Best PS4 Steering Wheel of 2022


I love driving experiences with video games, since I was a child it has seemed like a complete pass! But playing them was very uncomfortable.

Before, when I played on the PC, or with the common controllers on the console, I would end up tired and numb. I’ve always enjoyed driving games, but playing them with that interface was a real ordeal for me.

With the first games, you had to manage with the buttons on the keyboard and the normal controls of the video game consoles to race on the tracks, but the visionaries have done everything to give us a better experience.

They started with more comfortable controls and gradually migrated to more realistic elements that give you the feeling of being on a real track. So since I saw the guys in my gang with their steering wheels for track games I decided to look for the best steering wheel for PS4 available in the market.

The Best Steering Wheels For PS4

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Logitech G29 Driving Force Volante de... Logitech G29 Driving Force Volante de… No reviews
2 HORI - Wireless Apex Steering Wheel ... HORI – Wireless Apex Steering Wheel … No reviews
3 Steering Wheel and Pedals PS4 PS5 Wireless ... Steering Wheel and Pedals PS4 PS5 Wireless … No reviews
4 FR-TEC - SUZUKA ELITE NEXT Volante con... FR-TEC – SUZUKA ELITE NEXT Volante con… 9 Reviews
5 Subsonic - Superdrive, Volante De... Subsonic – Superdrive, Volante De… No reviews
6 Thrustmaster T150 racing steering wheel ... Thrustmaster T150 racing steering wheel … 2,064 Reviews
7 Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel (Steering wheel ... Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel (Steering wheel … No reviews

What is the best steering wheel for PS4?

When choosing, it will be useful for you to take into account your needs and preferences so that you make a correct selection.

For example, it would be convenient to know if you are interested in buying a wireless connectivity device or if you do not care about the pile of cables, this detail also translates into money, the wired models are usually a little lower cost.

If you are one of the hard gamers, used to long gaming sessions, comfort is a matter without discussion, you should select a wheel with a comfortable grip and a diameter that makes you feel comfortable. Those of 28 centimeters are usually the favorites.

As for the materials, those with leather finishes and ergonomic grips are the most indicated, with a comparison between what is available you will know what is best suited to your style of play, you will avoid fatigue, injuries, numbness and the best! you will not skid.

The compatibility, the interface and the feeling when driving is essential, you should choose a model that has a vibration function and that gives you a feeling of realism.

Anyway, if you still have confusion, we leave you this list to help you in your selection, here you will surely find what you are looking for.

Here are  the best steering wheels for PS4: 

1. Logitech G29 Racing Simulation Steering Wheel 

Accurate and reliable

Logitech G G29 Steering Wheel and Pedals ...


Compatible with Play Station 4 and 3 consoles, and Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 operating systems, this steering wheel is ideal if you are a fan of gearshift driving games .

The G29 model comes with integrated steering wheel controls, is designed with wireless connectivity technology and works with USB 2.0 device interface.

It is the right thing if you constantly play with racing simulators since it offers you its maximum performance and great results.

Includes Force Feedback with two motors and helical gears for a quiet and smooth ride.

It has a non-linear brake pedal and is generally made with hand-stitched leather and stainless steel finishes. Qualities that provide you with comfort, safety, reliability and durability.

Comes with steering wheel, gear lever, brake pedals, and user manual. The manufacturer gives you a two-year limited warranty on the hardware.

2. Volante PS4 Thrustmaster T300 RS 

High precision racing wheel

Thrustmaster T300RS, Racing Steering Wheel ...


Especially for fans of racing games , the ThrustMaster brand has made this flyer available for PC and Play Station 3 and 4 consoles.

It has smooth and silent effects, has 13 action buttons and is compatible with various supports, including tables, booths and desks, among others.

It is a wheel that is characterized by being compatible with all T500 RS GT Wheel detachable racing wheels, Base-Fixed Paddle Shifters kit, as well as Ferrari F1 Add-on and GTE Add-on, among others.

This quality is one of the most important of this device since you can play the driving game packages designed according to the characteristics of all these developers.

Regarding the compatibility levels, the device also matches with T3PA and T500RS pedals and with TH8A and TH8RS gearboxes. Its pedals are metal and progressive resistance.

3. Volante PS4 Pace Racing Wheel venom 

With ergonomic design

Venom - Volante Pace Racing Wheel (PS4,...


Manufactured with an official license for PS4, one of the most striking qualities of this steering wheel is that it is equipped with a vibration function that gives you the feeling of vibrating on the asphalt and a better control of the game.

With this feature you can play feeling that you are on a racing circuit and not in front of the computer or the game console.

Thanks to this quality you will have the ability to challenge strong opponents and, if you play coupled to the wheel, you can be the winner in a tris after.

It has a steering wheel and accessories with rubber coating for a better grip, which, together with its ergonomic design, will give you the ease of playing for hours without fatigue, tiredness or numbness.

It is an affordable product, it has sensitivity settings to suit your riding style, auto-centering function with 2-axis directional pad and 270-degree rotation.

4. Racing Wheel Apex Hori Steering Wheel 

For starters

HORI - Apex Steering Wheel (PS4 / PS3 / PC)


Equipped with programmable buttons, configuration LEDs and a non-slip coating that will prevent unwanted skidding, this mid-range manufacturer Hori steering wheel is ideal if you are just starting out in the world of driving games.

It works with an official Sony license and is compatible with the Play Station 3 and 4 console and also with PC. It uses Touch Sense vibration technology for total immersion. You will feel that you are on a real track.

It is characterized by having sequential shift paddles and accessible buttons so that you can play without worrying about taking your eyes off the gear monitor, it is a high performance product.

The steering wheel is 28 cm in diameter and has a rotation angle of 270 °, it also has adjustable pedals in sensitivity with folding footrests for a realistic driving experience.

To place it, you have fixing options in two ways: by means of clamps or with suction cups.

5. Speedlink SL-250500-BK Trailblazer 

Solid and precise

Speedlink trailblazer - rueda de...


If you are looking for a steering wheel for driving games compatible with the PS3, PS4, Xbox One video game console and even your computer, then you are in front of the right device.

The speedlink steering wheel is the least expensive of the selection we have made and comes equipped with 12 programmable buttons according to your preferences, with a rotation angle of 180 degrees, adjustable sensitivity and two LED lights that will indicate the input mode.

It is close to 27 centimeters in size, weighs about 1.5 kg and the pedal board 0.46 kilos, which give shorter response times thanks to its professional clutch and quick access levels.

It is a solid, resistant device, made of good quality materials with rubber coverings, a cable length of 2 meters and 7 support suction cups for a solid installation and maximum safety.

What is a video game steering wheel?


In the field of video games and in the world of consoles, it is also known as a game wheel. We are talking about a peripheral game controller, shaped like a steering wheel, like that of an ordinary car, which is used for racing games or driving programs.

You will see that, in general, they are connected through the USB port of the console or the computer. At the same time there are a huge number of models available that include acceleration devices and brake pedal, some even include a mechanism to change gears.

Why get a racing wheel?

This can be a very personal decision, yes, but a real gamer will understand, especially if they are used to racing or driving games. Because if there is a reality around these, it is that they have become increasingly realistic and specialized, to the point where the genre, in general, has been divided into smaller segments, such as kart racing, open world exploration and simulation motorsport.

As we specialize more, we have to add to our arsenal of accessories those that match us and with the modality to which we are used. They are must-have goods for true fans.

The variety is quite large, we are far from those analog devices of the past. If you think that a standard controller is no longer enough for you and you want to go even faster, when buying a game wheel or steering wheel and pedals you will experience how to reduce a few seconds of the times per lap.

Tips for buying a racing wheel?

Surely you already know that the keyboard and mouse controls are not enough for the racing genre, although they are ideal for many others. There is no substitute for the steering wheel for many reasons. But since they are not cheap either, it is better to be well informed to procure a good investment.

Wheel rotation and size

There is usually a compromise in terms of size and turnover. Which means that cheap models tend to be smaller and have a lower rotational range than many road cars, while the more expensive wheels are closer to the real thing.

If you play with big trucks, you can use 1080 degrees to better simulate. However, with a Formula 1 car, you may use less rotation to simulate the responsiveness of an open wheel driver.

Vibration and force feedback

Cheaper racing wheels often advertise that they include vibration or are vibrating force wheels. This does not mean that there is a motor inside that will add resistance to the flywheel, just that it will vibrate.

That engine is really necessary when you are looking for an authentic driving experience in a real car. In a sports car especially, you will feel jerks or movements and the force feedback does a surprising job of replicating these sensations.

If you immerse yourself in the number of options available you will see that even the type of engine that a racing wheel uses, and how it is connected to it, varies from one wheel to another.

This is how you will find inexpensive steering wheels that have a single motor connected to the wheel by a belt. While there are others more advanced that have two force feedback motors, which allows a more complex reproduction of the simulated sensation. For the most demanding, the more expensive wheels use industrial motors that can reproduce extreme forces.


It is almost impossible to speak of a realistic experience if you only talk about a steering wheel and you do not have pedals. That is why most of the models are accompanied by these pedals, so you will find combined sets on the market.

For those who are going for fairly cheap options, what you can expect are plastic pedals that are held together by means of a spring, belt or band, nothing beyond that. It works? Yes, but it won’t be the longest lasting or highest quality option.

A mid-range or mid-range model will be substantially more robust, even if the main material is plastic. The substantial difference is that you will find much more robust springs, which translates into a severely more realistic feel. In addition, they usually come with metal panels or structural reinforcement for durability. Another benefit? Well, you will find the adjustability, so you can change the spacing between the pedals so that it works better with your feet.

Come on, if, on the contrary, we are talking about a much stronger investment, Premium pedals are the answer to a 100% realistic experience. What does this mean? Well, from the outset, you will find an even more robust construction.

Plus the option of using a suspended or floor-suspended pedal arrangement with an important sensor technology called a load cell. It measures pressure, rather than pedal position, so driving the brake hard will create a different result than the usual light tapping.


Is a manual gearbox with a clutch convenient for you? The second allows you, without a doubt, a more realistic driving experience because you will have a gear lever unlike those models that depend on the paddles behind the wheel to change speeds.


This is one of the main things that you should keep in mind, since many buyers put any other characteristic above and it is too late when they realize that they have bought accessories that they cannot use on their consoles or computers.

If you are one of those who believe that all steering wheels are suitable for all types of consoles, it is time for us to put ourselves a bit in context because surely you are ignoring the fact that there is a strange division between PC, PlayStation and Xbox. This means that even though Microsoft develops Windows, racing wheels designed to work with a PC are only compatible with a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console.

This brings us to another point and that is that the smartest thing to do when making your investment is that you take into account that it is best to buy pedals from the same manufacturer as the steering wheel.

Does a steering wheel represent a real improvement over a game controller?

Let’s go! I already tell you that the difference is nothing short of abysmal. You can already feel even acquiring cheaper models, imagine what the most developed models, the high-end ones, can do for you!

It’s like rediscovering these racing games and feeling a more realistic experience for the first time. If you were already hooked on the game, be prepared not to detach from in front of your console.

What space do I need for a racing wheel?

They are not usually that big or take up too much space. Most tables can hold a steering wheel or racing wheel, they even usually come with a clamp for a much better fixation.

Is a clutch really necessary?

I already anticipated it before, but the truth is that it is a personal issue. The clutch gives you a much more authentic experience of being behind the wheel. But, let’s be honest, it is also true that the level of difficulty increases considerably when you add it.

What are the top reasons to go for a video game flyer?

If we are truly honest, it is true that this investment will be a bit heavy, especially if you are looking for a much more realistic experience, and you may find yourself still wondering whether or not it will be a necessary investment. So it’s time to review these five most popular reasons why users decide to buy a racing wheel.


No matter how well a controller is designed, nothing can replace the authenticity of a racing wheel. If you add to that the quality of force feedback that some offer, you will be unstoppable.

A cool experience

If you have already passed the beginner’s threshold and you find it a bit dull to play racing, it is time to take it to a new level with a good quality steering wheel. It will be like playing for the first time, a whole rediscovery that you will enjoy.

Driving license

Many choose to practice with a game wheel first to familiarize themselves with the feel of a steering wheel, pedals and clutch in a car, especially if you opt for more realistic racing games.


If this is the first time you come into contact with a racing wheel, you will feel a greater sense of accomplishment after you have achieved a victory with it.

Develop your game setup

Many players, especially the most pro, enjoy the experience of configuring the game in their own way. A game wheel is perfect because it is another way to customize it.

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