The 5 Best Slides For Your Children To Have Unlimited Fun In Your Own Backyard


With children in the house and little time to take them to distraction or to the park, the best thing you can do is buy the best children’s slide so that they have fun without stopping.

These equipment are placed in the yard and are a very useful tool for exercise and healthy distraction for the little ones in the house.

Before decorating your patio with one of these, you should evaluate the age range of your children and be sure which of the slides they will like the most, for that it is also important that you take into account a series of qualities that these playground equipment have. .

It is important that you make a comparison between models, types and styles and take the one that best suits you, your children like the most and best suits your budget.

The Best Slides

# Preview Product Assessment
1 FEBER - Water Slide for Children to ... FEBER – Water Slide for Children to … No reviews
2 KG KITGARDEN - Children's slide, ... KG KITGARDEN – Children’s slide, … No reviews
3 Feber - Slide With Ramp 107cm ... Feber – Slide With Ramp 107cm … No reviews
4 Smoby - Toboggan KS, Color Azul (310269) Smoby – Toboggan KS, Color Azul (310269) 2,429 Reviews
5 FEBER - Activity Center (Famous ... FEBER – Activity Center (Famous … No reviews
6 Jamara 460501 Funny Slide - Toboggan ... Jamara 460501 Funny Slide – Toboggan … No reviews
7 Smoby Toy Story 4 - Toboggan XS ... Smoby Toy Story 4 – Toboggan XS … No reviews

What is the best children’s slide?

We did a test of the offer available in the market , we compared prices, styles, types and manufacturers and we drew up this small list of what we consider to be the best five.

Here are  the best children’s slides: 

1. Papillon slide swing 8326020

Safe and resistant


Inspired by the conventional design of slides in parks and playgrounds , this model from the manufacturer Papillon is designed for children from 3 to 7 years old and is capable of supporting up to 35 kilograms.

It has top-of-the-line finishes and is made of plastic with sturdy materials. Those who already bought it say that it is great fun for little ones, but it tends to be small after 7 years.

Other users bought it with the intention of placing it at the edge of the pool, but claimed that it only works if the little ones will slide. It is not valid for an adult.

Its price is considerably the highest on our list. But if your budget is in line and your children are in the age range. It may be a good choice.

2. Mi toboggan (310269) Smoby

Stable and ergonomic


Smoby - Toboggan KS, Color Azul (310269)


2,429 Reviews

Smoby – Toboggan KS, Color Azul (310269)


If your children are between 2 and 5 years old, this is the slide for them! Model 310269 from the manufacturer Smoby is stable, light and very safe.

It is a colorful, solid-looking patio instrument with bars and ladders for stability.

It also has a dispenser added to put in a hose socket, so it’s aquatic . It also has ergonomic handles to slide easily.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble and can be stored without major inconvenience. It is affordable and exclusively available in blue with yellow.

3. Feber water slide

With water dispenser


FEBER - Water Slide for Children to ...

FEBER – Water Slide for Children to …


The slider of the brand Feber, is designed for toddlers from 2 years. It supports up to 30 kilograms and is made with good quality materials .

It is a small, light and stable instrument. It has protection against UV rays that do not heat it or discolor it if it hits the sun from the front. So if you place it on the patio in the summer afternoons your children will be able to slide without being bothered by the heat on the surface.

It is easy to assemble and store and can even be placed, with adult supervision, at the edge of small pools.

It has a low price and comes in different colors with various measurements and sizes. Plus, it comes with a water dispenser to keep it moist

4. Children’s Garden Slide

Ideal for little ones


Mochtoys 5907442108323 - Slide ...

Mochtoys 5907442108323 – Slide …


The slide that the manufacturer Tiktaktoo offers for sale, barely exceeds one meter in height and is definitely designed to amuse the little ones.

It is a small, light item, easy to install and store, colorful and very stable, equipped with two large handles that provide firmness when climbing and grip when sitting down.

Its users affirm that it is solid and with good finishes. It has steps with support, it is not too big so and it works inside the house as well as outside .

It is inexpensive and you get it in colorful shades.

5. Small slide XS Smoby

Durable and easy to store


Smoby-310270 Small slide XS Green ...

Smoby-310270 Small slide XS Green …


The XS 310270 slide model from the manufacturer Smoby is the least expensive and smallest of our selection, although it has resistant and high-quality finishes due to its dimensions and characteristics, it is practically a toy .

Made with an ergonomic, colorful and stable design, it is an easy instrument to assemble, disassemble and store. You get it in various colors.

If your babies are under 4 years old, this is the slide they need. It has non-slip steps that provide grip and stability. In the opinion of those who have already bought it, it is the perfect product for the little ones at home.

With the function of stimulating the healthy distraction of the little ones, this slide can be complemented with other implements for maximum fun for your children. And if they are very young, an inflatable mattress in the landing area will make their life more fun.


About the slides

It is a simple concept. It is a relatively

smooth, positioned on a slope that, when people push down from the top, slide to the bottom.

The modern slide or slide was invented by Charles Wicksteed in 1922. This early slide was made of wood , but since then, slides have evolved and diversified. One of the points on which manufacturers have placed the greatest emphasis is on safety.

Modern slides put protection on the sides to prevent children from falling. Another modern factor is that they are usually made of different varieties of plastic to avoid problems of deformation, splinters and other risks in their wood and metal versions.

The production of slides has also focused on new ways to captivate users, they do not have to be simple slopes, now they are steep, shallow, full of obstacles and much more. They can be found in practically all games in most countries in the world and are also common in schoolyards and private courtyards.

Selecting a slide

Slides come in a wide range of styles and in a variety of prices, so it is essential to thoroughly evaluate your options before making a purchase. It is important that you consider certain characteristics of interest, before taking one home, for this it is necessary that you take into account:


It is one of the most obvious and necessary factors to consider for any purchase option. They can be very tall or very short, but most home slides will be no larger than 1.5 meters. A taller slide is more difficult to transport, install, and maintain. In addition, you must buy the appropriate one for the age range of the children in the house.


All slides are designed to create incline. They all bring a piece that establishes the angle with respect to the ground, which determines its inclination and, consequently, the sliding speed. Wider angles will require more space. In the case of young children avoid steep angles that can cause injury, for older children, these angles are precisely the most exciting.


This quality is one of those that has the least impact on its overall functionality, but you should consider it for security reasons. Those with less space may work for young children, but the slide will cease to be useful when they grow up. People prefer to buy slides that are wide enough to grow with the child, giving the toy as many years of use as possible.


The material you choose will affect cost, durability, and overall functionality. These days most slides are made of plastic varieties, however there are also wood and metal ones. Take a good look at what you want and how long you want it to last for you to make a fair and informed purchase.

  • Plastic: It is a common, durable and safe option, with different levels of quality that has significant wear, so you should choose a very high quality one.
  • Metal: They are not so popular anymore, but they are still available. They are common in complete sets of metal games. The metal are less durable in the long run than plastic and require more maintenance, but often more affordable. If they chip or break they can be dangerous.
  • Others: You also get other versions of wood, fabric or canvas, the latter are used in those that are inflatable .


Although all are based on the same principle of physics today they come in countless designs and varieties. You must analyze your needs and consider the one that best suits what you want.


A simple slide has no additional ornaments. The children go up the stairs and down the front.


They are designed to provide a more engaging experience, they are usually made of plastic and are covered at the top, sometimes the entire length of the slide. They are often more difficult to assemble and can be annoying for children who do not like small spaces.


They do not have a simple slope. They are designed so that their users turn while descending. They can be a lot of fun, but they also have to be tall, which is why they aren’t as commonly found for personal use. Many very fast and fun giant slides are usually built in a spiral.


They have a small flat space in the center of the slope. This slows the user down, creating an experience full of obstacles. It serves as a fun way to turn things around, but is actually a safety feature for controlling descent speed.


They can include small slides for young children or slides built into a larger park. The ones for young children can even be used indoors. The ones that are designed for older children are wonderful for the all-round play experience, often coming with forts and swing .

– Accessories:

Most slides are made up of a ladder and a sliding surface, however, there are models with more complex structures that offer children a more varied play space: climbing walls, swings, nets, among other options. Other types of slides are anchored to pools, these usually have inlets for hoses that keep them wet and slippery.

Types of slides and varieties

Yard slides are the most common types of equipment that you will find in a home. It usually has standard components and how it works is no mystery to science.

There are two types of slides, the simple ones that are only placed in the yard and used and the composite ones that connect with other components. There are other varieties of slide, as we explained before, according to their height and material; and they also have different designs and bright colors: straight, wavy, spiral, parallel, tunnel, among others.


Benefits of slides

Apart from their popularity and the great preference they enjoy among children, slides also have a number of other great benefits:

Balance and Coordination:

When a child climbs a slide and pushes themselves down the ramp, they are building valuable balance and coordination skills. In addition, it develops spatial awareness, as they must judge when is a good time to slide and when to put their feet down once they reach the bottom of the ramp.

Physically challenging:

Climbing stairs over and over and sliding down is fun, but it’s also a type of exercise. This means increased strength, healthy cardiovascular exercise, and the support and development of lean muscle.

Positive Development of Social Skills:

When children play together, the slide is a great way to foster important social skills such as cooperative play, sharing, taking turns, and learning patience and tolerance for each other’s skills and physical abilities. These skills will have a lasting impact on your social interactions as they continue to develop.

Security considerations

There are several safety considerations to take into account when setting up and using your swing, slide, or playground set:

  • Make sure the ground underneath is smooth. Consider adding protection mats to areas where the drop height is greater than 1 meter.
  • Make sure there is enough slack on all sides of the equipment. Remember to take into account the obstacles in front of and behind the slide when deciding its configuration.
  • It is advisable to shop for a slide or playground with handrails, especially if it includes steep stairs or stairs in general. When appropriate, shop for equipment with ground anchors.


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