The 5 best pocoyo toys for kids


Many children around the world adore Pocoyo, this sweet and fun cartoon character inspires little ones to explore the world around them while learning some basics about teamwork, personal relationships, vocabulary, colors, numbers. and the forms.

Now that the holidays are approaching, it is important to give your little one a toy that he loves but that at the same time stimulates the development of his skills and abilities.

Remember that during this growth stage As children develop a special attachment to their toys, they will become their first friends, providing them with the love and stability they need, while learning more about the changing nature of the world around them.

So if you still can’t decide on what gift to buy your children for the holidays, we recommend you choose the best toy of pocoyo, the ideal option for the smallest of the home.

The Best Pocoyo Toys for Children

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Pocoyo - Magic Colors Plush with ... Pocoyo – Magic Colors Plush with … No reviews
2 Pocoyo - Racing Car Pocoyo – Racing Car No reviews
3 Pocoyo - To Water with Pocoyo (Pack 3 ... Pocoyo – To Water with Pocoyo (Pack 3 … No reviews
4 Pocoyo Halloween Pocoyo Halloween No reviews
5 Pocoyo Pocoyo No reviews
6 Pocoyo Pocoyo No reviews
7 Grow and learn with Pocoyo +2: With ... Grow and learn with Pocoyo +2: With … No reviews

Here we present you Pocoyo’s best toys:

1. Pocoyo cuckoo doll

A cute pocoyo stuffed toy



Pocoyo Nanitas - Sleeping soft toy

Pocoyo Nanitas – Sleeping soft toy


It is an adorable Pocoyo plush, super soft and interactive. Your child will enjoy a lot with this companion, since he can share with him both the hours of play and the hours of rest, it is perfect to hug him during the nap.

With this toy your baby will learn while having fun, Pocoyo is ready to sing and talk with the little one, in English or Spanish. Both will count the numbers, play faces, hide-and-seek and peek-a-boo.

2. Pocoyo Disco Plush

Works with 3 AA batteries



Pocoyo-TO77100 Pocoyo Sing and ...

Pocoyo-TO77100 Pocoyo Sing and …


This wonderful Pocoyo plush is the ideal gift to encourage fun and learning for your children.

Pocoyo Disco allows your children to sing and dance with their favorite friend. They will also enjoy learning a little about musical instruments, colors, and numbers.

Once they have mastered all the information that Pocoyo shares with them, you can change the toy’s programming to English so that your little ones can easily adapt to a foreign language.

3. Pocoyo racing car

The car comes equipped with 2 speed levels



Pocoyo - Racing Car

Pocoyo – Racing Car


This fabulous racing car will be the perfect toy to cheer your child up during the holidays, as he will have fun like never before with the music and sound effects that the toy includes.

Your baby can press Pocoyo’s head to increase the speed of the race, the music will also change, accompanying the trip with a faster rhythm. If Pocoyo encounters an obstacle on the way, he will stop, reverse, and change direction.

4. Pocoyo letters and numbers

Recommended for children over 12 months



Pocoyo - Magic Colors Plush with ...

Pocoyo – Magic Colors Plush with …


It is a soft and adorable Pocoyo stuffed toy. Your little ones can learn from an early age with this wonderful toy, since it teaches them in a fun and didactic way the numbers and letters of the alphabet.

Your children can take a nap or dance at home, accompanied by 3 sweet melodies that Pocoyo sings when he presses his belly.

This stuffed animal was awarded in 2016 as the best toy for babies by the TodoPapás ​​organization.

5. Bath figures of Pocoyo and his friends

Recommended toys for children over 3 years old



Pocoyo - To Water with Pocoyo (Pack 3 ...

Pocoyo – To Water with Pocoyo (Pack 3 …


Introducing a delightful play pack to make bath time a fun and enjoyable experience for your little one.

Elly, Pocoyo and Pato are the new bathtub companions, while Pato floats on the surface, Elly and Pocoyo shoot jets of water. The 3 models change color when they come into contact with hot water.

The ideal toys for your children to have a great time, even when the bath is not their favorite moment of the day.

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