The 5 best rocking horses


Since Samu was a baby, her mom and I wanted to buy her a collectible toy that she likes and that she can learn from.

I immediately remembered the gift my grandfather Pepe gave me when I was 5 years old. The old man was a genius at DIY and made a rocking horse hand-carved and self-assembled wooden board that got lost when I moved home at 21 I’m still sorry!

As I did not inherit Pepe’s talent, I decided to look for Samu the best rocking horse of the offer.

I hope you love it and enjoy it as much as I do mine, and that you don’t lose it! Maybe one of the following list is the one I’m looking for:

The Best Wooden Horse

# Preview Product Assessment
1 BIECO Rocker with Animal Design BIECO Rocker with Animal Design No reviews
2 HOMCOM Children's Rocking Horse for ... HOMCOM Children’s Rocking Horse for … No reviews
3 HOMCOM Rocking Horse Plush ... HOMCOM Rocking Horse Plush … No reviews
4 WOLTU Rocking horse for Babies and ... WOLTU Rocking horse for Babies and … No reviews
5 11523 Rocking horse Skandi, of ... 11523 Rocking horse Skandi, of … No reviews
6 Labebe Rocking Horse Baby, ... Labebe Rocking Horse Baby, … No reviews
7 Rocking horse steals, toy ... Rocking horse steals, toy … No reviews

Here we present you the best rocking horses:

1. RobaKids rocking horse

Guaranteed fun



Rocking horse steals, toy ...

Rocking horse steals, toy …


Manufactured following the EN 71-1: 2014 safety standards, essential for this type of toy throughout Europe, this rocking horse will be the fun of the little ones at home.

It is the perfect size for each age, this is because it has rounded edges in its secure chair with back and armrests for the little ones along with a removable ring that protects babies and young children and that is removed when they grow .

It is a mountable and removable product, made with certified good quality wood, which does not contain paints or toxic materials. It is simple to assemble.

It is ideal for children who are in the movement stage. A toy like this is a lot of fun, kids love to swing, and it is also an activity that stimulates motor skills at an early age.

2. Labebe rocking horse

Comfortable and eye-catching


Even an adult can sit and swing at ease in one of these, since it is capable of supporting up to 75 kilos, which is why this rocking toy is one of the favorites of children of any age.

Its most charming attraction is that, in addition to solid wood, this toy is made of a stuffed animal. A nice, soft and comfortable plush in the shape of an animal, which will keep the child comfortable and happy.

The package comes with off-road wheels that will make this toy become a simple stroller that your child will love to take everywhere.

It produces sound effects and comes with stick handles, so that the child has a more secure grip. If it has a fault or assembly defect, the manufacturer assures you that it will deliver a new one.

3. Milly Mally 2183 white rocking horse

With sound effects


Milly Mally Pony Rocking Horse

Milly Mally Pony Rocking Horse


Suitable for children from 3 years onwards, this beautiful white rocking horse is not only a solid, comfortable and safe toy, but it is also a realistic product.

The brand Milly Mally puts at your disposal this product that promotes independent play among children, with a swing that will make them laugh for hours.

It is equipped with large and striking wooden handles with ergonomic grip that make the child’s play more pleasant, in addition, its padded filling will allow it to be used for hours without discomfort or pain when sitting.

If you or the boy puts his face or hands to his ears, the rocking horse neighs like a real one, moving his mouth and tail. It carries batteries that must be purchased separately.

4. Rocking rocking horse Small Foot Company

Soft and safe


small foot company Seesaw Horse

small foot company Seesaw Horse


If you want a rocking horse that works as a soft and fluffy rocking chair, this is more than recommended so that your boy learns to oscillate and have fun on the way of his learning.

One of the great advantages of this model is that it is very safe and stable, it is equipped with a lot of accessories attached to the design that keep the child protected, avoiding injuries and falls.

Although, in a comparison with other similar ones, it is rather small, it is very suitable for delicate hands due to its softness and bright colors.

With each movement of the child, the horse gallops and you will even hear a neigh if you approach its ears. It will be a permanent fun that stimulates children’s motor skills.

This toy is certified by European safety and quality standards.

5. Wooden rocking horse for a baby

Stable and secure



11523 Rocking horse Skandi, of ...

11523 Rocking horse Skandi, of …


In addition to being a fun and essential toy for any child, this handmade horse, made in the old style, is one of the most striking and popular on the market.

It is a product with a robust structure, made of wood high quality solid which is both safe and endowed with great stability.

This painted horse does not contain additives with lead and other toxic substances and is also endorsed by all the safety and quality certifications in force both in North America and throughout Europe.

It has a removable backrest and is very easy to rock. It is amazing and a true beauty that can even serve as a collection after the boy grows up.

It is a very appropriate toy for babies aged between 1 and 3 years.

Tips for buying a rocking horse

Before deciding on any of these toys, it is essential that you take into account a series of aspectstwo-wooden-horses

that will help you select not only the most affordable model, but also the one that suits your needs, these aspects are:

  • Purpose

You must be sure if you will use it as a toy or for decoration or even both, it is also essential to determine if you will take it to nursery or it will stay at home.

  • Size

In the offer you will find different sizes according to the age of the baby, some even adapt to the growth of the little one with parts that are being removed. Also, when selecting the size it is essential that you take into account where you will place it, this will help you decide.

  • Price of rocking horse

A quality rocking horse can be obtained for values ​​that exceed € 45.00 and there are even some that, depending on the wood and finishes, exceed € 80.00 and even € 90.00. But if your budget is limited it is not necessary to spend a dough, with less than € 50.00 you can find something robust and with good wood, you will have in your hands a good toy at a quite reasonable cost.

  • Plastic Vs. Wood

This will depend on the use and where it will be. Horses made of poplar, pine or other wood are robust, traditional

and very beautiful, ideal for decoration and to be in the boy’s room, they require sanding and constant shine and, in addition, their pieces must be constantly adjusted and tightened.

Plastics are less expensive and lighter and more colorful, very suitable, for example, for nurseries and classrooms full of little ones; they are easily damaged and once this occurs it is very difficult to repair them.

Various safety tips for owning a rocking horse

Although it is the ideal toy for any child, the rocking-type rocking horse is a care toy, while the child is learning, or is still very young, it demands that you stay with them, watching carefully that they learn to use it and take care of themselves with their accessories. protection.

So, before the child completely masters the use of this great toy, it is appropriate that you take into account the following instructions that will help you preserve the child’s safety, these are:

  • Practice:

The first thing is to make sure that the boy learns in the correct way to take the reins or handles of the horse well and with both hands. In the case of reins, it is appropriate that you make it clear to the little one that they should be taken with the hands and, in no way, placed in places such as the neck or the mouth.

  • Mounting:

It is essential that you verify when assembling it that all the screws and parts are well attached and joined, with perfectly adjusted parts, if you have not done it correctly, it is advisable to disassemble it and do it again until it is perfect, remember that it is about safety of your son. If you do not have the ability to assemble and disassemble, it is best that you decide on one that is already assembled, in that case it is also necessary to verify that its parts are not loose or squeaky.

  • Several horses for several children:

If you have more than one child at home, each one can have their own rocking horse, in this way, it will be easy to understand clearly and precisely that, in no way, two can be mounted on the rocking horse at the same time, these rocking horse are individual toys and when used by two people one or both of them can lose their balance, forward or backward, fall and injure themselves. So, if it is the case that there are several children and a single horse at home, it is necessary to establish hours and shifts to use it.

  • Place:

It is important to determine the place where the horse will be located, and that under it you place a mat or some carpet that is a padded and lined product capable of cushioning possible falls without major consequences. If your guy is just learning to ride, he’s likely going to hit the ground a few times, so putting up something that prevents injuries, heavy blows, and even a broken bone is little more than a smart move.

  • Be careful with the order in the room:

Avoid having toys on the floor, especially the ones that are small because being around they can get stuck in the rocking chair and stop it abruptly which results in your boy being hit on the floor. In another case, these toys can also jump and, when stepped on with the rocking chair, hurt the eyes or any other part of your baby’s face.

Where to buy a rocking horse?

Toys R Us, Juguetilandia and Toy Planet are some of the physical stores that you can visit if they are close to home, although, for those who make their purchases online, there is a wide variety of wooden horses in Amazon, where there are appropriate options for all age ranges, which will adapt to the needs of your little ones.

Frequent questions

What is the most recommended age for the use of rocking horses?

The best thing for the use of these horses is that the child knows how to sit and stand upright by himself, where the most recommended age for safe use is from 6 years.

Are rocking horses a good toy?

They are a classic toy that can provide a number of benefits, helping to develop creative skills, imagination, balance, coordination and even motor skills.

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