The 7 Best Interactive Earth Globes To Learn Geography By Playing

Whether you are in search of your next travel destination, developing an appreciation for the beautiful topography of the planet, or deepening your understanding and location of current world events, you must definitely be interested in learning about the best interactive Earth.

These three-dimensional models will allow you to explore comfortably and in a didactic way, from the political-territorial divisions, the geodesy (geodesy) of the planet and even the exploration of the cosmos, increasing your passion for geography with great ease, even providing beauty and decorative elegance for your academic spaces or in the living room of your home.

The Best Interactive Earth Globes

Here we present  the best interactive terrestrial balloons: 

1. Oregon Scientific Interactive Globe SG-338-R

Activities in English and Spanish

Oregon Scientific Terráqueo Smart Globe...

Oregon Scientific Terráqueo Smart Globe…

Learning has never been so much fun than with this interactive globe that has special content for 3 age groups: 5-8 years old, 9-14 years old and 15 years old and up. This results in the child not losing interest in the artifact and it will grow with it and remain current.

By opening the balloon you will be able to obtain what your children need to learn about geology and the Universe. They are more than two and a half hours of educational content where even you will marvel as children.

2. VTech Children’s Globe 80-197822

With 5 game modes

VTech - Multi-adventure globe, children...

VTech – Multi-adventure globe, children…

It is never too early to discover the world and marvel at everything that surrounds us, that is why this fun children’s globe is so recommended. And it is that it helps the youngest children to discover new continents, countries, animals, oceans and much more at an early age.

It is not only interesting but hilarious because it incorporates some 28 very cool melodies with which they will process the information in a better way. In turn, it includes a controller with which children can take control of the plane and play to discover the world.

3. Get Life Basic illuminated interactive 3d globe

With gift compass

World globe with constellations ...

World globe with constellations …

If you are looking for the ideal gift to encourage the passion for learning planetary geography, as well as knowing the correct location of the countries that make up it, I recommend that you take a look at the didactic globe that the people of Get Life Basic have developed , as it provides you with one of the largest illuminated models with about 22.8 cm in diameter and a robust 2-inch support.

Its maps are colorful by day and its LED lighting system, as well as its design, allow you to enjoy at night the main constellations and stars that adorn our sky, thus becoming a perfect piece for that traveling friend, or for your little ones. .

Its manufacture is of good quality (good quality) thanks to its combination of stainless steel, resistant plastic and lighting system with integrated lights, it also includes a compass and an adapter with USB cable.

4. Interactive globe with Clementoni application

With stylus and free educational app

Clementoni Explores The World 55117 Globe ...

Clementoni Explores The World 55117 Globe …

As Three Kings Day approaches, it is always gratifying to have a list of educational products to give away that can guarantee hundreds of hours of fun and curiosity.

Thinking about it, the renowned brand (brand) Clementoni, puts at your disposal an interactive world globe, thanks to its optical reading pen. Another of its exclusive features is that they have developed a free app that children can download to enjoy augmented reality, being able to test the geographical knowledge they acquire because it includes more than 500 questions.

Your information is varied about continents, countries, capitals, languages, etc., therefore is the interactive toy (interactive toy) more complete than you will find in this section. It also comes in Spanish, so the little ones can also enjoy it. Finally establishing a comparison (comparative) with the products shown above, its quality proves to be the best alternative.

5. Interactive Spanish globe with light Buki France

With photosensitive sensor

Buki France- Day and Night Balloon (7341ES)

Buki France- Day and Night Balloon (7341ES)

When you have at home a little explorer who likes geography and the universe from an early age I recommend motivate your concerns with one of the best globes interactive to find in the market (market) , I mean the manufacturing house Buki France , who have been offering an unmatched quality in terms of educational toys for a long time.

This time the Terran delivering has a photosensitive sensor, with which you can deleitaros family at night because you will see the constellations lit when the room is dark, prestancia that adds an astronomical vision (vision astronomical) special. In addition, its lighting is soft, which allows it to be used as a lamp.

Regarding its dimensions, it has a diameter of 21 cm, installed on a metal frame. The kit comes with a USB cable, a network adapter and a spare LED for extra hours of entertainment.

6. Interactive, three-dimensional globe with Elite light

Excellent cost


Physical and Political - Sphere Elite ...

Physical and Political – Sphere Elite …

If you seek a traditional model that is simpler, but equally meets didactic and even decorative functions and also will provide a more cost affordable (affordable) , I suggest to you that optéis the sphere (sphere) Elite.

This scale model comes with vivid colors and high-precision geographic representations, so you don’t have to worry about border distortions.

Its lighting technology incorporates an 18W halogen light that when you turn it on will allow you to see all countries and cities as if by magic, while in its off version you will contemplate geography. It has a sturdy and firm plastic foot, however it is not suitable for children (for children) under 3 years of age unless you always use it under the supervision of an adult.

As for its dimensions, they are 25 x 25 x 35 and its weight is 898 grams.

7. Interactive globe with world atlas Science4you

Includes educational book and world atlas

Science4you - Globe and Atlas ...

Science4you – Globe and Atlas …

If you want to know another excellent recommended product (recommended) , I will close with a flourish, this list of geodesic globes, thanks to the articles offered by Science4you , which have been specially designed for little home scientists, managing to encourage them to discover from the continents, seas and oceans of the planet, even countries and capitals. So now you know if you want to show him where Spain is located, its mountains, rivers and lagoons, this is the ideal option.

Another of the features that you will find regarding this toy is that it includes a 36-page educational book and an atlas with which you will expand your geographical knowledge, the distribution of flora and fauna, as well as the correct learning of the political division. -territorial.

Within the educational values ​​associated with this balloon you will find that it highlights the development of memory, concentration, learning, social interaction and vocabulary. Is the less expensive (less expensive) this selection.

Buying guide: The best globes

Why should you buy a globe?

Globes are three – dimensional replicas of the world, which come to give much more precision than mapping two – dimensional versions of a political world map ( political world map) .

These pieces became popular with the start of the First World War, practically since then being an indispensable educational article in schools and classrooms since they manage to inspire a love for geography in both young and old. Over time, its popularity has expanded to other circles such as libraries, research centers, and travel agencies, even becoming an excellent decorative gift for your loved ones.

Where will you display the balloon?

The first thing you should take into account when buying (buy) a balloon is where you are going to expose it. Therefore you have to ask yourself if you want an earth for the home, the classroom, the office, the university, the library, the museum or some other place.

Once you have answered the first thing, you need to know if you want a model that fits on a tabletop surface or that rests on the floor, its dimensions, and even consider the decoration of the room, since it will not be the same if the piece will be located in a traditional style setting or a more contemporary one. You should also know if it will be used during the day in a classroom, or at night in a living room.

Types of balloons

Knowing the previous premise, below you will know the types of globes that you can find.

Desktop globe

For any flat surface, there are the beautiful desktop globe designs. With diameters ranging from 4 to 16 inches. In such a way, whether you want to place your piece on your office desk, on the nightstand at home or on a shelf, you will always find a suitable model to meet your needs.

You will also find them manufactured in different types of materials, such as wood, extravagant glass, blown glass, and even the traditional blue plastic globes, so necessary in classrooms.

Other prestancias of these desktop items, are short bases and material shaft in any case it is assure high – end and that the ball offers you a good map (map) Three – dimensional mapping.

Floor balloons

When you want to accentuate your room, you can decorate it with style, by choosing a model with a higher base. This will give your home, office or school a sophisticated and interesting spotlight. You can also find some of these standing balloons with metal bases (metal bases) , while others will show finely finished wooden supports.

It is a matter of taking a closer look, since the research will show you more contemporary pieces and others that adapt to classic spaces.

As for their dimensions, they usually range from 12 to 40 inches, the latter being an epic gift for your spaces that any historian, geographer or traveler will long to have in their collection.

Gemstone balloons

One of my favorite models is gemstone globes, so if you are looking for an exquisite gift, I would definitely go for Alexander Kalifano pieces, since their quality craftsmanship and hand-assembled by trained personnel, turns into unique and collectible pieces. They also come in tabletop and floor-standing styles.

A particularity that you will not find in another model is that each gem comes from the region it represents on the political map, providing an unmatched emotion with its vibrant colors and textures. As a result of the handmade nature of each piece and the small irregularities that you might notice as such, they only make it unique, luxurious and exclusive, becoming a central work of art in any room.

Rotating balloons

This rotating globe 3D model absorbs nearby ambient light from natural and man-made sources to enhance its rotational movement effortlessly. All this, thanks to the use of innovative solar cell technology, demonstrating the latest in engineering. In addition, their designs are equally impressive, finding contemporary style pieces such as those offered by the MOVA label.

Illuminated versus not illuminated

At the time of making your purchase you can also opt for the versions that fill a room with warm colors. This is because some models that come with light (with light) and with a switch, when turned on, change from their cartographic configuration to flashing meridians, even showing the 88 constellations in our sky. In this regard, illuminated balloons are ideal for the home, but you should know that there is really not much need for such a piece, when it is intended for school or office, because they will be seen in action, mostly during the day.

On the other hand, the unlit ones can be interesting also because some can show a high relief that leads you to contemplate the physical variations in the spheres, where the most epic mountains in the world will protrude from the surface of the earth.

political versus physical

The next decision to make is what type of map you want. Most Earth people have political or physical maps. The political cartography shows the divisions of the countries with clearly visible names (with names) that divide the land masses of the planet. Furthermore, depending on the type usually they contain a lot of place names, sea routes, addresses streams and grids of latitude and longitude (latitude and longitude) .

Physical maps meanwhile, forego political information to highlight the earth’s natural relief, offering shades of naturalistic greens, yellows, and browns to distinguish land masses instead of a mosaic of pastel colors. Physical maps also contain detailed three-dimensional hatches illustrating the world’s highest mountain ranges and the deepest valleys in the ocean, yet these versions often still show the names of the most important places, such as countries and continents, giving up the names of cities and towns.

An interesting fact is that you can find some manufacturer brands of earthlings, which are distinguished by offering combined designs, changing from political to physical when they are illuminated.

Oceanic design and non-world globes

This style of spheres offers a globe that focuses on the oceanic distribution. The more contemporary or educational may have a blue background, while the more decorative pieces show the ancient oceans in beige and sepia to remind us of old maps, which despite their nostalgic air, contain accurate and up-to-date cartographic information. You can also find some of the most avant-garde balloons that change the oceans from beige or blue for unconventional color options, such as silver, black, copper or transparent.

For their part, for lovers of the stars and astronomy, brands such as MOVA have also been manufacturing rotating planetary globes, which are quite a delicacy.

Bases and meridians

The bases are often decorative accessories to the balloon itself. There are more modern style pieces that can contain more elegant and minimalist designs with less ornamentation. But without a doubt my favorites are the traditional ones, that is, the ornate wooden bases, which combine with the old tones of the map.

The last element of the globes is their meridian: the circular arm that frames the sphere and fastens it to the base. In this regard, there are two versions, those of a semimeridian, which means that it does not complete a complete circle around the globe, while those of a complete meridian surround the sphere in its 360 degrees.

In addition, the spheres have a “meridian mounted on a gimbal, allowing the ball to the world (world ball) to swing up and down for close both hemispheres. Finally, some meridians also have notches that denote latitudinal degrees, which correspond to the map grid.

Globe Buying Guide

Below I will display key and synthesized information that will help you when choosing your earth, either for decorative or didactic purposes.

Size Matters

One of the most important aspects when purchasing an earth is determining the proper size. If it’s too small, it could get lost in your décor or not provide the level of visibility for the information you want to learn.

The standard size for tabletop pieces is around a 12-inch diameter, and the floor globe is approximately 16-inches in diameter, making it ideal for most homes and offices. On the other hand, if you are looking to decorate a lobby or a library, I suggest you opt for those with a diameter of 20 inches or more.


Today you can find a diverse palette of colors in terms of the presentation of the balloons, so that they can look perfect in your spaces.


If your purpose is to have something referential, adhere to the recommended sizes of balloons of 12 inches in diameter or the largest since they can even offer bilingual information (bilingual) of the political territories and geographical areas.

As for minimalist balloons, they only have a small number of named places and points of interest compared to others. Therefore, they are only excellent for decorative purposes, but they do not provide all the information that someone might look for for reference.

Other things you can find in the earths

To finish I leave you some didactic observations that become a positive addition for all those parents interested in acquiring one of these pieces for their children.


One of the most important distinctions in terms of the earthworks designed for your little ones is the interactivity, not only in groups, but also individually with the device, allowing to expand geographic and political division knowledge, using from traditional models to the most complete ones that They include applications and even a stylus to promote a greater fixation of knowledge in a fun, tactile and participatory way.


In line with the previous point the touch interactivity (tactile interactivity) of these Terran spheres, comes to promoting a positive response when using this type of educational toys, arousing the interest of the child for knowledge of planet earth, geography, mass of water and territorial divisions, since both the base, the globe or both have some form of action that, when touched, provoke a response with information related to world cartography.


In addition to the above, some versions include a virtual (virtual) and digital component that can be downloaded from the internet to continue learning through its applications, either on a tablet, computer or laptop.

Augmented reality

Children don’t have such specific motivations as requiring ultra-sharp and sharp images, so they can be perfectly content using a smart device to explore a world that has augmented reality capabilities.  It is worth noting that of the different types of interactivity available in balloons that have this ability, they have been completely effective in keeping the attention of the little ones and entertaining them.

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