The 5 Best Playmobil Toys To Amuse and Stimulate Your Children In Game Afternoons


Surely you have seen a commercial on TV or have a reference to educational toys of good quality, which stimulate creativity and common sense. Therefore, we summarize in this comparative the best Playmobil toys, great Mark positioned in the market for its wide range of products for children from 1 to 7 year old.

They are ideal for birthday gifts or Christmas gifts. Its materials have the highest quality and every year it renews its product line, always thinking about the cognitive and intellectual development of children during the first stage of life.

Also, they have become popular with collectors, because production began in Germany since 1970 and each year presents a series that reaches the recognition of young and old.

Its theme is very broad and encompasses both the fantastic and the mundane.

The Best Playmobil Toys

# Preview Product Assessment
1 PLAYMOBIL Dreamworks Dragons Hipo y... PLAYMOBIL Dreamworks Dragons Hipo y… No reviews
2 PLAYMOBIL City Life Party at the ... PLAYMOBIL City Life Party at the … 2,903 Reviews
3 PLAYMOBIL Volkswagen 70826 VW T1 Camping... PLAYMOBIL Volkswagen 70826 VW T1 Camping… No reviews
4 PLAYMOBIL City Life Helicóptero de... PLAYMOBIL City Life Helicóptero de… No reviews
5 PLAYMOBIL Heidi Goat Stable by ... PLAYMOBIL Heidi Goat Stable by … No reviews
6 PLAYMOBIL City Action Vehicle with light ... PLAYMOBIL City Action Vehicle with light … No reviews
7 PLAYMOBIL Country 6929 Cleaning Set ... PLAYMOBIL Country 6929 Cleaning Set … No reviews

What is the best Playmobil toy?

Fortunately, all of them have important qualities that allow the child to recreate pleasant play scenes and at the same time, extraordinarily foster their creativity, manual dexterity and imagination. They are excellent for exploring empathy and working on fine motor skills.

Before to buy We recommend reviewing the age range so that you can choose the one that best suits the child who will receive the gift. You will find them with a great variety of price, which will be adjusted according to the size and number of pieces.

In its large display case you can find toys for preschool, action figures, construction games, puzzles, vintage toys and classics, such as, the police van. Also, there are some that recreate characters from TV and movies, in the style Star Wars.

Most require assembly by an adult, a stage that allows healthy and fun enjoyment between parents and children. All include detailed instructions.

Here we present you the best Playmobil toys:

1. Pirate Attack Ship Game Set (5135)

A renewed classic


PLAYMOBIL - Pirate Attack Ship, Set...

PLAYMOBIL – Pirate Attack Ship, Set…


You will love this pirate ship for a fun game afternoon full of incredible stories. If you had it small, now your children can also have it in a more modern version.

There are 36 pieces, among which 4 dolls, 1 parrot, 2 cannons, 1 loading crane and a treasure hideout stand out. The boat floats on the water and as an option, the manufacturer offers the possibility of adding an underwater motor to give it a touch of reality at game time. Bring stickers for the little ones to create a creative design. Ideal for ages 5 and up.

2. Playmobil5142 – Princess Palace

Delicate and fun


PLAYMOBIL - Princess Palace, Set of ...

PLAYMOBIL – Princess Palace, Set of …


To develop various cognitive skills and exploit the creativity of girls, you can buy the princess’s fantasy castle, with which they can recreate endless stories about the royal family.

It’s fascinating because it features a locked jewel stash at the top of the tower, gold doors at the front, and a revolving dance floor. Includes princess and prince.

With the help of the manual you can make the assembly easily. Upon completion, the princesses of the house will have a toy with delicate details to recreate magical adventures.

3. Family caravan, play set (4859)

A product to share


PLAYMOBIL - Caravana Familiar, Set de...

PLAYMOBIL – Caravana Familiar, Set de…


You will love this Playmovil option because it brings a series of figures with which your children can recreate pleasant moments lived on vacation or on a weekend. It is perfect for boys or girlsIt is even sought out for siblings to share and interact.

The family caravan has a roof and a removable internal wall, so that children can move the various pieces during the game.

Some of its ingenious details are the bathroom mirror, shower, folding table that can be converted into a bed, bicycles, wardrobes and rotating camping seats. It is recommended for children over 6 years old.

4. Top Agents 2 (5286)

Movie action


PLAYMOBIL - Spy Truck (5286)

PLAYMOBIL – Spy Truck (5286)


Secret agents, attack strategies and naive hiding places, they can be part of a fabulous game of spies, policemen and thieves. The set includes 3 agents, a prison inside the truck, a spy jet, rocket launcher, missiles, helmets with night vision goggles, secret box, drone, weapons, money and other accessories.

It is recommended for children over 7 years old and if you want to increase the fun, you can also purchase a radio control so that each episode is fabulous and unique.

When putting it together, it will be very entertaining for parents and children. It is easy to store and does not take up much space.

5. Playmobil 1.2.3 – My first farm (6750)

For the little ones


PLAYMOBIL - 1.2.3 My First Farm ...

PLAYMOBIL – 1.2.3 My First Farm …


The little ones at home can also have their Playmobil to play at home or outdoors. fresh air. My first farm is a game for both sexes. The pieces are larger to facilitate handling and so that they do not represent a risk during the game day. The figures have rounded shapes and bright colors.

Includes the figure of dad, mom and a child. Also, bring funny little animals: cat, dog, sheep, pig and a cow. To recreate the stories includes a tree, table, 3 chairs, 2 beds and kitchen furniture. Is he less expensive of the list.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a simple one or a great one with siren and lights, because you will always have a choice affordable that will allow you to take home or gift a toy with values ​​and broad educational significance, because it not only means fun, but the opportunity to explore important life lessons. Due to the durable materials used, they are not a short-term toy, but a long-lasting investment for generations to come.

However, never skimp on reading the instructions and safety recommendations on each package, which will guarantee your peace of mind and the well-being of your loved ones.

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