The 5 Best Minions Toys to Amuse Your Favorite Villains in the House


Kevin, Bob, Stuart and Mel are the main characters in the blockbuster film “Despicable Me”, who managed to gain recognition from audiences in many countries on all continents. Later, they managed to consecrate themselves with two stories that develop funny adventures. Since 2010 they have positioned themselves in the market and that is why today we summarize the 5 best Minions toys, which will allow children to recreate the magical and fun scenes from the cinematographic film.

Fans and collectors have joined the list of Minions fans, making it possible to get endless options. The various specialist toy brands have innovated and reinvented themselves to bring good quality and affordable options to market.

Some reproduce the language that characterizes them, making them the most sought after. Others are made of resistant fabrics to make them a great gift regardless of age and gender.

The Best Minions Toys

# Preview Product Assessment
1 LEXIBOOK- Despicable Drawing Board ... LEXIBOOK- Despicable Drawing Board … No reviews
2 LEGO 75546 Minions The Origin of GRU, ... LEGO 75546 Minions The Origin of GRU, … No reviews
3 LEGO 75550 Minions The Origin of GRU, ... LEGO 75550 Minions The Origin of GRU, … No reviews
4 Hasbro Gaming- Minions 2 Operation... Hasbro Gaming- Minions 2 Operation… No reviews
5 LEGO 75547 Minions The Origin of GRU, ... LEGO 75547 Minions The Origin of GRU, … 72 Reviews
6 Minions Large figure Otto Parlanchin ... Minions Large figure Otto Parlanchin … No reviews
7 LEGO 75549 Minions The Origin of GRU, ... LEGO 75549 Minions The Origin of GRU, … No reviews

Here we present you Best Minions Toys:

1. Minions, The Interactive

To sing and dance


The Minions Interactive Minion Stuart...

The Minions Interactive Minion Stuart…


Children will enjoy and laugh to the fullest when their favorite doll begins to move its head and speak with the unique phrases that enchant young and old alike. If you place the guitar at navel level you will see him sing and dance sticky tunes. Because it is strong and resistant, you can give it to children over 4 years old. It only requires two batteries that are already included and that when they run out you can replace.

2. Minions Van Construction Set – (Mattel 601155)

Imagine, build and recreate


MINIONS - Construction game, ...

MINIONS – Construction game, …


If the idea is to recreate the comic and funny scenes from the film, the option of this recognized brand will allow the child to imagine and create hundreds of stories. Kevin, Stuart and the car that leads them on fun adventures are the main figures, but in total there are 188 pieces to put together and take apart for hours. A launcher and hidden loot will also catch the kids’ attention.

3. Soft toy with Bob Minions design (Diverse 201990)

Hairy option


Minions - Bob design soft toy, 28 cm ...

Minions – Bob design soft toy, 28 cm …


It is ideal to give to the smallest of the house. With this choice of very good quality you will take the friendly Bob home to play and laugh. He carries in one of his hands the small brown teddy that characterizes him. It is made of resistant, washable and finely crafted plush fabric. Its regular size is perfect to give to children over 3 years old. It does not require batteries. Your glasses will surely enchant you!

4. Unicorn Plush Agnes (30cm) from the movie Gru

Tender and delicate


Minion unicorn plush. The...

Minion unicorn plush. The…


Girls will love having at home the cute unicorn that accompanies little Agnes on the adventures of the animated movie “Despicable Me”. It is very light, medium size and made of strong fabric so that the little ones can play and sleep with their favorite stuffed animal. Due to its delicate colors you can wash it by hand or machine. It is perfect for a gift because it presents a good relationship between quality and price.

5. Soft toy with Bob Minions design (Diverse 202070)

Playful bob


MINIONS - Plush with Bob ...

MINIONS – Plush with Bob …


To play, decorate or simply collect. Buy the Minions with the cold suit you will love because you will relive that funny episode of the movie. It is made of very soft and resistant fabric, which does not take away from the lightness of the piece. It is perfect to give as a gift regardless of age. The lenses are resistant but at the same time very soft, so it will not be a problem if it becomes the companion of the smallest of the family.


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