6 Best Guitars for Kids 2020

Music is one of the ways that we get to express our thoughts and emotions. As an art, music is one of the most appreciated genres. The world thirst for great music and as such musician are some of the most adored people in the world.

As a parent you have noticed that your kid has that musical gene in him. Anything musical fascinates him more so musical instruments such as guitars.

Being the good parent that you are, you want to get your kid the best guitar so as to nature their talent.

We have therefore a list of the best guitar for kids. We believe this guide will help you find the best instruments to put your kid on the path of greatness and musical stardom.

What to Consider for a Kid’s Guitar

  • The Size of the Kid. The size of your kid influences the size and subsequently the weight of the guitar that they can handle. If your kid is small get them a small guitar that they can effectively carry and around and use.
  • The Type of Guitar. In this case I am talking of the guitar being either acoustic or electrical. If your kid is a bit small, an acoustic guitar will do for him or her as they are yet to master the basics of electrical safety.

Top 6 Guitars for Kids Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Yamaha JR1 3/4 Scale GuitarAcoustic$$$$4.4
2. Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course, Complete Starter PackAcoustic$$$4.4
3. First Act MO285 Disney Minnie MouseAcoustic$$4.0
4. First Act FR705 Disney FrozenAcoustic$$3.9
5. Hohner HAG250P 1/2 SizedAcoustic$$3.8
6. Liberty Imports Happy TuneAcoustic$3.6

Top 3 Best Guitar for Kids Reviews

1. Yamaha JR1

Yamaha JR1 3/4 Scale Guitar with Gig Bag is by far the best guitar for kids by both market experts and musical enthusiast.

It has been crafted carefully with rosewood giving it a smooth and elegant finish. It has a sprouted up top that makes using this guitar fun and enjoyable.

The hollow construction gives it the perfect platform to amplify and enhance the sound produced.

Its small size makes it easy for your kid to carry around. They won’t tire as they carry it around and as such they will they get to enjoy every minute with this awesome guitar.

Its meranti top and back gives it an amazing look and we all know that kids like things that look good.

Its relatively cheap price makes it very affordable for every household. All these awesome features make it a must have accessory for your child’s musical dream.

Get them one of these and see them reach for the stars.

2. Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course

As a parent you strive to give your kid the best of everything. This way you believe they will be able to grow into the best versions of themselves.

When it comes to guitars the best that you can get them is Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course, Complete Starter Pack: Everything You Need to Play Today!

What makes this guitar stand out from the rest in the market is that it comes as an exclusive package. You get a guitar, a 48-page play book guide and a CD with a couple of audio tracks.

This way your kid has everything they need to learn and have fun.

It has 6 classic nylon strings for proper acoustics. It is very light in weight when compared to other such guitars in the market. It comes with a carry-on bag that makes it convenient to carry this guitar around.

The design is attractive and stylish making it the perfect guitar for your kid.

With this guitar pack, your kid will learn and grow and become better musicians in the future.

3. First Act MO285

It is your kid’s birthday and you are probably wondering what to get them. You want something that is fun for them and that which will help them develop and grow their musical talent.

First Act MO285 Disney Minnie Mouse Mini Guitar Ukulele is definitely what you should get them.

As a guitar for kids, it has easy to use nylon strings that produce excellent sounds when they are engaged.

It comes in a great shape and design giving it that fun and attractive look.

The easy to use tuning gears makes for efficient operation.

All these makes it a must have guitar for your kid.

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