The 5 Best Pool Tables To Play The Most Exciting Games


When I bought my first pool table, my wife disagreed. At first it was very difficult to convince her of the advantages of having one at home and that it was really worth investing in one. It is that, let’s be honest, they are not the cheapest on the market. However, in the end I convinced her and brought one home, but unfortunately it was not the best pool table.

It was very difficult to put together and it was also super heavy. The worst thing is that it was not even that comfortable to play, the felt was of poor quality, the ball did not run well and you stopped counting.

The Best Pool Tables

# Preview Product Assessment
1 ColorBaby - American pool table ... ColorBaby – American pool table … No reviews
2 Calma Dragon 6611, Multigame Table, 4 ... Calma Dragon 6611, Multigame Table, 4 … No reviews
3 Colorbaby American billiard wood ... Colorbaby American billiard wood … No reviews
4 COLORBABY - Multigame table, Foosball ... COLORBABY – Multigame table, Foosball … No reviews
5 hlc- Folding Billiard Table with ... hlc- Folding Billiard Table with … No reviews
6 JH Billiard Table Folding Snooker Table ... JH Billiard Table Folding Snooker Table … No reviews
7 Blackwood Mini pool table Junior by ... Blackwood Mini pool table Junior by … No reviews

Once we got rid of that table, convincing my wife to try a new one was another odyssey. And now he had compelling reasons to refuse!

However, this time I did make a decision with much more information and made sure to look for a truly quality table. Ojee between tables hexagonal and octagonal , other folding and even shopped between American and English, those of 5 keels and even of caroms . In the end, not only did we have an excellent pool table at home to play with the family and even with colleagues at work, but I was even able to make a comparative list with the best of all, which I will share with you below.

Let’s buy and play good pool!

Here are  the best pool tables: 

1. ALFA pool table 

Ready for your enjoyment


Billiard 8 feet model ALFA 2.44x1.32m


1 Reviews

Billiard 8 feet model ALFA 2.44×1.32m


Made from MDF, the surface of this 8-foot (2.4-meter) table is comfortable enough for amateur players or those just looking to have a good time. It weighs 140 kg and also includes a very good quality velvet mat.

The good thing is that it also includes a complete set of balls, the triangle for the initial shot, a brush, 2 blocks of 1.4 m and 2 chalks: everything to play and enjoy from day 1.

2. Leeds OneConcept pool table 

Good looks and convenience


Oneconcept Leeds - Pool Table, Table ...


18 Reviews

Oneconcept Leeds – Pool Table, Table …


One of the best intermediate level tables on the market. It has an MDF surface and a length of 2.14 meters, ideal for playing a fairly realistic pool, but without taking up too much space or being uncomfortable.

It has a walnut veneer and a red coating that give it a different but classy appearance, it is adjustable in height and comes equipped with two 1.45 meter studs, 16 resin balls, 2 chalks, a triangle and a brush.

3. Billing table PL0384 Aqua Leisure 

For the entire family


This folding billiard table will be both comfortable and durable and of good quality. It is perfect for use at home and in small spaces thanks to its size of 1.52 m long and height of 78 cm. It has drop pockets and all the necessary accessories to start playing.

It is also very easy to assemble and disassemble and another advantage of its size is that you can use it with the little ones in the house.

4. Multi-game pool table PL0353 PL Ociotrends 

The most versatile table


PL Ociotrends Devessport - Multijuego 12...

PL Ociotrends Devessport – Multijuego 12…


The good thing about this table is that it can be used for everything. Yes, it has 12 interchangeable surfaces that allow you to play various table games, such as table football, air hockey, table tennis, chess, card games, Chinese checkers and more.

Its size, in addition, is just 1.05 meters long and 57 wide, so you can enjoy it with your children or even let them just have fun with each other.

5. HLC pool table 

Robust and complete


hlc- Folding Billiard Table with ...

hlc- Folding Billiard Table with …


Another folding table that will solve many space problems at home. Although it has a fairly large size of 1.8 m long x 91 cm wide and a weight of 42 kg, it is foldable, so you can put it aside when you need it. It is made with plywood (MDF), as well as parts of polypropylene, natural wood, ABS and melton fabric.

It includes all the necessary equipment to start playing, such as the pool cues, the chalk, the ball game, the triangle and even a marker.


Make sure the table fits in your living room

The issue of space and pool tables is quite delicate because not only do you have to verify that the table fits comfortably in your living room, but you also have to have enough space to be able to move your arms and aim easily without colliding with the wall with every attempt.

The first consideration when purchasing your new table is that the specified measurements generally do not contain the rails, so it will always be a bit larger. That said, the tables may be 198 cm in length, 223 or even 254 cm, which come to be called the tables of 9 feet .

Anyway, you can always adapt to small rooms purchasing smaller tables measures and sticks shorter too.

The essential components of a pool table

Before looking at the price and size of the table, you also have to take a look at its components to know their quality and have a clearer idea of ​​the true durability and quality of the materials used.

  • The paws

Beyond being thick and sturdy, there aren’t too many considerations or recommendations related to table legs. Basically, the most important thing is that they are made of solid wood, due to their durability and the great level of resistance they can offer.


You can also find tables with legs carved with different shapes and designs, which does not really have a direct influence on the functionality of the table, they are simply for aesthetic purposes.

  • The frame

It is essential, since it is the part that joins all the other components. Before they were only solid wood, but modern tables are also made of medium density fibreboard. The truth is that many continue to debate about which material is best for your game, but the truth is that there are not too many differences.

Now, what you should know is that the frame structure should be made up of a central bar that runs the entire length of the table and supports it. In turn, this bar must be supported by two other perpendicular bars.

Now having two longitudinal bars is not as good as they sell it. While it won’t hurt your table, it doesn’t offer any real structural benefits either.

  • The surface

This is the area where the game takes place. They were originally made from a single piece of slate, but today they are made from three different components and can be made in various thicknesses. The most recommended whiteboard surface is 2.54 cm, since the smaller ones can be cheaper but much less durable and accurate.

  • The rails

They are the side edges of the table and should be made of solid wood, as it offers the perfect bounce. In addition, they must be screwed to the frame and the board very firmly, as this allows them to give the most appropriate response and not get in your way to a perfect game.

  • Pockets or pockets

They are the parts where the balls go down and disappear from your sight as if by magic. They can be made of 3 different materials that, beyond being differentiated by their quality or their appearance, do not have a significant effect on the quality of the game.

One of them is plastic, which is clearly the lowest quality and least durable material. Then you have the rubber, which is often used a lot in commercial table models and, finally, the leather pockets, which are clearly the highest level.

  • Felt

This is the part of the table that covers the board and that comes into direct contact with the balls, it is that green cloth characteristic of every table. There are blends of wool or yarn, the latter being the most recommended because it offers improvements to the game, better resilience and is even easier to clean over time.

Game equipment and accessories

Although the table is the most important of all, accessories are also essential to enjoy good games of pool. For their part, the sticks can be made of solid wood or synthetic materials such as fiberglass, graphite or carbon fiber. They can also range from 1.2 meters to 1.5 m in length.


The support bridges are used for those games in which you should not have both feet on the ground when shooting. There are times when the shot is so complicated that you need to lean on the table, which sometimes requires you to get on it a bit and take at least one foot off the floor.

On the other hand, the balls are also essential, since without them there is no game. Common sets include 15 numbered balls and one cue ball , while sizes vary depending on the type of billiards being played. In fact, American billiards uses smaller balls than Russian billiards , for example. Regarding the materials, the current balls are made with resins, plastics, polyester blends or acrylics.

Then you have the triangle that is used to place the balls on the table and start the game.

About the table installation

As with other pieces of furniture, pool tables also come in parts and you should assemble them at home. The truth is that many times it can be a nuisance to do it and, if it is not done in the correct way, the game and the durability of the table can be affected. Therefore, it is always good to hire an expert to assemble the table, whether it is 8 feet , 9 or 7 feet , outdoor or even folding types.

However, if you prefer to install the table on your own, remember to review the instruction manual before starting, make sure you have the exact quantity of each of the pieces, order them to have them all on hand and follow the steps at foot of the letter.

Billiard table brands and manufacturers

As we mentioned before, it is essential to review each part of the table to make sure we buy something of quality, as well as it is good to know the various brands that make them:

  • Leisure Select

These are quite affordable tables, taking into account that they offer high quality models, worthy of being passed down from generation to generation. Their level of attention to detail is very high, with carved woods, handcrafted motifs and designs with different finishes that give them an elegant and classy touch. As for the components, they have the best of the best: center bar with perpendicular bars, 2.54 cm slate, good quality rails and cushions and more.

  • American Heritage

They offer modern or classic models, with excellent quality finishes and handmade details. They are also manufactured with various combinations and structures, with slates 2.54 cm or greater thickness, various types of central bars and much more.

  • Cannon Billiards

Their finishes may be somewhat limited and simple, but they offer very good materials, lifetime warranties, high-quality construction techniques, durability, and strength. They are a good option to avoid falling into the less expensive brands but to get lower and affordable prices.

  • Lexington Billiards

Although they have only one type of table, it features excellent materials, a transitional style between modern and traditional, and exceptional construction.

  • Imperial Billiards

They are one of the most expensive manufacturers on the market due to their top quality materials, warranties and construction techniques. However, one of their biggest draws, in the US market at least, is that they come with professional sports team motifs, so they are the perfect addition to club club meeting rooms for fan clubs of these teams.

  • Brunswick Billiards

One of the best-known and longest-running brands in the world, having been making high-quality, luxurious pool tables since 1845.

It is that they have always produced models for professional players and competitions, as well as for residential use. That said, today they offer everything from the most extravagant tables worthy of the most luxurious mansions, to tables for amateurs.

  • Renegade Billiards

If you have a more rocker, rebellious and alternative style, this brand will surely have a model for you.

Their tables have black handmade finishes, metal legs, leather parts and a look that you are sure to love. For its part, the materials are also of the best possible level, as well as the construction.

  • Presidential Billiards

They are tables made of high-quality, beautiful-looking African woods. At the same time, they offer all the quality and durability that you can also get with other renowned brands, in addition to the fact that their pieces are unique, handcrafted and of tremendous beauty.

Reasons to have a pool table

Buying a pool table is not easy, not only because of the issue of choosing the best possible table, but because sometimes it is not so easy to convince your partner or family to make the purchase. So let’s take a look at the real benefits of having a table at home.

  • You can spend quality time with your family at home, since the table will be the perfect excuse to have a game while watching TV or sharing a delicious snack on a Sunday afternoon.
  • While not a low-cost purchase, these tables have the added bonus that you can use them over and over again. This way, you can take advantage of your time at home without having to go out and spend more and more money every time you want to do something fun.
  • It is good for boys to be interested in pool from an early age, as it helps them to keep their bodies and minds active.
  • You can invite your friends to the house and have fun meetings. You will undoubtedly be the most popular in the office and will even help you break the ice with new colleagues or partners.
  • Pool tables can fit almost anywhere. It is only a matter of adapting the space.

The differences between American and English pool tables

English tables can have a length of 1.8 to 2.1 m, while the balls have a diameter of 5 cm and, those tables with coin purse use 4.7 cm balls. At the same time, the pockets are smaller in the corners, while the central ones are wider, so you can nail tighter shots.

The American ones can reach 2.8 meters, with the necessary pockets to allow balls of 5.7 cm in diameter to pass, the corner corners being wider and the central ones more closed than the English ones.


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