The 5 Best Interactive Books for Learning, Fun and Dynamic


In this first stage of life of our children there is a lot to think about regarding what is best or not for their optimal development and growth, so small things such as the search for which toys will be the most can become frustrating. suitable. Do not scratch yourself with this, one of the most ideal options is one of the cheapest you will find and it is precisely the best interactive book for learning. Yes, as you can see, and the coolest thing of all is that you don’t have to search too much because I’ve already done it for you.

Best Interactive Books For Learning

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Harry potter and the Philosopher's Stone... Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone… No reviews
2 VTech - First songs, book ... VTech – First songs, book … No reviews
3 You are the detective with Los ... You are the detective with Los … No reviews
4 Dinosaurs (Lantern Book) Dinosaurs (Lantern Book) No reviews
5 Treasure of stories with sound Disney Baby ... Treasure of stories with sound Disney Baby … No reviews
6 The Little Book of the Night (Libros ... The Little Book of the Night (Libros … No reviews
7 Fisher-Price Story Book Sit and ... Fisher-Price Story Book Sit and … No reviews

Here are  the best interactive books: 

1. Fisher Price interactive book


Fisher-Price - My First Digital Book, ...

Fisher-Price – My First Digital Book, …

Today we need books for our children that are adapted to today’s world, that is, that are of good quality and that are adapted to the technologies currently available. Therefore, one of the great advantages of this interactive book is the fact that it allows babies to enjoy their own applications while being able to protect the iPhone from mom or dad.
At the same time, it is widely compatible with iPhone 1G, 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4S and iPod Touch 2G, 3G and 4G and contains interactive applications that foster literacy skills and nurture the association between words and sounds with truly adorable animations and audio messages that stimulate babies’ senses. .
It is recommended for children between6 months and 3 years of age because children in this age group not only find it truly entertaining, but also because it is designed to be an appetizer for the use of paper books, so that from very early on they will see how it works. uses since opening and closing the cover of the book will progress little by little in the content of the application.

2. VTech interactive book



VTech VTech-80-143722 Armando Book ...

VTech VTech-80-143722 Armando Book …

When it comes to thinking about children’s approach to books, we cannot think of less than one that is colorful and attractive enough to attract their attention and with this model they have worked it out in terms of a fun design . But, fortunately, not everything ends there because with more than 10 melodies and three children’s songs , this interactive book helps the children of the house develop their creativity and imagination.
There are six magical and illustrated pages that are totally suitable to be introduced in the water and thus can be used while taking a good bath, which is ideal to make bathing much more fun and take advantage of it for something more like learning and stimulating your creativity without even realizing it.
It’s not too heavy, so your six-month-to-three-year-old will not find it difficult to handle at all, but it will certainly generate a lot of curiosity. To function optimally you will need two AAA batteries, which will be very well secured and discreetly stored so that they do not run the risk of falling out on their own.

3. VTech baby interactive book


VTech-The Horn Book Cloth Tale ...

VTech-The Horn Book Cloth Tale …

Without a doubt, an affordable investment, but one that has a really priceless benefit such as learning is this interactive book for babies that will introduce you to the fascinating world of books at an early age.
The Horn Book is very cool because unlike many others on the market it also helps the child develop the sense of touch, and it includes a soft elephant on its front that children love to touch and touch for a long time because of how padded it is, it’s like a stuffed animal.
In turn, it includes four catchy songs, three animal buttons, one on each page, and a fabric page with a sensor that recognizes the animals when pressed. This book is the example of how this brand puts technology at the hands of our children to promote sensitivity in our children for animals, stimulate them, entertain them and help them in the process of cognitive development so important that they are going through.

4. Interactive learning book


Boxiki kids Sound Book of the ...

Boxiki kids Sound Book of the …

When we think of a gift for young children, it is better to think of options that are really beneficial because we all know that their early stage of life is the time when their social skills, every part of the human body , but also their abilities will be developing. cognitive, so it is really advisable to buy knowledge.
There we enter this fabulous gift that you can make, which is this complete book with the complete alphabet, which makes learning fun and allows them to better relate the letters to their sounds and visually recognize them, so that they can gradually recognize and appropriating those blocks that will help them build their words and phrases with which they will communicate with their environment and will be able to describe and define their world and how they feel.
It includes six learning activities, eight pages to learn, and over 100 sounds, songs, and melodies, making it one of the most entertaining books to promote early reading. Young children gain a significant advantage with three educational learning modes: letter and word identification, spelling, and quiz mode.

5. Interactive book 2 years


Boxiki kids Sound Book Learning ...

Boxiki kids Sound Book Learning …

Have you heard that in the first years of life children are usually much better prepared to quickly learn new languages? Well, it is indeed the case, so, surely you will not think twice when looking for a less expensive way to introduce your little one to a new language than a private teacher and that way is to go for this interactive book in English, that brings them closer to one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world.
That is why we have strategically closed this comparison with this jewel of a book that is more than a toy is a tool with a purpose, which includes at least four fun learning activities, in eight pages that also present 32 animals and more than 90 sounds and melodies that it They will help you get acquainted with the animals in English.
It will be time for fun that will positively influence early childhood development, not only by learning a new language but also by stimulating their creativity and memorization with games that they will enjoy and through the playback of dozens of wonderful nursery rhymes and melodies that they will play. They will love them and with what they will have a very good time while being entertained during a trip in the car, for example.

How to choose the best book for your child?


Discovering books at a young age can open up incredible worlds for your children, but you may still doubt which ones will be the right ones for them and it is very normal. However, you should know that whatever your child’s interests are, you can be sure that there is always a book for him or her, one that encourages their imagination, language development and many other aspects.

Learning and literacy

This is a process that occurs around the time the baby turns one year old, and in which he or she may be reaching some very important developmental milestones such as his first steps and first words that he learns from his immediate environment and with the ones that will soon begin to improvise little phrases. Everything is happening very fast, it is a very exciting time of development and growth in which their sense of independence is being formed and creativity works harder, beginning to outsource even more.
So the ideal thing will be to choose books that stimulate precisely that imagination of which we speak and that give them tools to improve their sense of independence, which they will use to face the world from now on. Do not underestimate your little one because at this time he will also need books that can help him take the next steps in exploring linguistics and literacy.
So not only will it be a good idea to bet on books with interactive elements, such as flaps to lift, puzzles to do, pull tabs, buttons to press, clasps and similar elements, to involve the little one but also to go for texts that introduce these elementary concepts:

Lot ab-cs:

It is not a secret that letters are the main elements that you will use for the construction of words, phrases and further reading and having an early approach to them is ideal to recognize them and establish appropriate connections between them and the sounds.

The 1-2-3s:

Recognizing numbers and counting will help them sort and understand their world and will also pave the way for future math skills when they enter school in the future. There are excellent books that approach children with numbers through rhymes and giving them a sense of fun to foster a love of numbers.

Forms and colors:

These are two elements that are everywhere, so recognizing them and naming them will help you better describe the things around you, while giving you the power to describe your world and communicate it with others.


What does it mean to feel happy, sad, angry, confused? They are trying to figure it out right now and books can help them understand their emotions, but more importantly to communicate and deal with them as a vital part of their personal development.

Other popular topics:

There are many other topics, so you should not be afraid to let the little ones choose between the options and thus have the opportunity to discover about music, sports, dance, natural sciences or transport, as well as friendship, about anatomy or meals. Perhaps their choice is more for how colorful the book is or how striking it is, but without a doubt they will show some preference.

Criteria for choosing


Sometimes we underestimate their first years of life, but from the very first, the little one is going through a rapid and complex growth and mental and physical development that will determine the woman or man they will become tomorrow and in this the child plays an important role. book and the information to which they have access.
In fact, most experts indicate that it is such a crucial stage, that it is even a stage in which it becomes much easier and more natural for them to learn new languages, which is why parents who speak a different language are recommended , speak to them in that language so that they can naturalize it.
But if that is not your case, you can even choose to bring your children closer to talking toys or books with audio, especially those that are in a language other than their own so that they can appropriate words and concepts through the relationship visual and auditory.

Cognitive development

We are talking about the mental growth of the baby, which is linked to the ability to remember, solve problems and make decisions and where, in turn, several factors are linked, such as motor skills, language and emotional understanding.
There are many toys that involve stacking, pressing buttons, and actions like these that will go a long way toward this development. On the other hand, words and music are a great way to improve your child’s language skills.
Although at four months they begin to try to communicate through babbling, it only takes a little longer for them to be able to put their words together themselves and books and toys that sing rhymes and words to identify animals and shapes will help them your children can develop a broader vocabulary and express complex ideas.

Security concerns

Safety is a big concern and interactive books usually have toys, ropes, or little details that we must also make sure are harmless to them, for example, that they have non-lead-based paint, since lead has been linked to many respiratory and cancer problems.
Like this one, a major concern is the risk of suffocation because children, especially in their first year of life, usually put everything in their mouth, so it is good to see that all the pieces have a diameter of at least 1, 25 inches and a length of at least 2.25 inches to prevent any type of swallowing.

Damage proof

This means that as parents you should make sure that you buy products for your children that are resistant to blows, and even to flames. Let us remember that children will interact with them and that they are not usually delicate due to the lack of control of their movements, so we must make sure that despite how abrupt they are, they do not break into pieces. In addition, they must be easy to clean and to secure spaces such as batteries because they could come out on their own and cause some accidents that we do not want.

Learning and education

This first year of life for your little one is a beautiful process for his development, even if he is a few years away from even starting school, but at this moment it is necessary to give him things that can act as a great learning experience, such as creative books and Interactives that will allow mental growth to develop creative and communication skills, while learning about colors , numbers, animals and shapes. This increases their learning and puts them ahead of the curve in their education before being a formal part of the education system.

Creative thinking process

Creativity is a very important aspect to develop in our babies because it gives them tools to face the world around them and to create. So it is crucial that they are stimulated at this early stage with interactive games and there are many, many books that are aimed at that and that are, in fact, interactive in themselves, in which they can press buttons, pull strings, turn handles and more.
In this way, the right side of the brain is positively affected, which is precisely the one associated with language, the arts, abstract thinking and the promotion of creative thinking. Hence, they can communicate, discover and explain their world, while creating ways to solve complex ideas.

Social skills

Come on, although they are still a bit far from entering school, they continue to interact with other people, so do not underestimate the social skills that are important in this first year of life so that they can communicate and relate to their environment.
Those toys and books that include baby songs or tell stories are important in this process because they raise awareness about the environment. In this way “ they will be able to realize that the individuals around them and thus prepare themselves socially to prepare for the challenges of teamwork and to be able to communicate with groups of people more clearly.

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