The 5 Best PS4 Controllers For You To Have A Really Good Gaming Experience


From so much use I have ended up spoiling the sticks of my PS4 console controller, other buttons have already lost sensitivity and these imperfections have made me drop a few points on the scale of outstanding gamers.

As I had little money and wanted to redo my numbers, I looked for a model for a few euros that was being sold at a discount store. Big mistake!

The new controller was disappointing: it was not ergonomic at all, it was slippery with sweat and the sensitivity of the buttons made me fail in the game every two by three and to top it off it had a short cable that forced me to “get into” the monitor! he was pissed off!

Faced with so much inconvenience, I decided to look for the best PS4 controller that I could find in the available offer.

Having a quality device will always be the most appropriate if you want to maintain your reputation and recognition as serious gamers.

The Best PS4 Controllers

# Preview Product Assessment
1 ZLMAY Controller PS-4, Wireless Controller ... ZLMAY Controller PS-4, Wireless Controller … No reviews
2 Zcity PS4 Controller, Wireless Controller for ... Zcity PS4 Controller, Wireless Controller for … No reviews
3 ZLMAY Controller PS-4, Wireless Controller ... ZLMAY Controller PS-4, Wireless Controller … No reviews
4 OIVO Charger Controller PS4, Station ... OIVO Charger Controller PS4, Station … No reviews
5 Hbaid Compatible Controller for Ps4, Controller ... Hbaid Compatible Controller for Ps4, Controller … No reviews
6 Controller for PS4, Wireless Controller PS4 ... Controller for PS4, Wireless Controller PS4 … No reviews
7 shineled Mando PS-4, PS-4 Controller,... shineled Mando PS-4, PS-4 Controller,… No reviews

What is the best PS4 controller?

When selecting, there are a series of considerations that you must take into account to choose the most suitable device for your game.

Although similar, all controls have some quality that makes them noticeable or outstanding, not counting the difference in prices. If you make a comparison between models you can realize what I am saying.

In any case, if you are already determined to buy yours, there are a number of factors to consider. One of them is the price, if money is not a problem, you can even aspire to a professional one.

The license is an essential element, when selecting you must make sure that your remote has an official Sony license, if not, it may work for you for a while, but you run the risk of losing the euros in the next update.

Another element of interest is the connection and that will depend on your preferences, comfort and options when playing. If you will be playing a wireless one from afar, maybe it will come in handy, for closer, the cable models are a solution

If you are not very clear on the model to choose, perhaps a look at this list that we have made to help you, may be very useful.

Here we present you the best controllers for PS4:

1. Official Game Controller for Playstation 4 Razer Raiju

Ergonomic design


Razer Raiju - Official Game Controller of ...


1,107 Reviews

Razer Raiju – Official Game Controller of …


If you are a gamer committed to optimizing your game, you may like this controller, because you are aware that it is your most important weapon, especially because it will help you play better.

One of the best qualities of this Razer controller is its design and weight, very light and ergonomic that makes your gaming experience something simpler and more pleasant, you can use it for hours without feeling pain or numbness.

It also has a quick control panel, adjustable triggers and four additional fully programmable buttons.

Those who already have it point out its great competitive advantages during the game.

2. Mando Matte Pink/Gold PlayStation 4 PowerPad

For demanding users


Those gamers always concerned about enjoying an exceptional experience when playing games, will find a lot of affinity with this controller, especially if you are one of those who like bright and striking colors.

It is a controller that the manufacturer PowerPad released for those who like to make their PS4 a really animated and visually attractive console.

It has faster firing speeds, is completely customizable, and you can make the settings that suit you best. It also gives you the option to activate or deactivate any feature in a matter of seconds.

3. Dual Shock 4 Sony Command

Precisely redesigned


Sony - Dual Shock 4 Controller, Gold Color ...

Sony – Dual Shock 4 Controller, Gold Color …


The Sony brand has reissued for a fourth version one of its most important secret weapons: the popular and well-known Dual Shock controller.

It is a device with a gyroscope and accelerometer that provide great sensitivity to movement. This quality is important and striking as it provides you with a realistic and more comfortable experience in the game.

With this remote control you will be guaranteed good quality: it has a light bar and motion sensors for you to connect the virtual worlds in the Play SatationVR and, in addition, it has improved triggers and you can control it with precision through the analog joysticks.

4. Power Snow Chameleon Face PS4 V2 PowerPad

Comfortable and intuitive


With a striking iridescent design, the PowerPad controller is the most suitable if you want to stand out in any Playstation 4 game.

It comes equipped with really fast firing speeds and the possibility of making your personalized profiles according to your preferences and convenience.

It also has a series of buttons for you to configure according to your tastes, which, in addition, will provide you with quick access to menus, shortcuts and other game tricks.

It is an affordable product, endowed with a high quality in its design, ideal for those who like to make their console something attractive and entertaining.

5. Controller for PlayStation 4 Rii game console

Makes your game easy and comfortable


Mad Catz Street Fighter V FightPad Pro....

Mad Catz Street Fighter V FightPad Pro….


MadCatz’s sleek design is so avant-garde that it even looks like a special edition. Those who have it highlight its great quality and solidity, ideal for PS4 and even to connect to PC.

It is the least expensive device of the selection that we have made and this is one of its best qualities since it offers you resistance, good taste and excellent benefits at a really low cost.

It comes equipped with a three-meter USB cable for connection to the PC and the console, so that you can play really comfortable. In addition, it is made of resistant plastic with a non-slip coating. Very solid.

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