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With my twins’ birthday approaching, they did nothing but ask for a dog as a gift, but living in a rented apartment where animals are not allowed, it was not possible to find a furry friend who would always accompany them.

However, I have easily found the solution to this problem and it was to find the best interactive dog, a toy that walks , barks and listens to voice commands, in this way I got my daughters to be happy and I fulfilled their dream in a momentarily, until we move into a house with a patio.

The Best Interactive Dogs

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Famous - Moji, Labrador Plush Dog ... Famous – Moji, Labrador Plush Dog … No reviews
2 deAO Interactive Pet Robot Puppy ... deAO Interactive Pet Robot Puppy … No reviews
3 VTech Perruno, Interactive Drag with ... VTech Perruno, Interactive Drag with … 240 Reviews
4 JUGUETECNIC │ Interactive Robot Dog ... JUGUETECNIC │ Interactive Robot Dog … No reviews
5 McNory Snuffle Mat for Dogs, Carpet ... McNory Snuffle Mat for Dogs, Carpet … No reviews
6 Trixie Dog Activity Interactive Game -... Trixie Dog Activity Interactive Game -… No reviews
7 YOUTHINK Olfactory Carpet Dogs ... YOUTHINK Olfactory Carpet Dogs … No reviews

Here are  the best interactive dogs: 

1. Interactive dog IMC Toys Caca Max

The comparison has begun, we have this friendly, fully interactive stuffed puppy that will be in charge of providing hours of fun to your little ones, who will be able to control it through the control of its leash, making the toy walk, go forward and backward, feel e even poop for real.



Club Petz - Caca Max, assorted

Club Petz – Caca Max, assorted


It is a stuffed animal that will help develop the manual and imaginative skills of any child, for a healthy growth and a lot of creativity, being highly intuitive and entertaining.

It includes accessories such as four plastic bones, a broom and a dustpan that will give a more real play experience to children, being able to take it out for a walk and collect its necessities like a real dog.

Do not forget to get four AA batteries, since they are not included with the equipment and are totally necessary for it to start working.

2. Interactive dog FurReal Friends JJ My Jumping Dog

Who could resist the cute eyes of a pug puppy? There are few people and a child much less, so this interactive dog is a highly recommended model for the little ones in the house.


Furreal Friends - Interactive Plush ...

Furreal Friends – Interactive Plush …


This dog of the FurReal Friends brand will become the best friend of any child to whom you give it to him, he will not want to detach himself at any time from him and will guarantee great entertainment thanks to the fact that the doll can jump, paw, bark, he sits up and acts like a real puppy, not to mention that his coat is extremely soft.

It is a perfect Christmas, birthday gift or if you want to pamper your children with a good quality interactive dog and it will also be very safe as it does not include small parts, being ideal for babies and children who are younger.

3. IMC Toys Funny Pluto interactive dog

If you have some Disney fans at home, the best thing is to get them an interactive pet of one of the most beloved characters in this franchise, and yes, we are talking about the funny Pluto, turned into a doll that will fascinate the little ones because of his fur smooth and cool features.


IMC Toys Disney - Funny Pluto

IMC Toys Disney – Funny Pluto


It is a totally intuitive interactive puppy, so it will not be a problem for children to learn to control it, this by having a very easy to operate mechanism that, with its sounds, barks and head movements, will delight your little ones and it will provide hours of fun.

Whether it is a gift for kings or their birthday, a child will appreciate this funny and comical doll that will also help develop their sensory and manual skills, but keep in mind that this Pluto is ideal for children over 18 months due to its shape and size of it.

4. Fisher-Price Interactive Dog First Discoveries

Starting to develop the motor and communication skills of your little ones during their first months is vital for healthy growth, which you can achieve by incorporating interactive dolls and other toys that arouse their curiosity, help them follow instructions and unleash their imagination, like this one Fisher-Price puppy.



Fisher-Price Puppy First ...

Fisher-Price Puppy First …


This is an interactive dog that they can use at different stages of their growth, since it has intelligent technology that will be able to adapt to different levels of learning, from the simplest for babies of months, to discovering imitation games through songs , phrases and sounds.

Being a dog made of an extremely soft material, the child can take it everywhere and even sleep with it, becoming its best companion for adventures, which with its luminous heart that is activated to the beat of the music, will provide the greatest fun in a safe way, not to mention that it is the cheapest you will get in the market.

5. Interactive dog walk VTech Dog Dog

With a very resistant design and without tiny pieces that are dangerous for younger children, this interactive puppy is the perfect option if you are looking for a gift for a child of months, helping him to develop different skills and have fun with them. lights, colors, sounds and songs that this less expensive model has.


VTech Perruno, Interactive Drag with ...


240 Reviews

VTech Perruno, Interactive Drag with …


Its large buttons make its handling quite easy, which will immediately attract the attention of any child, you can adjust its volume and it has a toy in its mouth and a rope on its collar with which they can walk it like a dog of true when moving their paws.

What is most cool about this interactive puppy, in addition to its affordable price, is that it has an immense repertoire of children’s songs, melodies, phrases and sounds that your little ones will love.


Tips before buying an interactive dog

When starting your search in the world of interactive dogs, it is important that you take into account some of the most outstanding factors, in this way you can get the most suitable model.

  • Technology used

Although many of these models are similar, not all have the same functions, this because they have different technologies and that will vary depending on the dog.

In some you can find only basic functions, such as barking or making sounds, while others, more advanced, are able to follow voice commands, move by themselves, sit down and another set of actions that will make it look real.

  • Guy

Do you have a month-old baby at home? A little girl or a little boy? Whatever your answer, it is important that you take it into account when choosing the type of dog that best suits each of these, if you want one that is small with basic functions or another that is larger and more interactive.

  • Security

Do not forget to ensure the safety of your little ones and opt for toys that do not contain parts that are easy to swallow, as well as they must be made with quality materials that are not dangerous.

  • Durability

And speaking of materials, this is a factor that will also influence the durability of the interactive dog and, if it will be used by a child, it should be able to withstand shocks and falls.

How good is your interaction?

The best interactive dogs have functions that others do not have, therefore they offer a higher level of interaction with the user, providing much more fun, company and quality in terms of sound, design, texture and real appearance.

Among the different things you should look for in an interactive dog that gives you a more realistic experience is that the dog can bark, sit, walk, jump and even run, as well as another series of incredible functions that are very cool in any of these puppies to play with.

How easy are they to use?

These dogs can have all the functions of the world and have designs very similar to those of a real animal, but, if they are difficult to program, use and even train with voice commands, it will not be fun to play with them, on all for a kid.

Therefore, it is ideal that you look for a model that is easy to use and that it is not difficult to use all its functions.

How long do they last?

Most of these interactive toys are quite durable, this for the simple reason that many of them are designed to be used by children, who from time to time can be quite destructive when playing, especially if they are small, which is why durability shouldn’t be an issue with these dogs.

Types of robot dogs

When looking for an interactive dog, you will realize that there is a great variety to choose from, with different models and types of dolls that have different functions, so it is convenient that you know the types that you will be able to find.

  • Almost real

The idea of ​​these toys is to resemble a real dog as much as possible, so you will find models that seem real due to their design, size, functions and even fur.

  • Artificial

On the other hand, it is also possible to find robot dogs that look exactly like that, robots, their main attraction being a futuristic design with characteristics similar to those of a dog, but without actually looking like a real one.

  • With strap

This type of robot dog is characterized by having a leash, which becomes the command or control by which to operate the interactive animal and with which the little ones can walk it as if it were a real dog.

  • With remote control

And if we talk about dogs that can be handled, you will also find dogs that you can carry by remote control, which can be included with these toys or you can even use your mobile as a control by linking it with different applications to download.

  • Interactive

Finally, we have interactive dogs, which have a series of buttons and functions that allow a much more real gaming experience, being able to have different sensors that provide feedback when touched or interacting with them through voice.

Questions about interactive dogs:

What is an interactive dog?


Having a dog at home is extremely fun, but not all people have the conditions to house a new furry at home, and many others are allergic.

An interactive dog is a robot loaded with functions that make it look like a real dog, being ideal for children and people who want to have a company at home, without all the responsibilities that having a pet entails.

These, in addition, are loaded with benefits that the little ones can enjoy, since they are able to help improve and stimulate different abilities that they experience in their growth.

What are interactive dogs used for?

Dogs and interactive toys are used mostly to provide entertainment to the little ones at home, however, these are also a great option to provide company to older adults and people who are alone at home, who for different reasons do not they can have a real pet.

Are these interactive dogs just for kids?

Even when they are indicated to provide entertainment to children, they are not for their exclusive use, since there are models that can be used by adults in the same way, like any other electronic device with which to interact.

What can interactive dogs do?


What these dogs can do will depend on the model you have chosen to buy , since they can have a greater or lesser number of functions depending on the audience to which it is directed.

For example, interactive dogs for babies and young children will have quite basic functions, such as playing songs, moving their legs and you will even find a model that barks as well.

In other cases, for older children or also for adults, the functions will be more advanced and the dogs will have artificial intelligence that allows them to recognize different commands from your hand or voice.

How realistic do these interactive dogs look, feel and behave?

How realistic these interactive dogs look depends on different factors, such as their texture, design, materials used and behavior throughout all their functions, and it will vary according to the model you have chosen.

In general terms, these dogs have a quite realistic appearance, since they seek to emulate a real dog to provide an experience as close to reality, you will even find toys with functions such as going to the bathroom or that they sit when indicated, which makes an interactive walking dog an option for little ones.

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