6 Best Kids Microscopes 2020

The microscope is one of the most used item in the science world. Researchers use it to analyze the internal structure of things and organisms. This is very fascinating and it allows to appreciate the science and God’s creation.

A microscope is therefore one of the equipment that you can get your kind so as to familiarize them with the world of science. The market has a lot of such microscopes for kids but finding the right fit is normally a challenges because many of these products are substandard and function poorly.

We have therefore compiled a list of what we believe are the best kids microscopes in the market. With this microscopes we believe your kid is on the right track to becoming a better scientist and scholar.

Consider This When Buying Your Kid a Microscope

  • The Microscope’s Resolution Power. This is the ability of the microscope to enlarge an object for a more detailed view and analysis. If you want your kind to enjoy every minute as they use the microscope, you should get them one that has a higher resolution power.
  • The Age of Your Kid. If your kid is a little bit older then they probably understand how to safely handle science equipment. You can get then a complex microscope and not worry that they will mishandle and spoil it.

If your kid is a little bit younger, it is better to get them a less complex microscope. It should also be made of durable material that can withstand being thrown around and stepped on.

Top 6 Kids Microscopes Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope$$$$4.5
2. My First Lab I-explore Scope$$$4.3
3. My First Lab My First Lab Microscope$$$$4.3
4. Playsmarte Kids Microscope 100X-400X$4.2
6. Educational Insights EI-5112 GeoSafari Jr.$3.9

Top 3 Best Microscope for Kids Reviews

1. My First Lab Duo-Scope

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope – MFL-06 is the ultimate microscope that you can get for your kid. It has awesome optical capabilities that allow your kid to learn and understand science better.

It has a magnification resolution of up to 400x and this enables your kid to focus and analyze different objects with great efficiency.

It has a 6 hole disk diaphragm and this contributes to its magnification power.

It is battery operated and this makes it safe for kids as opposed to those that run on electricity.

It is light in weight and this makes it very portable. The frame is made of tough and durable material and this gives it the capability to withstand any impact.

This is the ideal companion for your developing child. With it studying insects, leaves and rocks becomes fun and enjoyable.

Its relatively low price makes it an attractive prospect to get for your kid.

2. My First Lab I-explore

One of the best microscope that you can get for your kid is My First Lab I-explore Scope Science and learning can get really enjoyable for kids with this microscope.

It has the abilities to magnify an object up to 20 times and this makes investigating things such as insects and leaves fun and enjoyable. It uses real glass lenses and this makes it efficient as a magnifying equipment.

It is light in weight and your kid can carry it around without tiring. Its mid-section is slender for efficient support and handling.

The stand out feature of this awesome kid’s microscope is its LED illumination feature. This allows your kid to see things in greater detail and clarity.

It is also battery powered as well and this contributes in making it the best kids microscope in the market.

Get your kid My First Lab My First Lab Microscope today and make their playtime worthwhile and enjoyable.

3. My First Lab My First Lab

Your kid’s playtime should not just be about making merry and fun. It should be educative as well and My First Lab My First Lab Microscope allows your kid to do just that.

It is made of real glass lenses making it effective in magnification. It has a wide stand that gives it the appropriate stability and support.

It has an easy to use adjustment knob that makes using this microscope fun and enjoyable.

Its 6 hole disc diaphragm gives it the ability to efficiently focus and magnify objects such as rocks, leaves and insects.

Get your kid this microscope and make him or her a better kid scientist.

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