Top 5 Best Remote Control Excavators


Remote-controlled toys are a great way to pass the time and have fun by putting your foot down. But, unlike tractors , motorcycles, boats or radio controlled cars, excavators take it all to another level with their incredible features. That’s why I like having the best remote-controlled excavator on the market, so I can play for hours and hours, dig dirt, move obstacles and, of course, have fun breaking rocks.

Gone are the days of weak models, little autonomy, and low-quality plastics that split on first impact.


The Best Remote Control Excavators

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Top Race Remote Control RC Construction... Top Race Remote Control RC Construction… No reviews
2 VGEBY1 Remote Control Excavator, ... VGEBY1 Remote Control Excavator, … No reviews
3 Top Race Construction Trucks with ... Top Race Construction Trucks with … No reviews
4 JUGUETECNIC │ Remote Control Excavator ... JUGUETECNIC │ Remote Control Excavator … No reviews
5 Himoto HSP Construction car ... Himoto HSP Construction car … No reviews
6 TopRace Functional front loader ... TopRace Functional front loader … No reviews
7 deAO Construction Truck Excavator ... deAO Construction Truck Excavator … No reviews

Here are  the best remote control excavators: 

1. Hobby HE0803 remote control excavator

It seems like it was on gasoline


Carson 500907190 - Radio Excavator ...

Carson 500907190 – Radio Excavator …


Made to 1/12 scale, it is an excellent excavator with a chain motor and all the power needed to help you dig the dirt and remove obstacles from the road while having fun at full speed, even on difficult and difficult terrain. Its shovel supports a total of 1 kg of weight and, as it is equipped with LED lights, you can also work at night and have fun regardless of the time.

Apart from this, it contains several accessories, operates at frequencies 27 MHz and has the necessary controls to dig, lower and raise the shovel or even rotate on its own axis. For its part, the battery is NiMH type and has a capacity of 800 mAh.

2. Top Race TR-211 remote control excavator

Fully functional


The first thing that stands out about this model is its wide range of up to 30 meters and its control that works at 2.4 GHz frequencies and 15 different channels, which will allow you to use it without any problems in open places. Regarding its movements, it can move forward, backward, left, right and perform rotations on its own axis of up to 680º, while its blade is powered by up to 3 different motors.

Regarding the battery, the model uses a 400 mAh 7.2 V battery, which due to its good capacity and power will make you feel as if it were a real gasoline excavator . For its part, the controller works with two AA batteries and the construction and quality of the entire device leaves a good feeling.

3. deAO Remote Control Excavator M-2DG

To play with friends


One of the great advantages of this model is that it works in 2.4 GHz frequency and you can synchronize the remote control with the excavator in such a way that you can play with other friends without any interference. This is achieved with a kind of software that, to put it one way, links each control with each excavator to avoid any signal confusion.

In the same way, its movement capacity is just as surprising, since it can go forward, reverse, right or left, but it also manages to rotate 360 ​​or up to 680 degrees on its axis. The arm, for its part, can till, turn, move, catch or drop dirt or objects and much more.

It is also very realistic, includes interchangeable shovel and caliper and even combines plastic parts with metal parts to give you greater durability.

4. Huina 510 remote control excavator

Easy to handle


With a very robust control and ease of use, this excavator is one of the most comfortable and easy to use. In addition, it glides very well on almost any terrain thanks to its good construction with ABS materials and its front collector that allows to remove debris from the road so that the excavator belts do not slow down.

The 2 batteries in the remote are AA, so you can replace them when you need it. It also works with 11 channels with 11 different functions such as raising and lowering the arm, turning at 680º and it even has light and sound. It has an operating range of between 30 and 50 meters and its battery lasts about 30 minutes.

5. AO M-EX remote control excavator

The most realistic



deAO RC Construction Truck ...

deAO RC Construction Truck …


We finish our comparison with this tractor-style excavator, as it does not use rotating belts like traditional models, but comes with four good quality tires. Its metal shovel is a pleasant surprise that will give you phenomenal resistance and durability, as well as its ease to connect through 2.4 GHz frequencies and synchronize a controller and an excavator with each other, eliminating interference.

It has 6 channels and functions like an excavator arm with realistic movements and the ability to climb hills and obstacles by lifting itself up using the metal shovel for support. It also has a light and sound, a metal cabin and a rechargeable battery with its charger so you can play for hours and hours.


What are remote control excavators?


These fun toy excavators can be aimed at children or adults, depending on their design and complexity or the number of moving parts it has and its realism. However, they are basically replicas of real excavators that you can control via radio control. The point is that they are at much smaller scales to be able to easily handle and play with them.

Now the cheapest ones don’t have as many features, while the higher priced ones can do pretty much everything that real life ones do, just on a much smaller scale. That said, they can dig up the dirt and drop it like one of these machines would in reality thanks to their elongated arms with interchangeable scoopers, shovels, and more to do it all.

These toys are generally made of plastic, although the best brands tend to make models out of sturdy metals as well, to give you a little more strength and stability when digging and moving the dirt. As for its parts, the normal thing is that they come with a cabin, the bands for the movement and the arm with interchangeable endings. For the rest, you have the radio control to operate the device.

Interchangeable arms


As I mentioned, each excavator varies according to the use for which it has been designed, the brand and the price. This is why some may have many more parts and functions, while the less expensive may have just a couple of interchangeable heads and few movements. But let’s really see what parts you can expect to have on your next radio controlled excavator:


The shovel is a basic part that every model should have. In general, they are made with very durable metals, since it is what comes into direct contact with the earth and everything that it contains, such as rocks, metals, plant and animal remains and even the debris left by some humans.

This shovel is so important that most RC excavators usually have a motor dedicated to it to control its every move . This way you can decide exactly how much dirt you want to dig and how much you want to throw back onto the ground. Exactly how you would in real life with a full-size one!

The claw or fork

This claw is what we generally use to remove heavy or annoying objects from the road, such as large rocks, logs or any other type of object that can impede the free movement of the blade. The thing is, if you try to move it with your shovel, you could damage it, making unnecessary bumps, dents or scrapes. Thanks to the tips of the claw, you can take all that debris and get it out of the way.

As with the shovel, it has motors to control the opening and closing movements of the claw, so you can have perfect handling of the whole situation.


Sometimes it gets a bit boring to just grab the rocks and move them to another point using the shovel or the claw, so you can also have a little more fun using the drill that some excavators incorporate to break these objects and obstacles out of the way. These drills usually rotate at a good speed to break what they are and leave everything in small pieces that you can later remove much more easily.

In the case of drills, the motor is also in charge of controlling the speed of its rotation, so that you can load the heaviest and most complicated rocks that you find.

This is how remote-controlled excavators work

Have you heard of the full simulation concept? Well, RC excavators are toy construction machines – they are basically models on a much smaller scale of this type of vehicle, but with the capacity and full functions to mimic everything that life-size excavators do.

As the toy is too small to be controlled from the inside, to handle all this a control is used that works at certain radio frequencies, which has buttons and levers that control each of the functions of the device and that sends the corresponding signals to a receiver inside the toy. This receiver decodes these signals and translates them to the motor, so that it can execute the movements and functions that you have requested through the radio control.

Therefore, it is necessary to have some type of electrical supply for the entire set, either with rechargeable batteries or, in most of the more affordable cases , with alkaline batteries. Usually the control is powered by AA or AAA batteries, while a rechargeable battery is kept inside the excavator. This is what allows the control to keep running to send the signals and the receiver to be able to intercept and translate them for the engine.

Are they really capable of digging and accommodating the earth?

Yes, in theory any remote-controlled excavator has the necessary capacity to excavate and move the earth, only that, depending on the strength of the device, it will be able to move more or less heavy lots of earth and move rocks or objects from the road. certain dimensions. In other words, they can do the same thing as a real excavator, but on a much smaller scale, which is usually around 1/18 or 1/12.

Now, if what you really want is a model that is capable of excavating compact earth and handling it, the most recommended thing is that you invest in an excavator of good capacity and strength, since the simplest and most economical ones will hardly help you get something out. of Earth.

Do they have real hydraulic parts?

In many models of toys that you will see in the market you will find parts that appear to be hydraulic, since you will see the arms and tubes used with this technology. However, these are most often not functional hydraulic parts, but simply decorative and intended to be as close to full-size professional excavators as possible.

Anyway, if we move a little further up the price spectrum, surely we can find some remote control excavator with functional hydraulic parts, only here you really would have to invest some good money. We are talking about figures that can exceed € 1000, so we would have to consider if it is really what we want.

What to look for when buying a good RC excavator

Now that you really know how they work and what you could really expect from these toys, it is time to see what we have to choose and what things we have to be aware of before buying a certain model:

The type or model

Each model or type of excavator can vary from one another in many ways, starting with the number of interchangeable parts and tips that I had previously mentioned. The other thing is that, depending on the materials from which they are made, they could serve different uses. For example, there are some excavators made of metal that are capable of lifting heavy rocks or even destroying them with their drills, while there are other models that are only made of metal, but do not have the drill.

Others are made of light and somewhat weak plastics , so they will surely not last too long or serve to move or destroy heavy or resistant objects.

Price range

Depending on the capacity and design of each model, as well as its size and the level of detail it possesses in relation to the full-size excavator it mimics, the price of each excavator can vary quite a bit. Anyway, do not panic, since the very good quality sometimes go over € 150, while the cheap € 50 can be quite fun and even useful if you do not plan to move anything too heavy.

Now, beyond the ability to lift dirt and others, it is important that the toy lasts a good time and for that it is essential that it resist abuse, since it will be subjected to hard soils, dirt, rocks, mud and much more. . Therefore, if you want one that will last you and not have to buy a new one every 2 for 3, then it would be good for you to invest a little more money.


Some rechargeable battery models are quite convenient in the sense that they can be recharged very quickly, while others take several hours to recharge again, which could be a bit boring and downright annoying if you want to use the toy too often or for long periods of time. several continuous hours.

Apart from this, you have to consider the amount of batteries or the battery that the radio control uses , since, if it discharges in full action, you could lose a good time and part of your work.


As I mentioned before, if you want a remote-controlled excavator that will last you a long time, you have to choose models made of high-performance plastics, or that are made with hard metals. This is to prevent them from breaking with the first fall or simply breaking down or bending when trying to carry something a little heavy.

It is that, apart from being a quite fun toy and perfect for collectors who love excavator models, these small machines can be very useful, since they can be used to collect garbage from the floor, dig holes of a couple of meters and even collect poop from your pet. Of course, if you will do the latter, remember to use some protection so as not to get the whole toy dirty.


Is your excavator capable of doing what you want it to do? You have to think very well about what you want to do before buying it, so that you can decide on a model with the capacity, strength and resistance necessary for the tasks you have prepared for it. Therefore, take a good look at the blades and claws that are included, if it has the ability to rotate on its own axis, the battery life and, of course, the ease of handling it and operating all its functions.


We refer to the number of channels in which your excavator is capable of operating. More channels means more functions the machine can perform, such as walking, backing, digging, reaching out, dropping the load, turning on the drill or lights, and much more.

That said, for those of you who just want a toy excavator to play around with, we recommend the lower channel excavators, because in addition to having fewer unnecessary features, they will also be more affordable. On the other hand, if you want to use them for more complicated tasks or because you are a lover of these excavators, look for models with more channels. The normal thing is that they vary between 6 and 17 channels.

Interchangeable parts

Since a single blade can get boring in no time, we always recommend that you buy models with several interchangeable tips. In this way you can collect dirt, dig, move objects from one point to another, drill obstacles and much more. Of course, the more interchangeable parts, the more expensive your excavator will be.


A model with a long range will allow you to operate the device from a good distance. Consider it if you want to be quite fluent and be able to use your excavator from a distance greater than 15 meters, for example.

Battery duration

As many models include rechargeable batteries, you have to see that the one you want to buy gives you the duration you need or you will see yourself recharging the batteries all the time. In the same way, those with alkaline batteries must be of good performance, so that you do not have to be changing them every week.


We are not talking about compatibility in terms of software or something like that, but rather the ability of the device to operate on the terrain you need. Is that depending on where you want to use the excavator, you will have to choose a chord, since not all of them are suitable for use on rocky or hard terrain, as well as you will need a lighter one to use in the sand, for example.

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