The 6 best inflatable playgrounds


The best inflatable games center will be the one that provides your children with the greatest amount of happiness possible. When they are young, playing, jumping and mischief is something that keeps them happy, vital and full of energy.

The inflatable bounce houses are an almost infinite source of fun for your little children and their friends. In them, they will spend hours recreating their minds, while exercising their muscles and bones.

If you have little space inside your house, don’t worry, since this list is designed for all styles of homes, tastes and budgets.

The Best Inflatable Games Centers

# Preview Product Assessment
1 Intex 57453NP - Inflatable Play Center ... Intex 57453NP – Inflatable Play Center … No reviews
2 Intex 57444NP - Inflatable Play Center ... Intex 57444NP – Inflatable Play Center … 11,225 Reviews
3 Intex-57135NP Dinoland Play... Intex-57135NP Dinoland Play… No reviews
4 Intex 57160NP - Water Play Center ... Intex 57160NP – Water Play Center … No reviews
5 Intex 57470NP - Inflatable pool ... Intex 57470NP – Inflatable pool … No reviews
6 COSTWAY Bouncy Castle with Slide ... COSTWAY Bouncy Castle with Slide … No reviews
7 Intex 57149NP - Game Center ... Intex 57149NP – Game Center … No reviews

What is the best inflatable game?

The list of products that you will see below is a comparison between the best brands and models of bouncy castles that are currently on the market. All of them will help your child to experience an early development of his motor skills and at the same time, they will keep him happy and exercised.

Here are  the best inflatable games: 

1. Intex castle inflatable play center



Intex-57135NP Dinoland Play...

Intex-57135NP Dinoland Play…


It is an inflatable water castle made of resistant vinyl and very well equipped to
take the fun of the little ones to higher levels.

Measuring 185 x 152 x 107 cm and holding 178 liters of water, this
castle-shaped play center includes a slide with a padded base to cushion the descent and an
inflatable alligator that gives the possibility of connecting a garden hose to that splashes water.

But that is not all. This equipped castle also comes with another pair of inflatables: a spear and a
shield to maximize the game session.

2. Bestway Fisher Price inflatable ball pool


Bestway Inflatable Ball Pool ...


27 Reviews

Bestway Inflatable Ball Pool …


This castle-shaped play center has been developed with resistant PVC and an
attractive design. Keep in mind that it is a smaller pool, so its use indoors is possible.

Its measures 104 × 137 cm, entry and exit window in the front and includes 25 balls for children to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

3. Intex dinosaur inflatable play center



Intex 57444NP - Inflatable Play Center ...


11,225 Reviews

Intex 57444NP – Inflatable Play Center …


More than a swimming pool, it is definitely a well-
equipped inflatable water play center , to ensure many hours of fun.

In addition to having a great dinosaur-shaped design, measures 249 x 191 x 109
cm, capacity for 216 liters of water and 3 children, this inflatable has been developed with
resistant vinyl and includes a slide with a padded base to cushion the descent of the little ones.

In addition, this water inflatable –capable of supporting a weight of 80 kg- comes with 6
soft PE balls that, when pressed, deform and return to their normal state in a few seconds.

4. Large bouncy castle with HOMCOM slide 


HOMCOM Bouncy Castle with Slide ...

HOMCOM Bouncy Castle with Slide …


This huge, high-quality castle is designed to be used outdoors due to its large dimensions. It incorporates a fun slide through which they can slide and also enter the interior of the inflatable toy.

It comes with a 380W inflator and only takes a minute or two to fill completely. It has mesh walls that keep children very safe while jumping. Keep in mind that it has a maximum weight of 136 kilos and a recommended use for three children between 3 and 10 years old.

5. Bouncy castle dragon PL Ociotrends


Happy Hop HappyHop 9022. Castillo...

Happy Hop HappyHop 9022. Castillo…


With this incredible bouncy castle , your children and their friends have all the fun guaranteed. Its atmosphere is one of enchanted tales of fairies, dragons and princesses, it incorporates a pool with 30 balls so that the children do not stop having fun and it also comes with a shooting ring to play basketball.

It comes in pink, its measures 350.5 x 350.5 x 243.8cm, its weight is 22Kg, it supports up to 135Kg, it is recommended for children from 3 years old, it has been made with PVC and nylon, it is less expensive that the competition and the opinion of the users endorse it as an excellent quality product.

6. Intex inflatable play center



Intex 57158 - Fruit Game Center ...

Intex 57158 – Fruit Game Center …


With this practical, colorful and compact inflatable play center in the shape of an island, your child will have fun until they can’t! It is an aquatic center that incorporates two swimming pools, a large one with a capacity for 493 liters of water and a smaller one with a capacity for 57 liters.

The inflatable pool is made of resistant PVC, supports a weight of up to 80Kg, includes a fun slide with a padded base, which will cushion the descent of the little ones, in addition to that, it brings a turtle, a whale, a set of rings with 3 rings and an inflatable palm tree that is attached to the pool.

Its measurements are 2.44 x 1.91 x 0.91 meters, its weight is 5.68 kg, the minimum age recommended by the manufacturer to be used is 24 months old, it is made of 100% PVC and has a fairly affordable price.

Types of inflatable playgrounds

There are two basic types of inflatable hubs ,

Inflatable game centerresidential and commercial. Residentials are generally made of less durable woven cloth which makes them quite light, weighing as little as 30 pounds.

Because of this, they are easier to set up and transport. If you take good care of them, a game center of this type can last for years and take into account that it is not recommended that you rent it.

Always make sure before buying one that the manufacturing materials are of good quality in terms of sewing and fabric. The cheapest materials do not have good supports and sooner or later, your seams will split.

Commercial inflatables, on the other hand, are made of a stronger material and are designed for scenarios of continuous use, such as bouncing castles, water parks and slides that you can find in most rental companies.

Although these inflatables can be used at home, they tend to be more expensive and also weigh more than approximately 150 pounds.

Tips for buying an inflatable playground

Happy Hop HappyHop 9022. Castillo...

Some tips to keep in mind before purchasing a bounce house are:

  • Set a budget

It is easy to get carried away when buying an inflatable play center for your children and the first thing you should do is establish a firm budget. Even if it is pretty tight, it should be possible to find a fun bounce house for kids that is well designed and durable.

  • Know the difference between commercial and residential gaming centers

As we already mentioned, some bounce houses are designed for commercial use, while others are designed for residential use. The main difference is that commercial houses are strong enough to withstand hours of use almost daily.

The residential ones, for their part, are made for less frequent use. The commercial models are stronger, but they are also much more expensive.

  • Keep materials in mind

The easiest way to evaluate the overall quality of an inflatable center is by considering the materials with which it is manufactured. The best bounce houses are made of woven oxford cloth or PVC tarpaulin.

The vast majority of residential models are made from woven Oxford fabric which has the added advantage of being quite lightweight. PVC waxing is used almost exclusively in commercial models.

  • Consider crafts

If one thing is for sure, it is that children’s inflatable centers endure a lot of abuse. In addition to being made from strong materials like PVC tarpaulin and woven oxford fabrics, the best ones boast exceptional craftsmanship.

To support all physical activity, a bounce house must offer double, triple or quadruple security. Otherwise, it could easily come undone at the seams.

The material must also have a balanced weave, which will make the product much stronger. When not, some areas will be prone to breaking and may tear after little use.

  • Weight and capacity are important too

If a bounce house is to be used primarily indoors or outdoors, it should not be so heavy and bulky as it will be difficult to handle. If so, no one will want to install it and it will only collect dust.

Always check the total weight and capacity of an inflatable castle before purchasing. How many children will use it at the same time? How much does each child weigh? You must always do the math to determine the capacity you will have to handle.

The maximum capacity is displayed in terms of weight, so it is very easy to check whether a girls inflatable center is strong enough or not.

  • Find a bounce house with continuous air flow

Most of the bounce houses that are available on the market today include an inflator pump that continually pushes air out. This is beneficial for several reasons; Most notably, it allows air to escape from the seams of the play center while in use, dramatically reducing the risk of rips and other damage.

As long as the air is flowing continuously, the bounce house will stay inflated for as long as it takes.

  • Consider the size

Nothing is more disappointing than buying a bouncy castle and discovering the wrong size. If there is a limited amount of space, be sure to take action and double check before purchasing.

Similarly, a bounce house should be large enough to accommodate the appropriate number of boys and girls. Most of the listings include your interior measurements.

  • Check socket compatibility

Another problem that people sometimes run into is the use of centers that do not have the right type of outlets in the place where they are needed. This is especially common when used indoors.

Standard wall sockets are not always compatible with bounce centers. Always find out what type of outlet you need before buying to avoid this annoying problem.

  • Make sure it has a guarantee

When buying an inflatable center, you must always make sure that it has a guarantee. In many cases, the guarantees on this type of structure are quite limited.

Sometimes it is possible to purchase an extended warranty. If the bounce house will be used regularly, it is worth doing.

Additional features to consider


There are models of inflatable centers that have particular characteristics. Let’s see some of them

  • Bounce floor

No inflatable center is complete without a bouncing floor. In fact, this is the main way to distinguish these products from other play structures.

Of all the features that can be included in a bounce house, the ground will always be the main attraction. Find a floor that is set high enough to allow children to bounce easily.

Also make sure that the ceiling is high to allow plenty of free space.

  • Tunnels

While some bounce houses have a single bounce area, others include tunnels that run through them. These are generally small and narrow, so these types of houses are more suitable for younger children.

In fact, this feature is a good option for those little ones who aren’t big enough to bounce alongside the others.

  • Slides

There’s no question: kids love slides! A boisterous slide will always be a popular attraction and thankfully many bounce houses include this feature.

Most of them are strictly for outdoor use. If you need a model for the interior of your spaces, it may be difficult to find one with a slide.

The ones with this fun feature are designed for business use and tend to be more expensive.

  • Basketball hoops

A basketball hoop can enhance the appeal of a bounce house and make it even more enjoyable. In most cases, basketball hoops are removable.

When kids just want to bounce, they can be removed to ensure everyone’s safety. Remember to always only use balls that are soft.

  • With water

Some bouncy centers can be attached to hoses for water fun on hot summer days. Some models even have small areas with  pools where kids can socialize , splash, and play when they’re not busy bouncing.

Many others have sprayers, sprinklers, and other fun features .

  • Obstacles

A great way to enhance the appeal of a bouncy castle is to purchase one that has obstacles. Creating an obstacle course inside a bounce house will keep kids busy for hours on end.

Sometimes it is possible to buy them separately, but the best way to ensure that they are compatible is to buy a game center that incorporates them.

  • Climbing walls

When a bounce house has a climbing wall, kids have another way to exercise and have fun. Because the floor is elastic and inflatable, climbing these types of walls is perfectly safe.

In fact, children are often deliberately dropped from a height without any risk to their safety .

Frequent questions

Can inflatable toys be used in the rain?

Most inflatable toys, be they castles or swimming pools, are made of materials that resist their use outdoors and in contact with water, even so, it is recommended that you install them in places with dry floors and without irregularities.

How long do inflatable toys last?

If inflatable toys are well cared for and receive proper maintenance, they can last between 5 and 10 years, although their manufacturing materials must be taken into account that many, with the sun, can wear out, as is the case with PVC. .

Why do inflatable toys go flat?

It may be due to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure, therefore, you will notice that the next day perhaps the castle or inflatable toy has lost air from its interior, this is because the air contracts or expands depending on the heat level or cold it is in the environment.


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