The 5 Best Interactive Books of 2022


Our little ones at home always go through that stage in which everything makes them curious, they have a question for everything and want to know more and more things, at least this is my day to day with my Camila, for whom I have gotten the best Children’s interactive book, with which he learns while playing.

Interactive books have greatly benefited Cami’s growth, with them she has learned the numbers, colors and even some words in English, impressing everyone in our family and therefore you cannot stop looking for the best models for your children.

The Best Interactive Books

# Preview Product Assessment
1 VTech - Multi-adventure book / tablet, ... VTech – Multi-adventure book / tablet, … No reviews
2 VTech - Magibook, Learning System ... VTech – Magibook, Learning System … No reviews
3 Tumama Soft Books for Baby, ... Tumama Soft Books for Baby, … No reviews
4 VTech- Magibook v2, Sistema de... VTech- Magibook v2, Sistema de… No reviews
5 beiens Fabric Books for Babies, Book ... beiens Fabric Books for Babies, Book … No reviews
6 Richgv Soft Book for Babies Book ... Richgv Soft Book for Babies Book … No reviews
7 Iriisy Books with Sounds for children, ... Iriisy Books with Sounds for children, … No reviews

Here we present you the best interactive books for children:

1. Interactive book 4 years VTech Magibook



VTech - Magibook Interactive Game for ...

VTech – Magibook Interactive Game for …


Different studies have shown how the little ones at home learn faster and retain any information better by doing it in a way that amuses them, therefore, of very good quality it is a perfect option for them to begin to become familiar with from a young age with mathematics, colors and more.

If there is something that is very cool about this model, it is that it has different levels that you can adapt to the different stages of the child’s growth, from a basic level for children between 2 and 5 years old, to a more advanced level with which those up to 7 years old will learn.

This book is not only a toy with which they will have great entertainment, it will also provide benefits to their visual stimulation, cognitive development, independent play and they will start writing thanks to its interactive pencil that allows them to perform more than 40 fun activities that it includes.

2. VTech Diverdictionary interactive book


VTech - Diverdiccionario (3480-141622)

VTech – Diverdiccionario (3480-141622)


Once again from the VTech brand you can teach even the youngest children, thanks to this interactive dictionary with a large number of words included and that they can learn through fun game modes, such as songs and colorful images that will catch their attention.

Recommended for ages two and up, it will help develop different skills, all through illustrations and familiar objects, such as food, clothing, toys, and even animals, that will keep any child entertained and eager to continue learning.

In addition to being an affordable option in this comparison, it also has exceptional quality as it is made with extremely safe materials, to withstand falls and shocks that could happen while your child plays with it.

You can regulate the volume level of the music that the book emits and choose from a wide variety of interactive activities that you will find among its 12 pages.

3. VTech First Songs interactive book



VTech - First songs, book ...

VTech – First songs, book …


If you want to buy an interactive book for babies, This is your best option, as it is one of the models indicated for little ones of months and that will provide them great entertainment, in addition to that they will begin to know words, sounds, songs and much more that this toy will be able to teach them.

With large buttons in the design of a piano, lights and cute drawings on each of its rigid pages, this interactive book will become the companion of your little one, who with its six Popular songs They will keep you curious and wanting to know more.

You should not worry about suffocation hazards, since it does not contain small parts that can be harmful, in addition, its construction is resistant and can easily withstand falls, not to mention that your child will be totally fascinated by turning the pages and discovering what each one of his songs have to teach.

4. Interactive book 2 years Disney Noddy


VTech - I learn to Read with Noddy, Noddy ...

VTech – I learn to Read with Noddy, Noddy …


With its two music and reading game modes, along with its fun illustrations, this interactive book promises to entertain and teach your little ones, so that they can travel together with the character of Noddy through the country of toys and learn by his side in the most entertaining.

This is a less expensive book than the previous options, but not for that reason of lower quality, since it is designed to guarantee durability due to its resistant construction and hard pages, it has a speaker that makes it a dreamy storyteller and that, at the Being interactive, it allows you to choose options.

This book is very cool that it is highly educational, to be able to learn and differentiate the numbers in a simple way, all while the smallest of the house answer questions using its buttons, which are quite intuitive and are located in one from its sides.

5. Fisher Price Songbook interactive book



Fisher-Price Interactive Book of ...

Fisher-Price Interactive Book of …


If Fisher Price is known for something, it is for its high-quality toys and accessories for babies, where this interactive book cannot be left out.

It is a songbook loaded with children’s hits that will surprise and delight the little ones at home, helping them to come into contact with letters, numbers and figures from their first months.

While playing with this interactive book, the child will be able to develop their skills and senses, such as sight, touch and hearing, helping with their motor skills and communication, all through fun sounds, images and three luminous buttons that will keep the little one totally entertaining.

This is also a fairly portable toy, which with its design with a handle makes it quite easy to carry it everywhere, so it will become a great companion for your little one, in addition, it is the cheapest you will find on the list and It is indicated for younger babies.

What is an interactive book?

Interactive books have become one of the best teaching tools for children, used at school or at home, these are books loaded with activities in which the child can participate through different mechanisms, such as buttons, electronic pencils and even pieces of the book that can detach or pull.

Interactive books exist in different formats, you can find from a digital model, to others that are more faithful to the classic and crafts, whatever the option to choose, you can be sure that they will provide great entertainment, fun and education for your child. .

Why choose an interactive book?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose an interactive book for the little ones that you have at home, with these your babies will be able to learn a great number of things, from numbers to the most popular children’s songs and to this you must add that they will stimulate their senses, your skills and analytical thinking will improve.

What makes an interactive book good?

Choosing one of these books does not have to become a challenge, you only have to consider factors such as the child’s age, the type of content it has, its manufacturing materials and the way in which it can interact with it, which can be through buttons, songs, 3D images, questions and much more.

It is important that the book has varied content with which the child can have direct contact, with a clear and legible text, which is accompanied by other things that make it attractive to the little ones.

The Advantages of Interactive Books for Young Children

We have talked to you about all the advantages that interactive books can offer in the growth of your little ones, but, it is time for you to know them in depth and in this way know how beneficial they can be in their process of learning, among these you can find:

  • They give the child the opportunity to be part of the story:

Provide the smallest children with the opportunity to participate in their activities through different mechanisms, which is vital so that they can learn to read and learn about different topics much faster.

  • They contain images, animations, sounds and special effects:

Provide great entertainment, with these, any child will be motivated to keep reading and discovering new words, shapes, figures and more, as they will find fun in their animations and interactive content that are cool.

  • They help children learn new words:

They have the function of telling stories and reproducing them through their speakers, this is extremely beneficial and will help your little one to expand their vocabulary and learn new words every day.

  • They help improve your computer skills:

The world of technology advances with each passing day and the little ones cannot be left out, therefore, the sooner they learn to control electronic devices the better for them, without leaving aside the classic games and toys that are also extremely beneficial.

They are electronic and have functions that will help improve the capabilities of your little ones when it comes to technology.

  • They improve the learning experience:

Interactive books are a great way to improve the educational experience of the little ones at home, they not only motivate them, but also keep them interested and entertained throughout the reading through their sounds, images and songs.


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