10 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids 2020

If you and your kids are tired of the standard brown bag lunch, a new lunch box might solve your problems. From beloved characters, to colorful animals and bento boxes. There is a solution for every problem and a bag to fit every personality.

In a sea of choices, you can get lost among the never-ending products all claiming to be better than the rest.

We’ve put in the time to make a great guide of the best lunch boxes for kids, so scroll down and take a look!

Things to Consider About Lunch Boxes for Kids

Here are a few things you should think about to help you find the perfect lunch box for your child:

  • Where They Will Use It. (Is this for pre-school or for middle school? The amount of food they will need to take will be different depending on which grade they’re in.)
  • Size of Lunchbox. (Does your child buy some school lunch, and just need to bring a few snacks and a drink? Or do they typically bring all of their lunch from home? Pick a lunch box that accommodates all of the food they typically need to bring.)
  • Cooling Time. (Do your children participate in activities or after-school care that would make purchasing an extra-insulated lunch box a good idea? They may need food or snacks later in the day.)
  • Buying a Set. (Can you save time by buying a matching set? If you need a back pack, lunch box, and water bottle, you can save time by buying everything you need from one company.)
  • Bento Box. (Does your child hate it when their foods touch each other? A bento box might be perfect for you! Keep food separated and neatly stored with a space saving bento box.)

Top 10 Lunch Boxes for Kids Table

PictureNameExtra StoragePriceRating (1-5)
Extra Storage
Rating (1-5)
1. Stephen Joseph Lunch Box, SharkYes$$4.7
2. Skip Hop Baby Zoo Insulated and Water-Resistant Lunch BagNo$$4.6
3. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip ClosureNo$4.5
4. Bentgo Kids Childrens Lunch Box No$$$$4.5
5. Thermos Novelty Soft Lunch Kit No$$4.4
6. Crocodile Creek Eco Kids Dinosaur T-Rex InsulatedYes$$$4.4
7. Aosbos Reusable Insulated Lunch Box Tote BagNo$4.3
8. Wildkin Emerald Green Lunch Box Yes$$$4.3
9. Thermos Dual Compartment Lunch Kit No$4.3
10. Fit & Fresh Kids' Bento Box Lunch Kit No$$$4.1

Buying Tips

Not sure how to tell if a lunch box is one of the best lunch boxes for kids? Here are a few tips:

  • Insulation and Space. Many children’s lunch boxes aren’t insulted as well as adult lunch boxes. Make sure there is plenty of space to accommodate ice packs to keep food safe.
  • Materials. Make sure the lunch box is free of chemicals that can harm your child such as PVC or BPA. A great alternative is PEVA, polyester, silicone or other materials that are rated as “food grade.”
  • Function vs. Style. There are some really cute lunch boxes out there, but are you willing to sacrifice function for style? A lunch box geared toward an older child might function better than a cute lunch box geared toward a toddler.

Top 3 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids Reviews

1. Stephen Joseph Lunch Box

The sky is the limit with this lunch box. This is a style that every child will love! They have animals (sweet and scary), flowers and the solar system and pirates!

Every child will be sure to show up on their first day with a lunch box to represent their individual personality. The large selection of these lunch boxes leave you feeling included and excited for your child.

They are made of 100% Polyester and are fully insulated with a Velcro strap to hold drinks. They have convenient extra storage with an inside mesh pocket and a front zipper pouch. They are approximately 10” by 7.5” by 3”.

Kids are saying that they love these lunch boxes. The designs are their favorite and they love taking them everywhere! You can order matching backpacks and water bottles too. If you’re looking for the best lunch boxes for kids, this is it!

2. Skip Hop Baby Zoo Insulated and Water-Resistant

Let your kids take lunch with them in a roomy, friendly bag with Skip Hop and leave the traditional lunch box behind.

This lunch bag comes in a variety of characters from an owl, to a dinosaur and will make a great lunchtime companion for your little one. The roomy insulted design keeps food and drinks cold in the large main compartment which is big enough for an entrée, apple and a drink. There is also an interior mesh pocket to store utensils.

A convenient top handle makes carrying this friendly bag around, or makes attaching to another bag easy. It’s PVC free, and complies with rules for safe food storage. You can also find matching water bottles and back packs in this Skip Hop line for easy school shopping.

3. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag

Features patented cooling technology. Freezable gel is built into the bag. You can put it in your freezer at the end of the day, pull it out in the morning and be ready to pack lunches without adding ice packs. (The gel freezes completely in 12 hours.)

It is also collapsible, fold it up and use the attached Velcro strap to hold it together for storage. It zips closed to hold food inside and to lock in cold, dry air. It also has an awesome carrying strap with a buckle; you can easily attach it to a stroller, bike or backpack for hands-free carrying.

It’s made from non-toxic poly canvas and has a food-safe, water-resistant lining. It comes in some really fun prints (monsters and butterflies) that are great for younger children. There are also great colors and designs for older pre-teens and teenagers, like chevron, camouflage, stripes and solid colors.

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