10 Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers 2020

Toddlers know how to play hard and crash hard. Because toddlers are so active, they love the outdoors where they can run free without anyone telling them to be careful not to break things.

To help toddlers burn off all that energy, you’ll need this guide to find the best outdoor toys for toddlers. First, compare the top ten outdoor toys for toddlers in our table, then scroll down for useful buying information and reviews of the top three toys.

Top 10 Outdoor Toys for Toddlers Ultimate Table

PictureNameAppropriate AgePriceRating (1-5)
Appropriate Age
Rating (1-5)
1. OUTAD Foldable Tunnel Pool Tent Children Kids Beetle Game House Ultralarge VentilationUp to 3 years$$5.0
2. Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster 2-5 years$$$4.9
3. Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike (4.4 lbs) for Ages 1.5 to 5 Years18 months - 5 years$$$$4.9
4. Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Set - 18 pieces 2 years +$$$4.9
5. FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in the Dark Stars 3 years +$$4.8
6. Green Toys Dump Truck 1-10 years$$ 4.8
7. Super Spinner Swing, FUN 27" Safe Solid Seat. Swing Set 3 years +$$$4.8
8. Step2 Naturally Playful Big Folding Slide for Toddlers - Durable Plastic Outdoor Kids Climber 2-5 years$4.8
9. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe First Swing 9 months - 3 years$$4.8
10. ROCA Home Gardening Tools for Kids with STEM Early Learning Guide 3 years+$$4.8

How Can I Choose the Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers?

The key to choosing the best outdoor toys for toddlers is realizing that toddlers like to be constantly entertained. If something is too boring or frustrating, they’ll give up on it and move on to something else. So if you want to select a toy that a toddler will actually get some use out of, make sure you consider these factors.

  • Get Them Messy. Toddlers love to get their hands dirty and they are natural born explorers so give them something that will help meet both requirements – like tools that will help them dig in the dirt or sand. Anything that gets them dirty will be one of the best outdoor toys for kids.
  • Give Them Something They Can Grow With. A tiny push pedal vehicle is cute and fun for a toddler, but he’ll quickly outgrow it. You may be better off looking for a toy that will still be fun two or three years down the road, like a wagon or a sprinkler.
  • Think Water or Activity. Finding a toy that uses water or allows kids to be active will score you major points. In the blazing summertime, there’s nothing worse when you’re a small kid than standing outside and sweating with no way to cool down. But when you add a water toy or you’re able to get some wind on your face with a swing, suddenly that same toddler can stay outside for hours without noticing the heat.
  • You May Want to Skip the Motorized Vehicles. Toddlers aren’t known for having great coordination — they’re still learning how to work their growing arms and legs. That’s why buying them motorized vehicles, even if they are age appropriate, may not be a good choice from their parents’ perspectives. If you go ahead with those purchase plans, at least buy a good helmet too so their parents don’t have to worry as much about them getting hurt.

Top 3 Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers Reviews

1. OUTAD Foldable Kids Beetle Game House

This colorful play tent will be a big hit with toddlers. Parents will be able to fold it up easily and bring it inside for safe storage.

It opens and closes easily, with little effort. It comes with a carrying bag, so when your child is done playing with it for the day, it won’t take up much closet space.

A child can use it as a play space to fuel his imagination or you can fill it with soft balls to make a ball pit.

Parents who want to join their kid in the tent will have plenty of room to do so because it’s big enough to fit an adult.

On rainy days, this tent can also be used in a living room to help a kid stay entertained until the weather turns nicer.

2. Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster

The toddler who receives this gift will be the envy of the neighborhood kids. This roller coaster gives young kids a thrill ride while still being safe enough to satisfy their parents.

It comes with an easy-to-assemble three-piece track and two non-slip steps that lock into the tracks. You won’t need any tools to put this together.

A retainer well keeps the car from moving while your child is stepping into it.

The car has a high back, foot rests and a handrail so kids can safely hang on during their short ride.

The roller coaster is made of plastic and it has a few thrills for toddlers in the 10-foot-long tracks.

Parents will be able to leave this toy outside throughout the summer without worrying about it being hurt by the elements. It can be rained on and it will look as good as new.

3. Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike

This toddler’s bike is one of the best toys for toddlers because it’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen. For one thing, it doesn’t have any pedals at all.

But instead of a tricycle that uses training wheels, this balance bike only has two wheels. That will help when a child learns to ride a real bike because he’ll already be used to balancing on this smaller version.

Cruzees have a lifetime warranty and they are made out a rust-free anodized aluminum.

These bikes are also lightweight, which is a stark contrast to the heavier bikes that flood the market. They only weigh 4.4 pounds, which means that toddlers will be able to navigate them with ease.

Cruzee bikes have soft grips and a seat toddlers will love to sit on for hours on end.

They come in 9 different colors so you’ll find one to please every kid.

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