Girls Made 2 Play Sneaker Winter Boot$$$$4.5
6. Nova Toddler Girl's Winter Snow Boots$4.5

Not a fan of the boot colors and patterns in our list? Not a problem! All of the quality boots we’ve highlighted are available in a variety of colors and patterns for both girls and boys. Check each one out to find the one that will work for your little one!

Useful Features

Here are a few useful features that you and your child will definitely appreciate:

  • Strap. Most boots have straps that allow you to tighten the boot shaft to your toddler’s calf. Strap positioning, however, can vary between models.

Numbers 2 and 5, for example, have a higher strap that will prevent any snow from leaking in and number three has a bungee cord with closure on top that does the same thing. Lace up boots are fine, too, but require a bit more time to secure on the feet.

  • Rubber Uppers. A nice pair of rubber uppers will prevent leaks. If you know that your child will be playing frequently outside in the snow, then you’re better off with numbers 1-4 on our list above.
  • Insulation. If temperatures are really low, then you’ll want something with plenty of insulation (number 1 or 6). For average wintery temps, the other options are fine. Just have some warm winter socks for them and they’ll be fine.
  • Weight. Make sure the boot isn’t too heavy for your toddler. If they have too much trouble lifting their feet then they won’t be able to play very well.

Top 3 Best Snow Boots for Toddlers Reviews

1. Sorel Commander NOCT S

Plenty of traction, fuzzy insulation, rubber uppers and a rubber sole. The Sorel Commander boots have everything you need to get your toddler through the winter.

Why Parents Love Them: Keep feet dry and warm, rubber isn’t too heavy, great traction, not too clunky, great for wide feet, accurate sizing.

These cost a bit more than some of the other boots, but like we said, if you have a growing family and you know the boots will come in handy for other toddlers, then they’re worth it!

Toddler Sizes: 4-9.

2. Tundra Teddy 4 Boot

If you’re looking for a decent boot for toddlers and want to spend just a bit less, Tundra Teddy is another great option. They have synthetic uppers with a rubber toe shell, fleece lining and hook and loop closures at the calf to keep snow out and the heat in.

Why Parents Love Them: Keep feet dry and warm, strap keeps feet secure and snow out, cute patterns and colors available, comfortable fit.

Some have found that the fit was a bit snug, so you might need to order a size up from your toddler’s usual size. They’re on the narrow side.
Toddler Sizes: 4-10.

3. Northside Frosty Snow Boot

They feature waterproof uppers, a bungee cord closure at the top to keep snow out plus a lower strap to offer a more secure fit.

Why Parents Love Them: Affordable, waterproof, keep feet warm.

While these are the most popular boots on our list (lower price) that doesn’t mean them the best snow boots for toddlers. In terms of quality, they seem to fall apart more quickly than some of the other options. They’re fine for light, occasional use, but not for a toddler that spends a lot of time outdoors in the snow.

Toddler Sizes: 5-10 (sizing tends to run narrow, so be careful if your toddler has wider feet).

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